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Loco Roco goes for the gold and comes back in 7th place

If you read DS Fanboy, you know that they love to use Japanese sales data to make fun of us PSP owners. Well, things don't seem like they're going to change much quite yet. Despite a huge marketing push in Japan, IGN reports that our beloved Loco Roco has debuted at seventh place in its first week of sales. That's better than most weeks, but I was hoping that it would be able to beat the seemingly invincible New Super Mario Bros (which is a great game). Hey, at least it beat the now more than one year old Brain Age... by one position.

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1. I don't want the game, I want the japanese soundtrack

Posted at 4:32PM on Jul 19th 2006 by daniel-kun

2. Well that's how Nintendo fanboy logic works: If Japan loves it so should I. Also that sales=quality. So apparently things like Rez and Shadow of the Colossus suck.

Nintendo, the great innovator: Twenty years later and people are playing a side scrolling Mario game on a Game & Watch.

Posted at 4:56PM on Jul 19th 2006 by Player1

3. I wouldn't be too discouraged by the numbers. I'd honestly be shocked if it was #1 since it has such a smaller install base.

Posted at 5:02PM on Jul 19th 2006 by Erik Novak

4. "Nintendo, the great innovator: Twenty years later and people are playing a side scrolling Mario game on a Game & Watch."

Frigging hilarious -- I predict sigs with this quote. It can't be said better.

I agree with the others - Japanese numbers don't mean it's not a good game, or that it won't do well in other countries (like a little market called the US)... Or that it won't do better later.

But hey, if the Japan numbers make the DS fanboys happy, who's to begrudge them? They've had years of N64 and GCN sales to cry over. And hey, the PSP had a good run in the earlier months in Nippon. There's always next Christmas.

Posted at 5:47PM on Jul 19th 2006 by pixelator

5. Since when has sony innovated anything?

Posted at 6:14PM on Jul 19th 2006 by Hornio

6. It's actually quite the achievement, since it has a lot smaller of a user base than any title the DS releases. With more of the population owning a DS, that means that there are more customers available to buy each DS title.

Posted at 7:07PM on Jul 19th 2006 by Silver R. Wolfe

7. 5.,

A better question would be, how did NINTENDO innovate with the DS? Touchscreen - not new, even for a game handheld. Mic? Not new on a handheld. Dual screens? Game & Watches were indeed innovative, but is that configuration still new after 25 years? Let's be honest, here - many of the big hit games like Advance Wars, Castlevania, Mario 64, even Mario Kart and Mario Bros. offer little really new in terms of gameplay or fundamental game design over the previous SNES, N64 and GBA iterations.

So... How about the last time Nintendo fans gave SONY credit for innovating? Just regarding the PSP innovations as a gaming handheld: First optic drive, first infrastructure online games (it took Nintendo a year to get the DS there), first integrated USB 2.0 port, first widescreen 16:9 display, first Anamorphous Silicon TFT display, first with current-gen console-level dedicated 3D graphics hardware... ETC. But if you ask the Ninty faithful, the PSP is junk, a ripoff, a watered down PS2 with no innovations whatsoever.

Ugh. Nintendo freaks.

Posted at 8:30PM on Jul 19th 2006 by pixelator

8. why does every article mention the ds or one of its games. seriously. what a useless handheld. it doesn't have half the features PSP does or as good graphics. it gets scratched and dirty easily and the ds lite even has that hinge problem that effects about half of the units shipped. rofl, imagine when everyone's ds breaks because of bad manufacturing. theyll probably just deny it exists. the same people who exagerate the rare dead pixel problem on the PSP and the rare freezing problem on the 360. there are no games at all for the ds that aren't fucking shitty ports, sequels, and stupid kiddie shit. people rave about DS games like phoenix wright (a lawyer simulator..seriously) and brain age. probably the only two games on the ds not targeted at kids under 10 and they suck. ninty fanboys need to pull their heads out of their asses: there is nothing at all good about their consoles or handhelds. there never was and never again will be. the gamecube failed and now the wii will. they finally have real competition that thankfully appeal to older gamers and not just children. now with the wii, they'll be stuck 5 years in the past graphically with no third party support other than ubisoft. let's hope those rayman games hold them over until they convince their parents to get them a real console. lol. too bad thisll probably get deleted since everyone even the staff of this site have a hardon for nintendo.

