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Deal of the Day: Guilty Gear Judgment for $13

Fighting fans don't have too many options on the PSP. Guilty Gear Judgment takes ARC System Works' awesome 2D sprites and puts them in the palm of your hand. This PSP fighter includes 20 characters, multiple gameplay modes ... and can be found for cheap at Circuit City. $13 (plus shipping) will allow you to take the game home.

The game received generally favorable reviews, earning a Metacritic score of 78.

[Via IGN]

Best Buy offers extra battery with PSP purchase

It's not too much of a deal ... especially because you have to buy a new PSP system. However, Best Buy is now smartly offering an extra 2200mAh battery with the purchase of a new PSP console. The 2200mAh battery contains about 20% more life than the standard battery, which will allow you to squeeze in some more playtime out of your system. With games going to utilize 333MHz soon, an extended life battery doesn't sound like too bad an idea ...

[Via CAG]

Deal of the Day: 50% off Griffin accessories

Griffin is no stranger to the PSP peripheral market. Their iTrip, RoadDock, iFM and SmartShare are specifically designed with the PSP in mind. For a limited time only, this manufacturer is offering 50% off all their PSP accessories. Our pick? The iFM for $15 (pictured, above): it combines the radio and remote functionality into one, sleek looking device.

[Thanks, Alex S!]

UK Deal of the Day: Ridge Racer 2 less than £1

Ridge Racer 2 is essentially the PSP launch title, Ridge Racer, with only ten new tracks (we're really not kidding about this folks). That doesn't mean it's a bad game ... it just means it's a bad deal.

That is, until now. UK PC World stores will give you the title for a mere £0.97. You're getting a full game for almost the same cost as the free downloadable demo. We say: deal.

[Thanks, Monkston!]

Deal of the Day: Chili Con Carnage only $14 [Update]

The cult hit Chili Con Carnage hits the amazon.com bargain bins today, dropping down to a paltry price of $13.99. Steven Bailey notes in his PSP Fanboy review that "the game is genuinely funny and you'll face a midget with a giant head and bull horns, explosive chickens, bikini clad women with automatic weapons and that's just to name a few encounters."

Now, you'll be able to face those very explosive chickens at a bargain price.

Update: amazon.com has even more deals. Check them all out here. Or, choose one of these options:
PlayGear Pocket case - $10
Metal Gear Acid - $10
Marvel Trading Card Game - $17

[Thanks, txa1265! Via CAG]

Deal of the Day: 4GB Memory Stick for $40

While we'd love to get our hands on a 8GB Memory Stick Duo, our wallets cringe at the sight of its steep price tag. Thankfully, 4GB cards continue to plummet in price. Fry's is offering a Lexar stick for only $40, including shipping. 4GB is more than enough space, even for videophiles that like to encode their videos in full resolution. As these sticks continue to slowly decline in price, one wonders when a 8GB card will be as affordable as this.

[Via IGN Boards]

Deal of the Day: 20% off all UMD movies

Deep Discount is at it again. They're having their semi-annual 20% off sale, which will let you take off 20% off all DVDs, Blu-ray discs and UMDs in their collection. They have fairly low prices throughout the store, and with an additional savings of 20%, PSP bargain-hunters are sure to find something they want. Simply use coupon code USATODAY -- not only will you get an additional discount, but you'll also get free shipping. We were able to pick up Sin City for only $7, the perfect price for a movie on the go.

[Thanks, Spencer!]

Deal of the Day: $5 UMDs at GameStop this weekend

GameStop is having a massive blowout on their UMD movie selection this Memorial Day weekend. You can get the deals in-store on Saturday, or start shopping now online. With coupon code SAVER, you'll also get free budget shipping.

At $5, UMD movies seem like quite an attractive deal. What are you going to be picking up? Why not consider Metropolis, Starship Troopers and the Wipeout Pure-enhanced Stealth?

While browsing, don't forget to check out other PSP sale items.

[Via CAG]

Deal of the Day: system for $140 & cases for cheap

Your eyes do not deceive you: this Sam Goody store is showcasing an even lower price for PSP: $139.99, a mere $10 above Nintendo DS. What gives? Well, it appears this retailer is offering a $30 mail-in rebate. The offer ends Wednesday, which doesn't give deal-seekers too much time to take advantage of this pretty awesome sale. Find store locations here.

For those no interested in picking up a new system, amazon.com is offering some nice deals on PSP cases. Sony's official travel case is going for less than $10, and the popular PlayGear Pocket is going for $13. While I find the hard cases to be too bulky for my tastes, it appears they're considered pretty standard fare by the PSP community.

[Via Gaming Bits & CAG]

Deal of the Day: Gurumin drops to $20

The cute, lovable beat-animals-with-a-drill game, Gurumin, has dropped to a measly $20 at Gamestop. The game is quickly attracting a cult audience, and at that budget price, you may want to figure out why. PSP Fanboy gave it a 7.5, praising its unique charm, but bashing its slow pacing.

Capcom Puzzle World is also on sale, also for $20. Is Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo worth the price of admission? Some would say yes. As our review notes, don't expect much more than that from the game. Is a 5.0 much easier to swallow at this budget price? Quite possibly.

[Via CAG]

Deal of the Day: Circuit City brings cheap gaming

It looks like Circuit City is having a sale on a wide assortment of PSP titles. While you can peruse them all, we have a few recommendations for you:
May we recommend Chili Con Carnage? Steve reviewed the game, noting the "long campaign with loads of hilarious, cool and memorable experiences." Circuit City offers free shipping with orders over $25, so you may want to pick up more than one game from this list.

[Via CAG]

Deal of the Day: Rockstar gets really cheap

This week's circulars are highlighting the PSP price drop, and some fantastic deals on some great Rockstar games. The Warriors, which received a prestigious 8.5 review from PSP Fanboy, is getting even cheaper, dropping down to a mere $15 at Circuit City. Sure, it's a port--but it's a mighty fine game on the handheld.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories is also entering the Best Buy bargain bin this week: it'll be available for a mere $20. Who said PSP games had to be expensive?

[Via IGN]

Deal of the Day: Ape Escape Racer only $15

You've played the demo: now you can buy this import racer for cheap at Play-Asia. While we didn't think too highly of the game (too slow for our tastes), there aren't really any other monkey-themed kart-style racers on our system. So, if you have the itch for a Mario Kart-styled game, at least it won't cost you a pretty penny.

Honestly, we recommend picking up Bleach: Heat the Soul 2 instead. As a CAG forum user pointed out, it's only $25. The Bleach games don't differ too much from each other, so you won't feel like you're missing out too much compared to Heat the Soul 4.

Deal of the Day: LocoRoco for $15

Surprisingly, LocoRoco wasn't included in today's Greatest Hits update. Maybe it didn't sell enough copies? Regardless, import retailer Play-Asia is offering the blubbery platform game for cheap: only $14.90, plus shipping. Although this is an import version, this package offers English text ... even though of all games, this probably doesn't need it.

[Via CAG]

Deal of the Day: Gold PSP for $160, and other import deals

Play-Asia is having their Crazy Week sale, which truly lives up to its namesake. The store is slashing prices 20% for every in-stock item not released in the past 30 days. That includes hardware, which means the import Champagne Gold PSP is only $160: that's cheaper than buying a boring black Core system in America!

But that's not the only deal in the store. You may be interested in picking up the original DJ Max Portable, the GPS receiver, Pink PSP, Silver PSP, or the PaRappa pouch. Happen to find other noteworthy deals? Tell us!

[Via CAG]

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