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VCS: Okay, so it's actually coming to PS2

We told you so. But now it's official. March 6th for North America. March 9th for the UK.

Press release after the cut.

[Via Joystiq]

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Vice City Stories no longer a PSP exclusive

Vice City Stories
to be PSP exclusive? Many doubted Rockstar, considering how Liberty City Stories made the jump to PlayStation 2. Well, looks like the doubters were right: A look at the ESRB website reveals a listing for a PS2 version of Vice City Stories. If it follows the footsteps of its Liberty City brethren, it will launch on PS2 for a measly $20, sans multiplayer.

Considering the relatively low sales of the latest GTA, it makes sense. Now, a whole new audience will be able to play with Phil Collins.

[Via IGN]

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GTA:VCS debuts at 6th in UK game charts

Take-Two, the parent company of Rockstar Games, needed some financial help. They looked to the PSP as a source for the big bucks, and it looks like they're making a healthy return. Within one week of sales, the PSP-exclusive Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories debuted at number 6 in the UK game charts, making it the top-selling handheld game for the week. With Bully also ranking high, and nary a DS game in sight, it appears that both Take-Two and PSP can breathe a sigh of relief and enjoy their success.

[Via Gamespot]

Playing and cheating Vice City Stories through DevHook

The excellent CheatDevice is back. Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories became a wonderous playground with the device, letting you do some truly crazy stuff. Mere days after its release, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories has a CheatDevice of its own. Edison Carter has crafted a tool that will let you get Infinite Health & Armor (helpful) and the Video Recorder (more helpful), which lets you capture footage directly from the game.

You'll need to be running DevHook on a homebrew-enabled PSP. If you're homebrew-ready, head over to Edison's website to download the device. Remember: we don't support piracy here at PSP Fanboy. Please buy all your games!

[Via PSP Hacks]

Metacritic: Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories

It'll be out on store shelves soon: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories. You've seen all our coverage of the game so far. Does the game live up to the incredible hype? Let's find out what some of the critics have to say about this hotly anticipated entry into the GTA series:
  • IGN (90/100) thinks the game falls in very familiar, but high-quality, territory: "It's still largely the same game that we first saw with Grand Theft Auto III. That's not necessarily a bad thing, as Vice City Stories is still easily one of the best games on the system, but if you've began to grow tired of the franchise's mechanics, mission structure or overall feel, this likely won't renew your love of the series."
  • 1UP (90/100) is still shocked that Rockstar squeezed so much into this portable game: "Like LCS before it, Vice City Stories impresses like few games have managed to do on the system. The fact that the PSP pulls off everything in here with minimal loading screens is amazing. And the sheer amount of variety the game offers -- from side missions to the empire building to the story to the clever collectibles (red balloons, 99 of 'em) to the best sandbox-style, "mess with the world as you'd like" action out there -- will easily keep you entertained on cross-country flights a few times over (though it sucks down battery life at a startling rate)."
  • GamePro (75/100) thinks the story's poor execution hurts the game: "So it's a big shame that lot of that personality has gone missing in Vice City Stories. Maybe it was the jump to a smaller stage that did them in but the characters and dialogue don't have the same snap nor does the game exhibit the same goofy and utterly loveable 80's style. Instead, the game is gritty and dull to a fault and it doesn't have the same sense of humor that made the past titles so entertaining."
Unsurprisingly, the game is more of the same. It seems like for many of us, that's perfectly fine: we need our GTA fix. However, for those of you that never got into the formula, or have become tired of the franchise, Vice City Stories won't do anything to really bring you back. The game is now available in stores.

