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Firmware 3.51 now available on Network Update

Days after a Lumines exploit allowed all PSPs to be downgraded, Sony has released a minor security patch in the form of firmware 3.51. This incremental update doesn't offer any new functionality. Rather, it corrects the flaw found in Lumines. Those that are interested in upgrading to the latest firmware should use Network Update from their PSPs. Officially, the update includes:
  • Revisions to strengthen security have been added.
And that's it.
[Thanks, Reuban!]

Firmware 3.11 now available on Network Update

Another we told you so moment. Another firmware upgrade has been made available for your PSP, but don't expect to get much out of it. This will only fix bugs found in R-TYPES, a PSone game downloadable only in Japan. The official word from Sony goes as follows: "Support for PLAYSTATION Network titles has been expanded."

Yay? Download it via Network Update.

[Thanks, Rueben!]

Ask PSP Fanboy: Volume 5

Every Saturday, PSP Fanboy will answer your burning questions. If you have a question for the team, send an e-mail to andrew @ with the subject "Ask PSP Fanboy."

Q: I subscribed to "The 1UP Show" RSS feed and had it download overnight. When I go to it under videos it says "unsupported movie type" or something like that. It is a mp4 file and if I run it through PSP Video 9 it'll play. But I'd like to to play right off the bat. Any clue? I'm also having the same problems with "On the Spot" from Also what are the restrictions on mp4 files for the PSP?

A: The PSP has some peculiar restrictions with video playback. The two you should focus on are video resolution and bitrate. Videos are limited to a maximum of 76800 pixels (320x240, for example), and a video bitrate of 768kbps. You should make sure that videos that aren't named in Sony's proprietary Memory Stick format (MAQ, M4V) are placed in your Memory Stick under a folder called "VIDEO."

Unfortunately, it appears that "The 1UP Show" is now encoded at a much higher resolution than the PSP is allowed to play back. You may want to download PSP-compatible files directly from The 1UP Show website.

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Firmware 3.10 now available on Network Update [Update 1]

First Korea ... now the world! Firmware 3.10 is now available for PSP owners that can access a wi-fi point and hit "Network Update" on their systems. As previously mentioned, the update includes the following enhancements:
  • Support for PLAYSTATION Network titles has been expanded.
  • Support for the MPEG-4 AVC format has been added under [Location Free Player]
  • [Dynamic Normalizer] has been added as a feature under [Sound Settings] in [Settings].
Also included is a memory saving mode for the internet browser (In the internet browser, go to Tools -> Settings). Japanese PSP owners will also notice a PlayStation Spot icon above P-TV in Network.

It should be noted that this upgrade will render homebrew useless on your system, and may prevent you from downgrading indefinitely. While we fully support Sony's endeavors on the system, we want you to make an educated choice before deciding to upgrade or not. Of course, this upgrade is but a taste of things to come: Sony will most likely include an even more robust feature set in the next major upgrade.

For those of you unable to access Network Update, feel free to download the upgrade from us. Connect your PSP via USB and save in PSP/GAME/UPDATE.

[Update 1: News from QJ suggests that people with custom firmware should not upgrade, as your systems may become bricked.]

Firmware 3.10 released ... in Korea

A new firmware upgrade was inevitable, considering how the PSP has been completely blown open by homebrewers. The latest update, 3.10, includes a variety of new functions, such as dynamic normalization in music (yes!), and a new "memory economy" function for the web browser that should lessen the frequency of those annoying memory errors.

However, this update seems to only be available on the heavy-hit, sluggish Korean PS site. Undoubtedly, this update should hit the other global sites shortly. Will you make the upgrade, or is the temptation of 3.03OE-C too great for you?

[Via DCEmu]

IGN readers wish for firmware upgrades

The over-abundance of PSP firmware upgrades has frustrated even the mainstream media. Quite possibly inspired by my own list of grievances, IGN wrote up a letter to Sony detailing what they'd like to see in future firmware releases. Their requests included the integration of the PlayStation Network and Store into the PSP, media support, and enhanced Remote Play functionality. Wait, that sounds almost exactly like what I wanted! Truth is, many PSP fans want the same things out of our system. IGN's readers sent in a few of their ideas:
  • "I would love to see homebrew accepted through the psp firmware."
  • "PDF. E-Books are a happy thing, escpecially [sic] if you want to use your PSP at school or work without getting beaten."
  • "Folders within Folders would be an awesome feature, I love categorizing my music in certain ways, such as Metal, Rock, Video Games, and beyond that folders for individual bands, and if nessesary, another level for albums."
  • "I want to be able to send Mp3s/WMAs via Ad-Hoc, as you can do with pictures."
  • "I would love to see a virtual console on the psp....Genesis, pc engine, Neo Geo, etc."
  • "I would also like some true streaming video support."
  • "Get rid of the current text input (cell phone number pad) and make a new one with a qwerty style input ( like used in Socom FTB or Syphon Filter)."
This, good reader, sounds like a lot like your feedback. Doesn't Sony get the point now... PSP fans want the same things! Unite, and maybe Sony will finally listen to their fan base!

