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Homebrew lets you play while USB charging

The biggest flaws of the PSP-2000's USB charging feature is the inability to use the system whilst charging. Well, that's no longer a problem with a new homebrew plug-in from N00bz. The PSP Slim USB Charger plug-in will allow you to charge the battery AND use the system at the same time -- an obvious feature for the system to support. There are a few questions on whether or not USB can deliver enough voltage to make that possible, but user comments on N00bz's website seem rather glowing. Yet another great product from the homebrew scene. Hopefully, we'll see this feature find its way into official firmware before long.

USB charge for any PSP through new accessory

The PSP-2000 isn't the only Sony system to charge via USB. Not anymore, at least. The Kensington Power Tip for PSP will charge both models of the PSP through USB for about $20. It plugs directly into the system's power input and will charge the system even when it's off -- something the PSP-2000 can't do! The reviews have been fantastic. According to CNet, "for many PSP owners, it'll be a must-have."

[Via Crave]

PSP firmware 3.60 reveals hidden USB Charge feature

We got our hands on a fully functional redesigned PSP, and we immediately grabbed pictures of the firmware that was installed on the system. Currently unreleased, version 3.60 was installed on the system. All of the features that are available in 3.60 will not work on the old PSP system, and it's unclear whether or not an older PSP system will even display the features found in this update.

Check after the cut to see the screens.

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Turbo-charged AVC encoding for PSP

ADS recently announced a new product called InstantVideo To-Go, which is supposed to be a video encoder accelerator. Using this USB key-shaped accelerator allows you to encode PSP-compatible video (in AVC format) insanely quickly. A DVD can take up to 5 hours to encode, but with this device, it'll take only 20 minutes. It'll work with a slew of media formats, including MP4, MP3, AVI, WMV, MOV, RM, JPG, and TIFF. It'll cost $80.

[Via DCemu]

Analog stick from the "ghetto"

About a week ago, Engadget posted a brilliantly detailed write-up on how to add an analog stick to your PSP. It wasn't attractive, so DCemu forum member Joe Stranger made a better mod. This version of the analog stick modification allows you to plug in the device through a new mini-USB slot he's created, so there's no messy wires hanging out of your system. Another bonus: you'll be able to freely add/remove the hack any time you want, so your PSP doesn't have to look like some weird Frankenstein. Color me impressed. Mr. Stranger talks about the potential for other peripherals to use the mini-USB slot, like a steering wheel... or better yet, a Steel Batallion controller.

[Via Joystiq]

Portable power pack provides persistent playtime

The Ansmann Portable Power Pack isn't necessarily made just for the PSP. In fact, it'll charge pretty much anything you've got so long as it has a USB charge port, which gives it a slight advantage over the other well-reviewed charger we featured before. At 50 bones, this Li-Ion battery pack will grant you 10 more hours of juice and looks to be a great buy for anyone looking to get their gaming on for those cross-country road trips or international flights, although we'd have to mention our reservations at the resulting dialogue with having to stick this squarish peripheral in your pocket during transport ("Is that a portable power pack in your pocket..." Oh, never mind.)

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