Posted at 8:41PM on Jul 19th 2006 by Dr. Franknfurter

9. People, let the consumers buy what they want. It's capitalism.
If somebody wants a portable system with a dual screens, innovation, etc. at the expense of graphics, then FINE.
If somebody wants a portable system with a whole bunch of multimedia options at the expense of higher prices, then FINE.
People are different, let them buy different things. Japanese are different than Americans. That doesn't mean that ALL Americans want a PSP or DS. That's supposed to be what's great about our economies. Choices. Odds are that someone DS hating or PSP hating on this website will NOT change the minds of the consumers buying the product. Why should you care that the Japanese don't like Loco Roco as much as Mario? Why should the Japanese care that you don't like a touch screen? Both systems are equally fun and enjoyable to different people, so just live with it. I own both, and don't regret buying either.

Posted at 11:58PM on Jul 19th 2006 by will

10. man, this is pretty funny, #8.

i for one would love gameplay over graphics.
"exagerate the rare dead pixel problem on the PSP"
hahahahahaha, every person i KNOW with a psp hard to return it because it had a dead pixel.
BUT then again so does the DS lite.

but MAN, i don't care if a game is kiddy.
is it fun? yes!

i bet there'll be a sony game that'll come out and all it does is demo how good the graphics are.
and sony fanboys will still rave about it.
because the graphics are so good, i don't care how stupid it is!
not to mention expensive.

the PSP was great.
while it lasted.
even though it had great innovation
(and yes, it was more innovative than the DS, i agree)
it just died out.
$60 UMDS, long loading times, UMD movies?
what was sony thinking?

Posted at 12:43AM on Jul 20th 2006 by Capt. Castellanos

11. I think the DS is the most overrated game system of all time and the PSP is challenging the DreamCast and GameGear fr most underrated. Does that mean that the PSP is better than the DS right now? No. But too many people have given up on the PSP and will ignore the good games on it.

Remember, it took Nintendo a long time to get decent games on the DS, the PSP's time is coming.

Posted at 1:27AM on Jul 20th 2006 by Brian

No one cares about how great the graphics could be when there are no games to play on it or the games just aren't "fun". That, sadly, is why the DS has won.

Posted at 9:19AM on Jul 20th 2006 by Bartender Sam

13. Last time I checked, there are more games rated an average of 80% or above for the PSP than the DS. So nobody can argue that the DS has better games. If you don't believe me go to gamerankings.com.

I got my PSP because I wanted a console experience while on the road, not because I was looking for something new. That's exactly what it delivered. It's also got the classic games I wanted like Virtua Tennis, SSX, GTA, Katamari, Bust-a-Move, Wipeout, Twisted Metal, Burnout, Prince of Persia, and SOCOM without having to totally change the gameplay. Everyone acts like that's a bad thing. I think it's kind of the point of a portable.

My only complaint about the PSP was I did have dead pixel issues when I first got it, but you can keep exchanging for one that's fine. Otherwise, my battery life has never been a problem for me. They sell extended life batteries, so let's kill that arguement. Also, loading times have never bothered me. I guess I just don't happen to own any of the games that people complain about. If loading time is an issue for you, that's why there's a sleep mode which takes no time to come out of.

But the fact is that preference is subjective. No matter how much some fanboy likes his DS, that doesn't make me like it any more. I have no interest in it or the games. I laugh any time I hear the "must have" titles for it. It's either ports or the standard Nintendo franchises or it's something that has absolutely no appeal to me whatsoever (sorry brain age).

Posted at 10:31AM on Jul 20th 2006 by Player1

14. I think the difference between Nintendo handheld games and PSP are that Nintendo games are kinda retro. New Super Mario Bros is popular because it's a game people maybe haven't played in 10 years. They definetly haven't just played it on their GameCube. Where as the PSP is full of games they just played last year on their PS2(GTA, SOCOM, etc...).

Nintendo isn't putting games that were on their main console last year. They are developing new or bringing back classic games. I'm more excited about being able to play Playstation 1 games on the PSP than any new PSP game.

LocoRoco is the first PSP game that I'm interested in. It and PS1 games may finally get me to buy it.

Posted at 10:55AM on Jul 20th 2006 by Hoffer

15. Thing is, I have a PS2 but I don't play many games on it, so these games that 'we played last year' aren't anything *I* played, and since I can bring my PSP to work or on a trip or weekend with friends (who all have PSPs also), that makes SOCOM or SYPHON FILTER far more attractive to me than their PS2 counterparts.

It's because it's a portable that the PSP games have value, even if they're ports.

Posted at 1:44PM on Jul 20th 2006 by pixelator

16. There seems to be allot of Nintendo resentment here. Dr Frank sounds like nintendo fired him on xmas eve, poured sugar in his gas tank, then intentionally made every game so he specifically would hate it. Really, what did they do to you dude? I'm curious 'cause you sound like they've really driven you over the edge.
I haven't upgraded (or downgraded as the case may be) to a DS lite but I'd much rather pay Nintendo the $50 to fix something than pay Sony $125 just to look at something that they're going to charge me more to fix anyway. But I'm not even going to get into the reliability of hardware battle between sony and nintendo here.

