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Original PSP doesn't have enough RAM for Skype

As reported earlier, Skype will be available exclusively on PSP-2000 systems only. The revised handheld features additional RAM, previously used for UMD caching. According to Nick Sharples from SCEE, the additional memory onboard the new PSP is crucial for running the VoIP application. He told Pocket Gamer: "We had studied the possibility of supporting Skype with PSP-1000 but had to give it up because of the smaller size of main memory on PSP-1000 series."

Skype is coming before month's end. For more images of the application, visit GPara. For those with homebrew-capable PSP-1000 systems, new homebrew VoIP applications may be worthwhile to you.

Go! Messenger brings IM, voice and video chat to PSP

Sony has officially unveiled PSP's upcoming VOIP service, to be called Go! Messenger. The program will be downloadable and installed into the XMB in a future firmware upgrade. Through it, PSP owners will be able to instant message each other using a "new and intuitive on-screen keyboard." By using a headset, users will be able to voice chat; and by using Go!Cam, video chat will also be enabled.

"With Go!Messenger, PSP is pushing new boundaries, adding unique communication functionalities to all the existing multimedia experiences," said Stephane Hareau, PSP European Marketing Manager, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. "Enabling more than 8.5 Million PSP users across the SCEE region to communicate with each other, through Video or Voice chat, truly confirms the always evolving nature and potential of PSP.''

The service has been developed in partnership with BT, one of the world's leading telecom providers. Sony plans on adding even more functionality to the PSP through Go!Explore and the Go! branded video download service. European PSP owners will have a lot to look forward to -- hopefully, SCEA will follow-up with its own American service.

BT demonstrates its PSP VoIP technology

BBC News has an exclusive video of PSP's upcoming VoIP functionality. In a deal made with BT, PSP users will be able to make free video calls to other PSP owners, and PC users equipped with the appropriate software. The service will initially only work at home and at BT hotspots, but can be expanded in the future.

In the video above, you can see BT's Steve Andrews speaking on the potential of the platform: "What we've done is allow users to talk, see each other, and send messages to each other on something they take for granted, which is a wonderful device that's called the PSP."

Ask PSP Fanboy: Volume 20

Every Saturday, PSP Fanboy will answer your burning questions. If you have a question for the team, send an e-mail to andrew @ with the subject "Ask PSP Fanboy."

I'd like to apologize for not running this feature last week. I could not complete it due to an illness.

Q: Is Final Fantasy VII: Before Crisis coming out to PSP?
A: No. We find it suspicious that of all the media organizations at the event, only Next-Gen would report on something so significant. While other PSP sites simply reported this as truth, we haven't seen any indication that the game is coming out on PSP. There's no mention of it on any of Square Enix's press materials, and Next-Gen refused to return our e-mails on the subject. While we'd love to see it ported, chances are slim.

For PSP? We wish ... but for now, it's not true.

Q: Are there any VOIP-type homebrew applications for the Sony PSP, like something along the lines of Skype?
A: You would think, considering PSP's ability to do VoIP easily in headset-enabled games. However, we can't seem to find any homebrew methods of VoIP. For those lucky enough to be in the UK, a new official service will be coming out soon. As reported earlier, hints of a Skype program were found deep in the official firmware. We're pretty sure SCEA is going to get their act together and offer a similar service in the future.

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PSP gains phone functionality in UK

Sony Computer Entertainment of Europe has partnered up with BT to provide "high-quality video calls, voice calls and text messaging" for PSP users. The four-year deal will first provide Softphone, a service which will allow PSP owners to communicate with other internet-connected Softphone users (similar to other VoIP services). The program will eventually expand so that PSP owners can make calls to standard land and mobile phones.

David Reeves, president of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, said: "It is very exciting for us to be partnering with BT on such a unique project. The opportunity to combine our market leading expertise with BT's knowledge in communications opens up many possibilities and we look forward to bringing many exciting communication functions to PSP fans."

An American version has yet to be announced. However, a look into the PSP firmware reveals future plans for a Skype extension. We hope that VoIP will be made available soon for PSP users all over the world.

[Thanks, KanataThunder!]

JAJAH goes to PSP, brings cheap phone calls

What is JAJAH? It's a service that allows you to make phone calls for cheap (and sometimes, free). You input your phone number, then type in a friend's. Your phone will ring. When you pick up, it'll connect to the person you're trying to reach. Why bother with the roundabout way? Well, it's really cheap: only 2.8 cents within the US, and if you're talking to a fellow JAJAH member, the call will be free. (JAJAH also offers 21 minutes of free talk time for signing up.) It's not the elegant VoIP functionality we've been promised from Sony, but it's an interesting alternative.

While we wait for Skype to appear in a future firmware revision, we'll play around with JAJAH. All that's needed is the internet browser--no homebrew necessary. Point your browser to, and log in with your free JAJAH account. Your contacts will appear as clickable links. When you dial in, your phone will ring, allowing you to talk to your friend. If you're talking to a fellow JAJAH member, it'll be free.

To make the most out of the service, you should probably upgrade to the latest firmware, and take advantage of T-Mobile's free Hotspot service. Then, you'll be able to browse the web, play games, and make phone calls from PSP, all while grabbing your morning coffee at Starbucks.

