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Sony starts informative PSP program in Japan

Sony has created a series of educational videos for Japanese PSP consumers, which highlight all the things players can do with their systems. The first topic on display: getting custom themes onto your system. It's done in an incredibly poorly-acted over-the-top Japanese talk show format. Even with the language barrier, we're sure this is bound to get a few laughs.

[Via PSPGadgetZ]

NSFW - The ladies still love Kratos

If you ever bothered playing the first two God of War titles, you'd know Kratos' skills with the ladies. And despite Kratos getting anatomically miniaturized in God of War: Chains of Olympus, this video proves he still has certain needs no matter how small he is.

There's not much more to say other than: "Rock on, Kratos. Rock on."

Taking down the bosses in Patapon

Sure, Patapon happens to be one of the cutest games we've ever seen, but that doesn't mean it's going to be a cakewalk. Just take a look at this newly released gameplay video featuring one of the game's bosses. Defeating your foes will consistently hitting the correct button combinations to order your pint-sized tribesmen to attack, defend and advance through the level.

We just can't wait to get our hands on this game when it releases in February.

Webcaster shocked and lol'd over new PSP

We knew the PSP-2000 is like the Bionic Man - better, stronger faster, but it's also lighter, too. Apparently, this guy didn't know just how light it was when he recently unboxed a Daxter PSP bundle on his live webcast. After several loud exclamations of surprise mixed with joy and disbelief, we couldn't help but be reminded of a certain boisterous youth on Christmas when he was given a certain Nintendo console.

For the impatient among you, fast forward to about the four-minute mark to witness the shock and awe.

Become a math genius in Bomberman Land

If simple math isn't your strong suit, you may have a hard time playing at least one of Bomberman Land's more than 50 mini-games. Taking a page out of the recent "brain training" craze, this mini-game will have you trying to beat out your opponents by looking at the problem and answer and choosing if addition or subtraction needs to be used to reach finish the problem.

What makes this even more fun? You'll be able to match wits against your friends via the game's Game Sharing feature.

PSP video limitations continue to be removed

Somehow, Sony sneaked improved video playback in its most recent PSP firmware update. Previously, video was restricted to a bitrate of 768kbps, but it appears that this restriction has been removed. Capcom's Devil May Cry 4 TGS video is encoded specifically for playback on PSP on its official website, and it runs at a hefty 2Mbps. Surprisingly, the PSP is able to play it without a hitch -- and it looks great.

Homebrew users have been able to enjoy such video playback for a long time now. There's very little reason to have such high bitrates for a resolution as low as the PSP's screen, but it's reassuring to see the silly video restrictions continue to be peeled away. Hopefully, it won't be too long before we can put videos of any pixel size onto the system. Once that happens, PSP's video playback will easily rival its portable video competitors.

[Thanks, Joey Chiu!]

TGS07: Silent Hill: Origins video is beauty incarnate

A couple months ago, Andrew said Silent Hill: Origins is one of the best-looking PSP titles he's seen so far, and this new trailer just released during Tokyo Game Show only confirms that. We still can't believe Konami has been able to create such an amazing looking game on the PSP.

The video shows Travis driving his rig when he's attacked with some pretty disturbing mental images causing him nearly to careen off the road. We're not exactly sure why the rest of the video is shown playing on a PSP, which makes anyone with less than 20/20 vision struggle to see it. Perhaps Konami really wanted you to know this amazing game is running on the PSP?

Either way, Silent Hill: Origins is shaping up to be a no-brainer for any PSP owner, and the song was a great choice, too!

Go!Cam heads to Europe May 16th

Months after the initial Japanese release, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe is finally announcing the release of Go!Cam, the PSP camera. The video and photo camera will release on May 16th and will retail for €49.99 (£34.99). Go!Cam has a built in microphone and the ability to change the direction of the camera lens vertically by 180 degrees. The European equivalent of Chotto Shot appears to be Go!Edit, an application which allows users to edit their photos and videos.

''Go!Cam is fantastic news for all those PSP owners looking for something new, fun and creative," said Stephane Hareau, PSP Marketing Manager, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. "With Summer around the corner and the ability to turn your PSP into a mini camcorder and capture all the best moments in your life, this is yet another reason to get a PSP and to take advantage of truly portable entertainment. It demonstrates yet again the potential, versatility and evolving nature of PSP.''

No American release has been announced yet.

