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Full downloadable games coming to UK?

YourPSP's official PSP Store is Europe's premiere destination for PSP downloads. It's provided us with a great number of downloadable demos and other goodies. However, it looks to be getting an overhaul. What new upgrades might the site be receiving? Full downloadable games, if this page from the UK PlayStation site is to be believed.

To the right of the page, links to downloadable demos of Loco Roco, Killzone and Ridge Racer 2 can be found. But more interesting are the descriptions for Wipeout: Pure and Go! Sudoku: "Download full game now."

Sony has promised that the PLAYSTATION Store would one day find its way to PSP. As they've shown with the PS3, full downloadable games are a crucial part of Sony's strategy. Could Europe be the first region to receive downloadable retail games? If so, how will it work? When will it expand to other countries? Was the web version of the PLAYSTATION Store the beginning of something bigger? Stay tuned for more.

[Via Gamespot]

TOCA Race Driver 3 Challenge downloadable demo

One week after the popular Metal of Honor demo hit the web, PSP gamers are being treated to a new demo: TOCA Race Driver 3 Challenge. The demo includes three vehicles, the Ultima GTR, Opel Vectra GTS V8 and the classic Mercedes Benz W196, for use in three different challenges. This marks one of the few times where a game demo has been made downloadable before a game's actual release.

TOCA will be available for UK buyers on February 16th.

1. Download the demo ZIP file.
2. Extract the contents of the ZIP file.
3. Connect your PSP to your computer using a USB cable.
4. Go to the PSP/GAME folder.
5. Copy ULED90009 folder into the GAME directory.

Check out our new demos site:

Medal of Honor: Heroes downloadable demo

We told you new demos were coming soon. Who knew they'd come out this soon? EA's critically acclaimed FPS is now available for you to try out.

1. Download the demo ZIP file.
2. Extract the contents of the ZIP file.
3. Connect your PSP to your computer using a USB cable.
4. Go to the PSP/GAME folder.
5. Copy ULED90008 folder into directory.

Check out our new demos site:

Killzone: Liberation downloadable demo

While Killzone: Liberation didn't take PSP Game of the Year honors, it still has a legion of fans that love its action-packed top-down gameplay. If you missed this game last year, now's your chance to try a sweet downloadable demo.

1. Download the demo ZIP file.
2. Extract the contents of the ZIP file.
3. Connect your PSP to your computer using a USB cable.
4. Go to the PSP/GAME folder.
5. Copy UCES00279-Demo folder into directory.

Check out our new demos site:

New Loco Roco & Final Fantasy VII demos to arrive in time for holidays

We PSP fanboys love to play demos. We've been blessed with a plethora of demos for Loco Roco, but it seems like they're not done quite yet. A key observer on the PlayStation forums noticed that YourPSP described plans on releasing a Christmas-themed demo of Loco Roco to supplement the Halloween demo that came out about a week ago. Considering how the game is about eating everything in sight, wouldn't a Thanksigiving themed demo also be appropriate?

Another noteworthy demo to come out later this year is the highly anticipated PSP-exclusive Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII. Jeux-France reported about a week ago that an issue of Famitsu reveals the producer's intentions to have a playable demo available by the end of the year. If it comes around the time of the other Loco Roco demo, it seems like PSP fanboys will have a lot of free demo playing on their hands this holiday season.

[Via PlayStation Boards & 1UP Boards]

Ridge Racer 2 downloadable demo

Yesterday, we told you new demos were coming soon. And today, one of them has been made available. Ridge Racer 2 is now available at You'll need to be registered at YourPSP (for European users only), OR you can download directly from us (not bad, huh?). The game demo requires firmware 2.81 2.80 or above.

1. Download the demo ZIP file.
2. Extract the contents of the ZIP file.
3. Connect your PSP to your computer using a USB cable.
4. Go to the PSP/GAME folder.
5. Copy UCES00422 folder into the GAME directory.

Check out our new demos site:

Two new downloadable demos coming soon

We <3 downloadable demos at PSP Fanboy. So, whenever there's news about a new demo coming out, we get excited and pay attention. According to the YourPSP French website, a Halloween-themed demo of Loco Roco will be coming out soon. It'll supposedly require a new firmware (2.82) to run.

In addition, according to Kingplayer, a demo of Ridge Racer 2 will also be available. Considering the lack of new content put into the sequel, what are the odds that it'll be a level that's in the original?

The demos are supposed to come out on October 26th. Will you be upgrading your firmware to play them?

Rumor: 3.0 beta firmware from YourPSP?

Two tipsters sent in two different links showing the same image of a YourPSP member supposedly receiving a 3.0 firmware "beta." kedar pancholi sent a link in from MAXCONSOLE and wraggster sent a link in from DCemu. The firmware is supposed to include support for GIF, MOV, WMV and FLV files, and support for PSone emulation. Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, I'm going to say this is a fake. Why? There's no reason to "beta" test something unless it has significant online capabilities. And, Sony isn't stupid enough to let a "beta" firmware out, one that could be ripe with potential security holes.

Over-dramatic naked man promotes Syphon Filter

The weird ads just keep on coming out of Sony these days. Syphon Filter, one of the PSP's best exclusive games, has been out in the states for quite some time. Unfortunately for Europe, they just got the game relatively recently. In order to promote this stealth action shooter, Sony hired a scantily clad man to run around his house, acting a little silly. It's funny, but I question the wardrobe choice: certainly this commercial would've been just as funny if he were wearing pants. Due to the excessive amount of male skin in the commercial, I deem it somewhat not safe for work. Check it after the cut:

Continue reading Over-dramatic naked man promotes Syphon Filter

2.81 firmware coming soon

Looks like Sony's ready to counterattack against that libtiff exploit that's been so helpful to homebrewers over the past few days. The European PSP site has revealed text suggesting the impending release of firmware version 2.81. Most likely, it won't include any new functionality. However, I hope Sony will prepare a downloadable demo to coax us into upgrading, just because free game demos are always yummy.

[Thanks, steve!]

Online PSP store opens in Europe, Sony's European PSP site always is a step above its American counterpart. Not only does the site look sexier, it has a lot more functionality. European PSP owners not only have a better website, but they get access to PlayStation Spot, white PSPs, Tales of Eternia, and they also get their downloadable demos days faster than the US. While Americans have to deal with the absolutely useless, it appears that Europeans will now get an online store dedicated for the handheld. The site features downloadable demos, upgrades to games (such as new Lemmings levels), videos, music and wallpapers. Best of all, it appears that (for now) everything is free.

This service is almost exactly what we've been waiting for... now when's the US version of this going to happen?

[Via IGN]

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