I own a PSP and a DS (and I really enjoy playing both but don't really consider myself a fanboy for either) and I have to say that the DS performed way over my expectations (I wasn't even going to get one until I played Trauma Center and really... what other system could you play a great surgery simulation game), and the PSP performed way under my expectations (there's only three games for it which I really like, I thought there would be instant tonnes like the ps2). It just comes down to the games: DS games (and let's face it, that's all you have with the DS) are cheaper and there are more good original games than any other system. PSP has got Loco Roco but it's the first game that I've gotten excited about since the Katamari port which was a huge disappointment. Before that, the most exciting things were Lumines and Burnout Legends which were great but very similar to other games I have.

I noticed that a couple of other people here agree that Loco Roco is a much better game than new SMB but there are just many more DSs floating around the populous so of course those games are going to be sold more. What the PSP needs is a few more games as good as Loco Roco that you can only get on the PSP. People were expecting it to have the same killer lineup that the PS2 has but they have to remember that it took a while for the ps2 to build up that library and improve on the console.

One thing's for sure, as soon as it's released here, I'm picking up Loco Roco. I'm also going to keep my fingers crossed that Every extend Extra will be as engrossing as Lumines and as trippy as Rez.

But when it comes right down to it, for my commute, I still use a GBA micro with a gbamp. It fits in my pocket comfortably (hell it even fits in my wife's pockets; can't say that about the ds or psp) and (with the gbamp of course) does everything I want at once.

So I want to stop hearing the "mine is better bla bla bla" arguments because they're both good machines but neither of them are perfect.

Posted at 5:20PM on Jul 20th 2006 by Gonzo

17. "There seems to be allot of Nintendo resentment here."

ROFL, how long have you been to Joystiq? the staff show nothing but love for nintedo, even on a psp fanboy site, (which is where you are at in case you forgot). even the commenters cant help but get a chubby for nintendo "i have both but i like ds better, psp is dissapointing, let's all be friends

Posted at 11:07PM on Jul 20th 2006 by dr.franknfurter

18. I have both handhelds, but I like DS' games better. PSP can be disappointing at times. Let's all be friends.
To tell you the truth, I do like DS' games better, but I use the PSP far more than my DS. Why? Because I can do a lot more than just play games on it. Portable video and internet with games in ONE device is really important to me.

Posted at 11:34PM on Jul 20th 2006 by Andrew Yoon

19. I've been gaming since the days of the 2600, and I don't like the DS games 'better'. I like some for different reasons, and I like some PSP games for different reasons.

I think DS games are easier to develop and polish, so a higher percentage of ORIGINAL titles on the DS feel more refined and 'tight'. Same with comparing ports, because the PSP, while powerful, is a handheld and limited by the display resolution and single analog control scheme. GTA is an astonishing looking and even playing game, but the controls definitely leave something to be desired. Many of the DS titles rely on very tried-and-true digital d-pad inputs, while a select few primarily use the stylus to variable success. The most popular DS games are generally d-pad druven and very traditional in most respects. Nothing wrong with that, but let's be honest - the PSP library has some pretty amazing stuff that really pushes the envelope for handheld games. It's just that, like the stylus on the DS, the technical merit of these games doesn't guarantee fun.

But are DS games really more fun? Taste is a huge factor - not everyone enjoys a SOCOM fragfest as much as they do seeking new monsters in POKEMON. I frankly was almost immediately bored with SMB and Mario & Luigi's combat system pissed the hell out of me. Castlevania was great except for the huge roadbump of having to use the stylus at crucial moments in boss fights and Mario Kart is, well, pretty much more of the same. As is Advance Wars. Not bad games, but not shockingly great, either. Just like the disappointing titles on the PSP. I tend to agree with people saying BOTH systems have some maturing to do (as do fanboys on both sides).

Posted at 1:57AM on Jul 21st 2006 by pixelator

20. Well, I think it will go up. Besides, it probably has only been out for a very little while, so give it time and it will sell. I'm sure of it. I hope it does, because then it gives the PSP a name with it, and an image.

Everyone needs to stop branding LocoRoco a failure because it debuted at 7th. I am sure it will go up because it appeals to the Japanese market.

I'm sure it can make it to number three or higher, and stay there for awhile.

Heres to LocoRoco selling good! Go LocoRoco! Sony needs this.

Posted at 4:27AM on Jul 21st 2006 by Logic

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