Cupid's arrow strikes at Aisledash!

New FF Tactics shots unearthed

Final Fantasy Tactics: The Lion War may just be an upgraded port, but I can't help but get excited by it whenever I see new screens. In particular I love the addition of cinemas and the sketchy look of them. Though the battle scenes do look better than the PS1 original. If you love tactics games like me, check out the rest of the new screenshots.

More screens after the jump ...

This magic user stole those stars from Lucky's Lucky Charms

There's nothing quite as romantic as staring off into the sunset ... after having slaughtered an army

Music was their only weapon

Damn those infernal Chocobos! I've always hated those poultry beasts

Need more screens? Check the rest out at The Magic Box ...

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3-11-2007 @ 9:46PM

dbh1973 said...

God I can't wait for this game. FFT was my favorite PSOne game.


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3-12-2007 @ 6:56AM

txa1265 said...

I only played the GBA version, but haven't touched it in a few years ... definitely looking forward to this!


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3-12-2007 @ 2:48PM

emirabal said...

I might have to buy this in japanese version, how long after it comes out in japan b4 it hits the states


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Silver R. Wolfe4

3-12-2007 @ 9:14PM

Silver R. Wolfe said...

txa, the GBA version was absolutely horrid compared to this one.

Definitely keep your eye on this one!


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3-14-2007 @ 1:14PM

txa1265 said...

Interesting info from RPGamer:

A few new details have emerged on the PSP's Final Fantasy Tactics remake. A player-vs-player battle mode has been added along with a PvP feature called "traps." At the end of the battle, depending on how well the player did, the winner will be rewarded with a number of treasure chests. This feature can be turned on or off at the player's wish. One of the other new features of the game will be the ability to choose maps and set up specific and detailed rules for each battle.

A North American release for Final Fantasy Tactics: The Lions War has still not been confirmed,


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4-03-2007 @ 6:30PM

Final-Fan said...

"Though the battle scenes do look better than the PS1 original."

Actually, no it doesn't, based on those screenshots.


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