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Deal: 8GB Memory Stick for $40 [Update]

[Update 2 -- Seems like the 8GB ones are back. We are assuming they replenish their stock throughout the day, so if you don't see the deal, try back again later.]

[Update -- Unfortunately, it looks like the deal expired. However, they do have the 4GB for $14.99, which is still better than yesterday's deal. Thanks, Joepal!]

The prices for these babies just keep falling, huh? Yesterday we posted a deal about a 4GB Memory Stick for $20. How about we top that deal? At $40 with free shipping, these Lexar 8GB Memory Sticks are simply a steal. Need we say more? Head over to Frys for this incredible deal now. When will the 16GB ones (currently at a little less than $125) reach these affordable prices?

[Via Slickdeals]

Deal: 4GB Memory Stick for $20 ... again

Missed the deal on the 4GB Memory Stick PRO Duo last month? It's okay, because they are offering the same deal again: twenty clams for a Memory Stick that will store 4GB worth of whatever you want on it. Though this will be sufficient for most user's demands, you may still find yourself needing more storage. At this price, you can afford to buy more than one. Take advantage of this deal here.

[Thanks, burandon!]

Deal: 8GB Memory Stick for $46

As Memory Sticks continue to get larger, their prices continue to get smaller. This is a fantastic deal on an almost-insane amount of memory for your PSP. The 8GB Memory Stick can be found at buy.com for $46, shipped. That's more than enough space to hold every single game to be released by D3 Publisher on the PLAYSTATION Store.

[Via CAG]

Deal: 4GB Memory Stick for $20

Looks like the 4GB Memory Stick PRO Duo is back on sale! Buy.com is selling the PSP-compatible memory card for only $20 -- that's the cheapest we've ever seen it. For many, 4GB offers enough space for music, movies and games. However, we're still keeping an eye on slowly falling 8GB Memory Stick prices. If we see a good 8GB deal, we'll let you know.

Deal of the Day: 8GB Memory Stick for $57

Holy falling prices, Batman! The 8GB Memory Stick, once placed high on a pedestal of "things we want but are way too expensive for us to get," is now available for $57 shipped on amazon.com. We're definitely going to pick one up, if only to download even more movies off the new Video section of the PS Store.

[Thanks, Nate T.!]

Carry two extra memory sticks with new accessory

As an alternative to the UMEMD, PSPGadgetZ suggests you check out this other UMD-slot, slip-in memory stick holder for your PSP. Previously, the UMEMD could only be used inside the PSP-1000 models (fat ones); however, this new gadget can be used with both the fat and slim models. The only drawback is that this one can only hold two memory sticks -- half the UMEMD's capacity of four.

It looks like you can't currently buy this thing alone either; it comes together as part of other PSP accessories. You can check them out here and here if you're interested. There are also more pics over at PSPGadgetZ.

Memory Stick deals: 4GB for $30, 8GB for $60 [Update]

We haven't had a good deal on a Memory Stick in quite some time. Thankfully, buy.com is ready to help us out with a great deal on a SanDisk 4GB Memory Stick. The Memory Stick is available for $30, with free shipping. For many, 4GB is more than sufficient to store all your games, saves, movies and music. [Update: FRYS.com is also offering a $30 Memory Stick, with free digital movie.]

If you need more space, the best deals we've found for larger Memory Sticks have been on amazon.com. They have a SanDisk 8GB card for $65 shipped [Update: Another 8GB card has been discovered on buy.com for $60], and a Sony 16GB card for $149 shipped.

[Thanks, stephen!]

Deal of the Day: 8GB Memory Stick for $65

Well, it took a while, but it's finally happened. 8GB Memory Sticks are now in the realm of the possible-to-attain. For example, this 8GB Memory Stick from FRYS.com is only $65, plus shipping. Remember when these babies used to go for over $100?

We think the 4GB Memory Stick is plenty enough, but a whopping 8GB would allow us to store even more music, videos and games from the PLAYSTATION Store. We like the sound of that. Even Sony's official 8GB cards are getting cheaper -- we spotted one for $90 on amazon.com. Now, the next thing we're eying: the 16GB Memory Stick. How long before that becomes a bargain purchase?

[Via CAG]

Deal of the Day: $30 4GB Memory Stick

The price of the Lexar 4GB Memory Stick continues to plummet. For those cheapstakes out there (that includes us), FRYS.com is offering this 4GB card for $30. Considering you can now download PS1 games, full PSP games and more on the PLAYSTATION Store, it seems like most everyone will want to upgrade. We're quite pleased with the amount of music, videos and demos the 4GB card can hold (although we're keeping an eye out on the 8GB Memory Stick!).

Go to FRYS.com to take advantage of this great deal.

[Thanks, stephen!]

Return of the $35 4GB Memory Stick

Once again, the $35 Memory Stick returns! For some reason, Memory Stick prices have refused to drop any further. Thankfully, FRYS.com is making it a bit easier to get a large Memory Stick. Considering you can now download PS1 games, full PSP games and more on the PLAYSTATION Store, it seems like most everyone will want to upgrade. We're quite pleased with the amount of music, videos and demos the 4GB card can hold (although we're keeping an eye out on the 8GB Memory Stick!).

Go to FRYS.com to take advantage of this great deal.

[Via SlickDeals]

16GB of love: the new $300 Memory Stick

Can you ever have too much? Sony says not, as it has just announced a 16GB version of its PSP/PS3-compatible Memory Stick PRO Duo. Coming this March, it will retail for $300. If you buy one, please tell us so that we can be very, very jealous of you. There isn't much else to say -- it is what it is. And it is awesome.

[Thanks, lordshadow!]

Deal of the Day: 4GB Memory Stick for $20 [Update]

This is the cheapest 4GB Memory Stick we've ever seen. The SanDisk 4GB Stick is an unadvertised special that's only available at brick and mortar Circuit City stores (no online shopping, sorry!). Item #SDK SDMSG4096A50 is what you'll be looking for. MXPowar from CAG gives some shopping advice for this rather lucrative deal: "In case, you are afraid of this being out of stock when you get there, I just tried this and it works, Buy it here, then choose in-store pickup and your credit card will be refunded about ~$41. A CC representative just called me about this so it is confirmed."

Good luck, shoppers.

Update: Unfortunately, it looks like the deal is dead. Guess it was a glitch that was corrected -- maybe we publicized this deal too much?

New Memory Stick Entertainment Packs feature Click, Ghost Rider, more

Sony's keen on providing Memory Stick Entertainment Packs. These bundles not only include PSP-compatible Memory Sticks (in 2GB and 4GB flavors), but include a DVD that lets you transfer one movie that's specifically encoded for playback on PSP. The videos come in 720x480 size, making them identical to their DVD counterparts.

The 2GB Memory Stick Entertainment Pack (MSX-M2GSEP3) and the 4GB Memory Stick Entertainment Pack (MSX-M4GSEP3) will be available for about $55 and $90. People will have a choice of movies on the disc, including "Click," "Ghost Rider," "RV" and "Stomp the Yard." We're not impressed.

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