Multiplayer modes aplenty in new GTA

The official Vice City Strories website has been updated with tons of new info about the game's ambitious multiplayer. We stole the details, and made like a bandit. Here are our spoils:
  • Empire Takedown
    Your team will try to obtain a cache of explosives hidden in the middle of the map. Once you discover the bomb, your team will try to destroy your opponent's team's base. They will, obviously, be trying to do the same to you.
    The VIP is protected by bodyguards and must grab five briefcases scattered throughout the city. Play as the VIP, or try to kill him before he succeeds.
  • Might of the Hunter
    It's a race to get to the helicopter. Once a player commands the mechanized the terror, it's his duty to try and mow down as many opponents as possible. Everyone will try to blow the copter up, or snipe the pilot.
  • Tanks for the Memories
    It's similar to Might of the Hunter, only with a tank. The player driving the tank must try to reach the target time. All other players can damage the tank, and whoever deals the most damage to the vehicle gets to drive it next.
  • Vice City Survivor
    This is the classic deathmatch mode, available in single and team modes.
  • Protection Racket
    Destroy your opponents' limosines, while protecting your own.
  • Taken for a Ride
    Steal your opponents' car, and drive back to your own base. It's like Capture the Flag: whoever holds possession of both cars wins.
  • The Hitlist
    If you're the marked man, everyone's out to get you. Try to survive as long as you can. Whoever survives the longest as the marked man wins.
  • Street Rage
    The ultimate race, spanning air, land and sea.
  • Grand Theft Auto
    The titular multiplayer game. Players must steal certain cars and deliver them to shipping crates. Players that take the most cars, in the best condition, win.
Whoa... that was a lot of multiplayer. I loved Liberty City Stories' multiplayer modes, and it looks like Vice City Stories will up the ante quite considerably, featuring 4 more modes than the previous handheld game. The more you hear about the game, the more you want it, huh? Don't fret, though: it comes out in just a few more days.

[Thanks, ZENegade!]

Partial songlist revealed for Vice City Stories

Man, the 80s were great, and Rockstar's doing a great job of bringing back the classics (again) in Vice City Stories. 1UP has unearthed a partial songlist from the game, and it includes Phil Collins (of course), and a few other classics:
  • Philip Bailey - Easy Lover
  • Alan Parsons Project - Games People Play
  • Pat Benatar - Love is a Battlefield
  • Jonzun Crew - Pack Jam
  • Run DMC - It's Like That
  • Whodini - Freaks Come Out At Night
  • Dio - Holy Diver
  • Dokken - Breaking the Chains
  • Ratt - Round and Round
  • Exodus - Together Forever
  • Class Action - Weekend
  • Sister Sledge - Lost in Music
  • Bobby Valentin - Mi Ritmo Es Bueno
  • Hector Lavoe - Mi Gente
  • Willie Colon - El Malo
  • Marvin Gaye - Sexual Healing
  • Earth Wind & Fire - Fantasy
  • Keni Burke - Keep Rising to the Top
  • Foreigner - I Want to Know What Love Is
  • The Assembly - Never Never
  • Pat Benatar - We Belong
  • Human League - Love Action
  • Japan - Quiet Life
  • Yaz - Don't Go
Wow... this is quite a star-studded cast of artists. I can't wait to run over some prostitutes while having Sexual Healing blasting out of my radio. Hot.

Phil Collins + GTA = win [Update 1]

Philip David Charles Collins (born January 30, 1951 in Chiswick, London) is an English rock and pop musician. He is sometimes known as the lead singer and drummer of progressive rock group Genesis and as a Grammy and Academy Award-winning solo artist. He also commonly goes by the nickname "Philly Cheesteaks." However, Phil "The Man" Collins is best known for his role in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories for the PSP. He can be seen in a new trailer on IGN, singing smooth melodies in the violence-stricken Vice City. His affiliation with organized crime is unknown at this time, but may be revealed when the game hits retailers in one week.