Ripping apart a PSP, seeing what's inside

Catchy rock-classical music accompanies this video tutorial of a PSP being dismantled, broken down, ripped apart, torn, exposed. Why would anyone want to tear apart their system? Maybe to replace an LCD screen. Or install a faceplate. Or to make crunchy UMD-flavored sandwich. Regardless of the reason, this user video from SinSin86 should give you a good look at what's inside your PSP. And it's more than just "magic."

If for one reason or another, getting Spanish instructions would be more helpful, check out one of our older videos here.

[Via DCEmu]

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ESRB reveals revolutionary "beats" project for PSP

One of our readers, Y.M., has unearthed an incredible discovery. The ESRB lists a mysterious new product for PSP, simply titled beats. According to our reader, Sony Computer Entertainment of Europe trademarked the title back in January, with a truly ambitious description. We're still looking for the original source, but we've seen this description on NeoGAF as well:

"Providing access to gaming, digital music and/or video web sites; providing wireless transmission of music, video and games, via the Internet and via communications networks; uploading and downloading of music, video and games, via the Internet and via communications networks; providing on-line bulletin boards for the transmission of messages among computer users concerning games, music and videos; distribution of computer software relating to music, video and games over local or global communications networks; communication services in the form of matching users for the transfer of music and video recordings via communication networks; information, advisory and consultancy services relating to all the aforesaid."

Y.M. has intelligently put two and two together: Sony said they were looking into expanding the capabilties of PSP to target the teen market. Certainly, a wireless music and video sharing service would out-do everything Zune tried to. The evidence is pointing to a truly revolutionary service for PSP--beats can become the PSP equivalent of PS3's Home.

PSP Video 9 introduces beta converter for 3.30 users

Full resolution PSP videos problematic? Not anymore! Red Kawa has quickly updated their PSP Video 9 software to support 480x272 resolution video for PSP. It was put together so quickly that not everything has been checked. With only two profiles to choose from, don't expect a full-fledged program. However, it's great to see that independent developers are already working hard to serve the needs of avid PSP fans.

Download the beta at Red Kawa.

[Via IGN]

Full resolution videos prove to be problematic

One of the most exciting features of the new 3.30 firmware update is the ability to play back video with resolutions as high as 720x480 (DVD quality). However, many PSP users have found it nearly impossible to create files that will play in the system. As it stands, Dark_Alex's custom firmware still appears to have better video capabilities than Sony's current official firmware.

However, Chipxsd of has been able to use Sony's Vegas video application (which starts at $90) to create a 480x272 video file that works on his system. It's unclear what that program does differently from other free programs, such as 3GP Converter and PSP Video 9, but hopefully all PSP fans will have access to full-resolution videos in time.

To download the test file, click here.

[Via IGN]

Firmware 3.30 now available on Network Update

What big Microsoft news? Sony sneakily snuck out a new firmware upgrade for PSP: the first in almost two months. Here's the list of the improvements for this firmware revision:
  • Support for displaying thumbnails for items has been added under [RSS Channel].
  • Support for PLAYSTATION Network titles has been expanded.
  • The size of videos that can be played under [Video] has been increased.
  • Support for displaying thumbnails for content saved in the "VIDEO" folder of a Memory Stick has been added under [Video].
Update 2: For those without wi-fi access, the update can be downloaded here. Save it on your PSP under this directory: PSP/GAME/UPDATE. IGN is reporting that the video profiles have expanded to include 720x480 (DVD), 352x480, and 480x272 (native PSP) resolutions. However, it does not appear as though they've been successful in converting video files either. Stay tuned for more updates.

[Thanks, Reuben!]

Galaxy's End weekly video: HQ Construction

Every week for the next few weeks, we'll be showing you one new video from Galaxy's End, a PSP-exclusive RTS that currently has no publisher. I got my hands on a playable at GDC, and it looked pretty good. Through this new footage, you'll also be able to judge for yourself.

Wipeout inspires trippy music vid

I'm sure many readers may have seen this before, but I hadn't and therefore I share it with you. A band called Fluke put out the song "Atom Bomb" as part of a Wipeout soundtrack and it definitely shows. The song not only sounds like a Wipeout song, it has some incredible Wipeout style visuals and will likely have you saying "cool" after you see it. But don't take my brain damaged word for it, check it out for yourself and prey for a new Wipeout title on PSP.

Video after the jump ...

[ Via Game Set Watch ]

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