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Phantasy Star Portable ships 500K in the first week

Having sold 217,000 copies on the very first day, the new Japanese chart-topper Phantasy Star Portable went on to ship 500,000 copies in the first week. Though it won't beat out reigning champion Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G's figures of 880,000, it did beat out another very popular PSP game with a larger fanbase: Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII. The Square Enix game managed to ship 480,000 copies in its debut week.

We are unofficially in Bizarro World territory when a Sega game outperforms a Square Enix game. The bigger question is, when is the rest of the world going to get a taste of this?

[Via PSPHyper]

Gallery: Phantasy Star Portable

DLC fight!!! Monster Hunter and Phantasy Star expand

This week, Monster Hunter faces some competition. One of the big selling points of Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G was its free DLC, available weekly for eager fans. Just days after its launch in Japan, Sega is also making free Phantasy Star Portable DLC available. The first thing you're going to kill? A very Monster Hunter-dragon. Do you smell the competition in the air?

While both of these PSP RPGs go head-to-head in Japan with tons of features for fans, we're left here on this side of the Pacific, scratching our heads. Why don't we get this cool stuff too?

[Via PSPHyper]

Ad: PSP's next big game, Phantasy Star Portable

Will Sega's Phantasy Star Portable be able to take on Capcom's Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G? The two games are targeting very similar markets: social RPG games on the PSP. This new ad released in Japan highlights the community aspects of Phantasy Star Portable, but misses what we would've focused on: its acronym. Clearly, PSP is MEANT for the PSP. This is gaming destiny!

We don't think an ad like that would've been too dramatic for Japanese tastes ...

Phantasy Star Portable downloadable demo

Yes! You must play this massive 300MB Japanese demo of Phantasy Star Portable. What are you waiting for?! Remember: the O button confirms in this demo. There will be quite a bit of Japanese text, so some knowledge of the language will help greatly. The demo contains character creation, CG cutscenes and is fully voiced. We can only hope that Sega announces an English language version of this game soon.

1. Download the demo zip file.
2. Extract the contents of the zip file.
3. Connect your PSP to your computer using a USB cable.
4. Go to the PSP/GAME folder.
5. Copy ULJM91014 folder into the GAME directory. Make sure there are no sub-directories in this folder.

Check out our demos site:

[Thanks, redbonefish! Via onehitgamer.com]

Phantasy Star Portable demo details, DLC announced

As reported earlier, the Phantasy Star Portable demo will allow access to the Story Mode and Multi Mode, and even an option to import your saved data from the demo into the final game. Now there is more details concerning what is turning out to be a rather extensive demo; it will be 301 MB in size and can be obtained via the PlayStation Store or distributed through selected game stores. You will also be able to play all of the first chapter and five missions from the Multi Mode. The game's official website also reveals more information this week, with new characters, a TV spot and an announcement that is DLC planned. The demo will arrive on July 14th and the game will arrive on the 31st.

[Note: All dates are for Japan only. No US or European version has been announced at this time.]

Japanese Phantasy Star demo coming later this month

Phantasy Star Portable is a title that will be out in Japan at month's end. Gamers that want to try PSP out earlier than that can probably do so as it looks like a demo is on the way. Said to come two weeks earlier than the July 31 release date, a Japanese demo will allow players to tinker with the Story Mode and co-op ad hoc with Multi Mode. One last interesting bit involves the ability to transfer your character data from the demo to the full game, if you so choose to purchase the full game. There's still no word of a release outside Japan.

[Via PSPHyper]

Check out more Phantasy Star Portable media

Coverage of Phantasy Star Portable is picking up in Japan as the game draws closer to its July 31 release. There's a good collection of screenshots over at Gpara, and Famitsu has a new trailer to watch. The trailer takes some footage we've seen before and mixes that in with some more details highlighting the game's features. The ad hoc multiplayer mode looks like a lot of fun; it's a good time to tout such a feature since all those Monster Hunter fans may want a nice, new alternative co-op game this summer.