[Update 1: Phil Collins IS PLAYABLE!!! "You can also take Mr. Collins into the deathmatch arena and kick some arse Genesis-style. Source: CVG]

Vice City's watery playground

It's common knowledge that you'll now be able to play in the water in the PSP's Vice City Stories. Although swimming was introduced in the PS2's San Andreas, this handheld iteration of the popular series will feature the most complex water-based gameplay in the franchise's history, according to IGN. Each vehicle in the game will respond to the game's new water physics model: they'll bob in the water, be affected by currents and be slowed down by drag. (It's like you're buying GTA and getting Wave Race for free.) Using the jet-ski, you'll be able to do drive-by shootings on the water, terrifying rich boat owners. The APV sounds exciting, as you'll be able to drive it around and enter the water when you really need to make a dramatic getaway.

With speedboats, yachts, sailboats, zodiacs, airboats, and more, Vice City Stories "might have the largest collection of sea-based vehicles in gaming history," which is especially impressive when you consider the platform's diminuitive size. By making the waterways important to gameplay, gamers can expect tons of mini-games: swimming events, boat and jet ski races. Heck, if you feel like being a good guy and wash your hands of all the sin you're committing, there's no better way than to partake in a water rescue mission. Is anyone else concerned that this game might feature too much content?

Vice City Stories hits stores at the end of this month.

Vice City Stories: 1 page, 11 movies

GameVideos has made gamers' lives easier by finding every single video of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories they could. We're making gamers' lives even easier by placing those videos in one place. You just have to go past the break and you'll have eleven somewhat random GTA videos at your disposal (some are new, some are old... depending on how much you've been following the game). The game will hit PSPs on October 31st.

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Free t-shirt with Vice City pre-order

You probably don't need any more motivation than awesome graphics and gameplay in order to pick up Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories. Or maybe you do. That's where free t-shirts come in. According to janamil of the forums, EBGames is offering a free t-shirt for pre-ordering the game. Not too shabby. So, if you've run out of things to wear, head over to GameSpot/EBGames and give them your money. (While you're there, don't forget to ask for a few free demo UMDs that they're sure to be hoarding!)

New GTA trailer titillates

Ah, gotta love suggestive headlines. You click them because you're intruiged. You're wondering if I've done some kind of word play, hinting at something risque. Of course, some of you may not even know what titillate means. Well, according to Merriam-Webster, it means "to excite pleasurably." And this trailer does exactly that. The game comes out on October 31st, exclusively for PSP.

A helicopter ride through Vice City [Update 1]

Looks like Rockstar took advantage of this slow news day to release a brief, but nonetheless tantalizing clip of Vice City Stories in motion. The music, as usual, is awesome... and the draw distance is jaw-dropping. Check out 1UP to see two new screens of the game. The game releases on October 31st.

[Update 1: It appears that IGN has scored a brief new video as well. Check it out.]

An empire of new features for Vice City Stories has been keeping an eye out for everything Vice City Stories-related, and they've uncovered a plethora of new information for this highly anticipated PSP exclusive.
  • Golf is now a playable mini-game. It will be played using only one button.
  • "Empire Building" mode allows you to act like The Godfather and invest in businesses throughout the city. Depending on how much you've invested, and how the business is doing, you can make a fair sum of money... so long as you provide the proper protection. You can hire bodyguards, and when the business isn't being hit, it acts like a Safe House for you to save at. Taking a page from Sim City, you'll be able to place the businesses throughout the city, and proper placement can lead to the mad profit (an example cited by is a drug extortion business nearby an airport). Spanning over thirty buildings, this mode seems to add a hefty amount of gameplay to an already massive game. Business types can include protection, extortion, and prostitution, with many more to come.
  • Like in Liberty City Stories, there will be load times between the major islands, but surprisingly this time around, the loads will be even shorter, according to TotalVideoGames.
  • Not only can you ride around in helicopters, you can ride around in jets, according to an IGN preview. Although there is no infrstructure multiplayer, there will be more multiplayer modes to compete in.
  • And unfortunately for German and Australian players, the game will be censored, according to
This really does seem like it's going to be one of the best games of 2006, not only on the PSP, but across all platforms. The depth of this game is incredible, and the fact that it's on a handheld is even more amazing. The game comes out on October 30th for $50.

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