Sony releases new 3.01 firmware, a day after 3.00

Firmware 3.00 isn't even available on the US website yet, and it looks like there might be a reason for it. 3.01. Gyuh? Yes, in just one day after 3.00's release, Sony has released yet another firmware upgrade: 3.01. It appears Sony somehow discovered a security hole in the firmware hours after the previous major release.

If for some crazy reason, you desperately need to have the latest firmware, and remove the possibility of homebrew on your system, set your PSP to run Network Update. Just know that there's no other benefits to running the update other than this security revision.

[Via PSP3D]

Will you make the upgrade to 3.0?

Will you make the upgrade?
Yes. I love to have the latest firmware.
No, not until games require them.
No, homebrew FTW!
Firmware 3.0 is out, and not everyone is rejoicing. Some are bitter that they need an impossible-to-get PS3 to download PSone games (for now, at least). Others just don't want to bother with an upgrade. Thinking about all the new features of Sony's latest official firmware, will you make the upgrade? Or, will you keep your current firmware, for whatever reason (homebrew or not)?

Firmware 3.00 now available via Network Update

It's finally here. The Megaton firmware. THREE POINT ZERO ZERO. All you have to do is access Network Update and download the file. (As of this writing, the upgrade is not available on the US or Japanese PSP websites.)

This update includes the following changes:
  • PLAYSTATION Network titles are now supported under [Game].
  • [Remote Play] has been added as a feature under [Network].
  • [Online Instruction Manuals] has been added as a feature under [Network].
  • Timed recording has been added as a feature under [RSS Channel].
  • A visual player has been added as a feature under [Music].
  • 3-speed fast forward and fast reverse has been added as a feature under [Music].
  • [Camera] has been added as a feature under [Photo].
  • [UMD Auto-Start] has been added as a feature in [System Settings] under [Settings].
For those of you that don't have wi-fi access, I have provided a downloadable update for you. Connect your PSP via USB, and then go to the PSP/GAME folder. Create the folder "UPDATE" and place the EBOOT file there. From your PSP, access your Memory Stick's games, and choose the update.

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Local game store updates firmware for only $4.99!

A user on the PlayStation forums took a picture with his digital camera of a store offering PSP firmware upgrades... for only $4.99! I do get quite a number of silly e-mails from readers asking how to upgrade the system's firmware. Is it so difficult to visit Sony's official website? Is it so difficult to put a UMD that features an upgrade into one's system to update? Is it so hard to use the "Network Update" feature? WHY?? Why can't people figure this out?!

As long as there's simpletons using the machine, there will always be a market for capitalizing store managers. Is he a smart business man? Or is he just exploiting others for a free feature?

How the PSP can overcome the PSP-inspired mylo

David Carony, executive editor at CNET, has a lot to say about Sony, the PSP, and their newly announced mylo. Sony's attempting to market the device at a whopping $350, which is ridiculous when many, if not all of its features can be implemented in the PSP, or a PSP redesign. With the right accessories and firmware upgrades, the PSP can do every thing the mylo can... plus it can play games. And at $199, it would be a bargain for the consumer. Here's a list of what Carony believes will make the PSP better:
  1. Skype support to make Internet (VoIP) calls (using the SOCOM headset).
  2. Support for Slingbox (a competitor of Location-Free TV). Sony could make some bling by not selling hardware, but selling a Slingbox application.
  3. Built-in IM applications, similar to mylo's support for Yahoo! and Google.
  4. Better e-mail integration.
  5. Keyboard accessory.
  6. Video output for TV.
  7. Stop making Connect so crappy. Where's the revamp?
These are all great, plausible and reasonable upgrades that Sony can provide. If Sony actually took these suggestions to heart, I know a ton more college students and business people would pick up a PSP. Let's hope Sony has the brains to follow through on some of this.

[Via PSP World]

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