The funky fresh intro of Phantasy Star Portable

Wow, it's really coming. Phantasy Star Portable is finally coming, after months of silence. Features like connectivity with previous PSU games is a plus, although the lack of Infrastructure gameplay has us a bit bummed. (Hopefully Sega will add that to the inevitable US release!) Here's the intro movie from the game, which reminds us a lot of Persona. Man, wouldn't it be great if there were a Persona game for PSP? ...

Details on Phantasy Star Portable, import PSU characters

Finally, more information on Phantasy Star Portable has surfaced. The biggest reveal involves the ability to import characters from Phantasy Star Universe -- the console game that PSP is based on. Players of the PS2 and PC versions of Phantasy Star Universe may import their characters and carry over their character's name and personal data as well as currently equipped cloths and parts. Level, however, will be capped at level 20 and spare equipment, special items, etc. will not be carried over. Those with a 360 PSU will not be able to import any data at all.

Also, the game has an all-new story mode with new missions. A four player co-op mode through an ad hoc connection will also be included. Phantasy Star Portable is currently set for release in Japan on July 31. A North American release has yet to be announced.

Finally, a trailer for Phantasy Star Portable

The legions of Phantasy Star fans are going to rejoice at this trailer of Phantasy Star Portable. It's been eons since we last saw anything of significance regarding this PSP RPG. With the Japanese release coming up, it appears that Sega's finally waking up and giving us the content we want to see.

[Via PSPHyper]

Phantasy Star Portable box art revealed

We don't know much about Sega's upcoming PSP RPG, Phantasy Star Portable. We do know that it looks gorgeous. And we do know what the box art looks like, thanks to the fine folks at PSPHyper. But other than that? We sadly admit, there isn't much else we can work with.

Phantasy Star Portable hitting Japan in July

Click for full-resolution image.

Phantasy Star Portable, where did you go? After making a stunning debut, we haven't heard from you at all. Well, the game is getting readied for a July launch in Japan -- at least according to Japanese retailer Rakuten. Let's hope that Sega opens the doors of information, and doesn't prepare a strangely stealthy release for what looks to be one of the more exciting games coming in PSP's library.

[Via PSPHyper]

Gallery: Phantasy Star Portable

Phantasy Star Portable playable at Jump Festa

You really better book your flight to Tokyo. Jump Festa just got a little bit more exciting, as Sega has announced its plans to unveil PSP to the public during the show. The game joins another hotly anticipated PSP exclusive, Final Fantasy Dissidia. The portable Phantasy Star is supposedly 60 percent complete, and these early images of the game showcase that even at such an early stage of development, it looks quite spiffy.

[Via PSPHyper]

Gallery: Phantasy Star Portable

First screenshots of Phantasy Star Portable

Abbreviated PSP, Sega's upcoming PSP port of Phantasy Star Universe is set to enthrall the audiences that snagged a PSP to play Monster Hunter. Just like Capcom's RPG, PSP will allow collaborative RPG play with other players ... provided you're all in the same room. At least the style and graphical flair of the Phantasy Star world have come through successfully in these first screenshots of the game.

[Via PSP-Vault]

Phantasy Star Universe getting a PSP port

We should add a disclaimer -- when we say port, we mean port sans a true online mode. Yeah, it's what makes Phantasy Star Universe tick, but if you've been a loyal Phantasy Star phan, you'll have played the story mode of the original as well as episode 2 and the beginning of 3 with the Ambition of Illuminus expansion. It's not the best dialogue or narrative, but the concepts and twists of the story are pretty cool and true to the franchise in terms of tone, believe it or not.

Unless you think that playing as one character, then moving past him to play as your own to fight an evil organization (who houses the main bad guy, who actually turns out to be nothing but a pawn) is lame. Sound like Kingdom Hearts, a little bit? Did KH force you to participate in a planetary genocide? Did it cause an entire race of robotic beings to get hacked and run a space fleet into your satellite which crashes onto another planet? Face it -- Phantasy Star Universe is a cool and constantly changing experience. And the PSP is getting a port.

The port is basically that: Ambition of Illuminus on your PSP, with some added missions and story points. While there's no true online mode, you do get 4-player ad hoc play. Commence the groans. The port is being handled by Alpha Systems, who is pretty unknown. Check out the scan from Famitsu if you'd like and hope this hits shores outside of Japan.

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