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Patapon and echochrome devs to speak at Develop

The teams behind the creative PSP games, Patapon and echochrome, will make an appearance at this year's Develop conference in July. Atsushi Li, director of Pyramid and Junichi Yoshizama, associate producer of SCE Worldwide Studios will discuss the tribal music game Patapon. Jun Fujiki and Tatsuya Suzuki will speak about the mind-bending echochrome.

"We are privileged to welcome Ii-san, Yoshizawa-san, Fujiki-san and Suzuki-san to the Develop Conference and are thrilled that we can offer our delegates the opportunity to be inspired by what can only be described as some of the most creative video games designers on the planet," said managing director of Tandem Events, Andy Lane.

LocoRoco sequel for PSP definitely coming

In an interview with Joystiq at Develop conference, LocoRoco director Tsutomu Kouno confirmed that a LocoRoco sequel was certainly going to arrive on PSP, in addition to the recently unveiled PS3 "extra chapter." Kouno revealed to Joystiq that "I'm thinking about a sequel for the PSP right now. I got a lot of feedback from players that they bought a PSP just to play Loco Roco so I feel like I have to make a sequel for them."

The full interview will arrive on Joystiq later this week.

Failure didn't stop LocoRoco dev from trying

How many times did LocoRoco get rejected from Sony, before it became a heavily promoted, greenlit project? Two times. At Develop conference, Tsutomu Kouno revealed that rejected the idea of a tilting 2D platformer twice. Why did Sony finally give in on the third time? He provided them with a playable demo. "It is very important to make a demo and show something that moves," he said.

It looks like Kouno-san's persistence paid off ultimately, considering the dedicated following the PSP platformer has. Considering his success, Kouno will continue making games in the vein of LocoRoco. According to Next Generation, his future games will also be "peaceful," going against the increasingly popular trend towards violent games. He also added, "In the future, I want to invent new gameplay using physical calculations and crowd AI."

Crush wins Develop Award, is best New Handheld IP

Congratulations to Zoe Mode and Crush -- the game just scored the best New Handheld IP award from the Develop Awards. The Develop Awards are focused on European companies and were judged by almost 100 "industry experts."

In addition to Crush, PSP fans will be glad to hear that Sony Computer Entertainment of Europe (SCEE) picked up the biggest award of the evening: the Grand Prix award for their efforts with PlayStation 3.

[Via PS3 Fanboy]

Rebellion on PSP development: "it just happened"

Rebellion Studios, the team behind the PSP versions of Dead to Rights: Reckoning, James Bond: From Russia with Love, Miami Vice, GUN Showdown, and Free Running, has been nominated for a Develop award for being the best handheld developer. Their prolific catalog of games certainly deserves some recognition (even if many of these titles aren't of the utmost quality).

Speaking with Pocket Gamer, CEO Jason Kingsley explains the somewhat serendipidous relationship the team has had with PSP: "It's weird because we're down for this Develop award for being best handheld studio, but we're not a handheld developer. We're a developer who's happened to made a lot of PSP games, which is something we didn't really plan on doing. It's just happened [sic]," Kingsley explained. "We've done something like a dozen titles, and people keep coming to us with more. We're having to turn a lot of it down" (And certainly, they want to be focused primarily on their upcoming project, Star Wars Battlefront, a PSP exclusive.)

It appears that the team is comfortable with the immense power that PSP has to offer, which is the main reason why they've focused on the platform. "DS has been difficult because our engine is floating point and DS is a fixed point platform."

Crush gets Develop Award nomination

While PSP is home to many great PlayStation franchises, it's also where many exciting, new and innovative IPs have taken off. Crush is yet another example of a great original PSP title, and it's already getting the attention of critics and developers alike. The Develop Conference has announced its nominations for award recipients, and Crush stands as the easy favorite in the "New Handheld IP" category.

Awards will be announced on July 25th. Will the unanimously beloved Crush get a win?

[Via Joystiq]

Next Wipeout to feature more downloadable content

Who doesn't like free stuff? Sony's getting the big picture: we like free content downloads. As reported by develop, SCE Worldwide Studios VP Michael Denny states, "All games, whether they are launched on disc or electronically, need to create a community and have active community websites and extra content."

One of PSP's launch titles, Wipeout Pure, featured tons of downloadable content after release. In fact, the various packs released over the months following release doubled the amount of content available in the game. It was free for the consumer, and undoubtedly boosted sales. "Downloadable content helped keep the game on the shelf and encouraged people to not trade the game in," explains development director Clemens Wangerin. The game also delivered more than 800,000 downloads and became the first PSP title to reach Platinum status.

While speaking about Wipeout, it looks like Sony accidentally revealed that sequels were being made for both the PSP and PS3 platforms. If you haven't figured it out, the next iterations of Wipeout will also deliver even more downloadable content. Hopefully, it will still retain the nice price that Pure set: free.

[Via Joystiq]

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