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Shiny Shiny girl chooses PSP

The debate about whether or not PSP appeals to girls continues. Shiny Shiny, a popular gadgets website targeted towards girls, has an interesting take on the DS versus PSP debacle. Kimberly, a blogger on the site, admits to having a DS bias. Like one CNET editor stated, the stylus controls were attractive: "I liked the idea of the stylus and touchscreen." However, the honeymoon was over quite quickly: "[The DS] offered familiar, but interesting challenges ... for about a month."

Why the sudden change of heart? Apparently, she got her hands on a PSP, and found using a more conventional control scheme with PSP made gaming much easier: "I found the PSP's games and controls to be much more intuitive than the Nintendo DS Lite." Kimberly had to constantly refer to the instruction manuals in DS games to understand the controls, while PSP offered a more familiar environment. Like we predicted, DS fans that actually give PSP a try will find that much of the bias against the system is unfounded.

"The PSP's ability to do more might account for its poor battery life compared to the DS Lite. In this episode of gadgetry smackdown, I concede the battle to my buddy/nemesis and will go get myself a PSP"

Girls don't go wild: Pocket Pool loses license

Pocket Pool is a hilarious game where porn stars and billiards collide. The game, which is rated M for "partial nudity" and "sexual themes," was originally supposed to feature the Girls Gone Wild license. Looks like it's no more. "While I can confirm that the Girls Gone Wild license was in consideration for Pocket Pool, an agreement was not formally signed," an Eidos representative told GameSpot.

Surely, this is a monumental loss for the gaming community. Or not. I'm sure whoever wants to purchase this doesn't need a Girls Gone Wild license to pick it up.

Girls Gone Wild heads over to PSP

Pocket Pool
, the game of billiards "enhanced" by less-than-fully-clothed women, is embracing a new identity. The game is now entitled Girls Gone Wild: Pocket Pool, hoping to entice the fools that tend to purchase such derogatory works. The game, rated M for "partial nudity" and "sexual themes," will have more than a dozen ways to hit your balls, including 9-ball and Snooker styles. The game releases in April, for the lot of you that are interested.

[Via Gamespot]

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The top ten girls of PSP

You've seen the top ten girls of Hooters. You've perused the top ten women of tennis. You may even have seen the top ten girls of gaming, but you haven't yet seen the top ten girls of PSP. Until now that is! The requirements are simple, to qualify she has to be a girl and has to be in a PSP game. But enough with the procrastinating, on with the ceremony!

Top ten after the jump ...

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Tekken girls get real... and naked [Update 1]

Oh no, PSP Fanboy is using sex to promote its site again! It's true... they say that sex sells, and the people behind Tekken know it. For a Maxim photo shoot, they had some models dress up (or down) as Tekken models. Taking some inspiration from Dead or Alive, the photographers then placed those models under running water. The following video won't disappoint you... unless you're at work and your boss realizes what kind of pevert you are. So, I'm giving this an EXTREMELY NOT SAFE FOR WORK notice. Enjoy!

[Update 2: New PSP-compatible video and newly hosted video after the cut. Sweet, huh? (Streaming video coming soon. Sorenson isn't working, drats!)]

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Another story about Loco Roco... and Japanese models

Perverted Japanese PSP Fanboy's Andrew Yoon consistently writes news stories about Loco Roco and Japanese models. In his ideal version of paradise, those two would somehow be combined. That day... has come! Firstly, you can learn the difference between all the characters of Loco Roco by checking out Siliconera. See the cute MuiMui, the racially insensitive Mojya, and more!

Next, check out how Sony's trying to make the Japanese people like Loco Roco a bit more than they do now: they'll use actress Ryoko Shinohara to pose with the game and star in new commercials. Oh my, it appears that Andrew's died and gone to heaven. Loco Roco comes to the US in just one week.

[First half via Siliconera, second half via PSP-Vault]

Japanese model poses with Guilty Gear

It was absolutely hilarious to read your reactions to Moegaku. Whether or not you'd like to admit it, gamers love seeing the female form, and nothing gets them more excited than seeing a girl actually play games (shock!). ArcSystemWorks understands that, so in order to promote their upcoming PSP Guilty Gear game, they had Japanese model Kaori Manabe not only pose with, but play with the game. The press got a glimpse of her battling through PSP's exclusive beat-em-up mode, which looks absolutely fantastic. Go to Game Watch to see more pictures of the game in action. The game hits US shores in one week: September 5th.

[Via PSP-Vault]

Moe girls try to teach you English [Update 1]

English is a difficult language to learn, which is why the Japanese love making games to help you in your quest to master the language. And as you know, there's no better way to teach someone than through scantilly clad girls, But if the girls of that other English school were a bit too... real for your tastes, worry not! You can have a moe (which means "cute girls") teach you in Moegaku. These chibi anime girls look even younger than the girls of Simple 2500. If you want video proof, you got it!

(Fake comments totally ripped off of Joystiq.)

[Via QJ]

[Update 1: The title is Moegaku. Considering how I can read hiragana, that was a stupid, stupid mistake. Also, movie embedded after the cut.]

Reader Comments

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1. Why don't you just blog about some REAL PSP NEWS. Or should this blog be called Perverted Japanese Porn... Fanboy.

Posted at 4:22PM on Aug 26th 2006 by Maxwell 0 stars

2. I'd hit it!

Posted at 5:46PM on Aug 26th 2006 by Player1 0 stars

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Play with a 14 year old girl in Simple 2500

Damn whoever reported the mostly innocent video of asian girls posing with the PSP as "inappropriate." It looks like we'll have to find love somewhere else... maybe yet another ecchi Japanese PSP video game? Sure thing! (These kinds of games are a bit TOO easy to find in Japan...) Simple 2500 promises the simple pleasures of life: shogi, limbo, shopping, golf... and girls. Really, really young girls too. You get to play with your choice of three girls: Riho, Yutaka and Haruka. Yutaka (pictured) has some curves... and is only 14 years old!

JAIL BAIT!!! For more pictures of the girls playing their simple games, head over to Famitsu.

[Via QJ]

Near-naked asian girls pose with PSP

I'll probably get fired for all these videos I'm posting up. First there was a perverted English language school. Then, a weird photography game. Now, it's just two near-naked asian girls on top of each other, proudly showcasing PSPs. What does it mean? I don't really know, but I do understand that our traffic will go up with this story. You can see the video after the cut, because once again, it's not really safe for work.

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Incredibly old DS Vs. PSP video

Sometimes, you discover (or re-discover) a piece of internet gold. I searched and search the archives of PSP Fanboy, but I simply couldn't find this video anywhere! This video is a slick depiction of the DS and PSP battle, using two girls dressed up as the systems. Wow! These handhelds are pretty good at attracting women, huh? Although entertaining, the battle makes me recall Sony's awful black versus white advertising. And, I wouldn't necessarily agree with the bias of this fight: the winner in this video is played by the video's executive producer. Hmm.

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