[Via Engadget]

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Is Skype coming to the PSP? [Update 1]

This mumbo-jumbo that appears on your screen happens to be code extracted from a decrypted version of firmware 3.10. MaTiAz from QJ appears to have uncovered a reference to a "skype_plugin" within the code. While the functionality is clearly not present in the current revision of PSP's firmware, it appears that Sony's working on something for a future upgrade. Historically, it appears that hints to future functionality is hidden away in the code: references to the PSP camera and GPS were found in earlier decrypted firmware, long before they were officially released.

A similar Sony product, the Mylo, has implemented Skype functionality in the past. Certainly, being able to have some kind of VoIP service (free, or not) would increase the value of Sony's portable even more. Will you celebrate if Sony releases this in a future firmware revision?

[Via digg]
[Update 1: Updated image due to QJ's request.]

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Calling all PSPs

Sony and one of its sister-companies, Sony-Ericsson, are hinting at a couple of interesting possibilities for a PSP phone, including the possible addition of VoIP capabilities to our favorite handheld as well as the potential for Sony to introduce some sort of brand-new "Playstation Phone" Frankenstein that would be separate from the PSP all together.

In an informative and fun read, GameDaily goes sluething and digs up some interesting evidence that supports the rumors. Here's our favorite nugget-of-fun:

"Sony Ericsson's senior vice president of Product and Application Planning, Rikko Sakaguchi, said such a phone may actually be in the works. Sakaguchi cryptically revealed to CNET Asia that the company 'is working on something' related to a PlayStation phone, but that 'the surprise must be kept for the future.'"

Without doubt, that quote is cryptic, non-specific and bordering on hearsay. But that's the stuff that fanboys like us live for. Now, go and discuss.

[Via GameDaily]

How the PSP can overcome the PSP-inspired mylo

David Carony, executive editor at CNET, has a lot to say about Sony, the PSP, and their newly announced mylo. Sony's attempting to market the device at a whopping $350, which is ridiculous when many, if not all of its features can be implemented in the PSP, or a PSP redesign. With the right accessories and firmware upgrades, the PSP can do every thing the mylo can... plus it can play games. And at $199, it would be a bargain for the consumer. Here's a list of what Carony believes will make the PSP better:
  1. Skype support to make Internet (VoIP) calls (using the SOCOM headset).
  2. Support for Slingbox (a competitor of Location-Free TV). Sony could make some bling by not selling hardware, but selling a Slingbox application.
  3. Built-in IM applications, similar to mylo's support for Yahoo! and Google.
  4. Better e-mail integration.
  5. Keyboard accessory.
  6. Video output for TV.
  7. Stop making Connect so crappy. Where's the revamp?
These are all great, plausible and reasonable upgrades that Sony can provide. If Sony actually took these suggestions to heart, I know a ton more college students and business people would pick up a PSP. Let's hope Sony has the brains to follow through on some of this.

[Via PSP World]

Sony spills it; PSP to get camera, GPS, VoIP

Sony's press event last Monday revealed a wealth of information on the PSP the likes of which we've only imagined (and believe us, given the relative lack on goodies on the PSP as of late, we've done quite a bit of daydreaming). Not only was it announced-by SCE chief Ken Kutaragi, no less-that new PSP bundles and prices would hit the worldwide market soon, but a boatload of games and peripherals would also eventually make every PSP worth gushing praise for again.

The short but substantial list of add-ons for the PSP includes a camera and a GPS receiver. Along with a microphone, other notable points for the camera are that it will include a PSP version of EyeToy and will also feature video chat, which essentially turns the PSP into a mobile Voice over IP gadget. The GPS receiver will, well, turn the PSP into a GPS locator, but will also come in handy when playing their upcoming Hot Shots with GPS title, which will let gamers download course data as well as help simulate shots on the green.

Connectivity with the PS3 was also announced, as was a downloadable service that will allow users to play PSOne games (via an emulator) and save them on their memory cards. RSS support for video will also be implemented in a future update, as will the ability to save RSS audio feeds to your PSP and support for Flash.

Expect to see new stripped down bundles (PSP, A/C adapter, and battery pack only) priced at $199 to hit the shelves soon.

Now, let us pray to the PSP gods, for they have bestowed upon us much blessing.

PSP VoIP on the horizon?

Will we see a phone feature appear on the PSP soon? Tom Keating of the VoIP and Gadgets blog seems to think it will. In fact, he considers this more an inevitability than mere speculation. He also suggests that companies like Google are in line to come up with some sort of VoIP service for PSP considering that intergration of IM applications like Google Talk are already headed for handheld devices. And since Google Talk, like the even more widely used Yahoo! Instant Messenger, already has voice built in, it's only natural to expect that a microphone peripheral (say the SOCOM headset) will take advantage of that avenue and allow for phone-like capabilities on Sony's prized portable.

Having a phone attachment on the PSP, especially a free one, is such a neat idea it makes me feel like donating to charity. Of course, several issues need to be addressed. One, the phone attachment needs to be reasonably sized so as not to make the PSP unmanageable. Two, power usage needs to be improved since the PSP's WiFi feature is notorious for its energy suckage. Also, if this development gets pushed back a a year or two, there's always the chance that Sony will do a redesign and integrate these enhancements. Come what may, we're just oh-so-happy that even if Sony isn't maxing out the PSP's abilities, other people are at least trying to on their own.

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