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1seg brings digital TV to Japanese PSP Lites

Finally, Japan is getting what it always wanted from the PSP: a 1seg digital TV tuner. 1seg is technology that allows Japanese PSP owners to watch digital TV while on the go. There's a catch, though -- the 1seg device will only work on the redesigned PSP. Burn!

The peripheral is coming September 20th for ¥6980 (about $57). Those interested in picking it up will have to buy a redesigned PSP on the same day. Let's hope that this isn't a new trend of future PSP products becoming incompatible with the original model.

[Via Joystiq]

Sony wants you to watch 24, Lost on your PSP

Sony Computer Entertainment of Europe is in talks with Sky, trying to get it to distribute content for PSP users. Programs that are broadcast by Sky in the UK and Ireland include 24, Lost, The Simpsons, Deadwood, and more. This partnership will be crucial for Sony's plans in educating the general public about the multimedia functionality of Sony's handheld.

The service will supposedly launch by year's end. There's no indication that Sony Computer Entertainment of America will follow suit with a similar program.


New survey reveals exciting TV possibilities

Sony has been sending out some really interesting surveys lately. First, they asked which features could be removed from the PSP (hopefully, users said none). Now, they're asking users if they're interested in mobile television for the PSP. They give users two options: streaming using LocationFree player, or by subscribing to a mobile TV service for $10 a month. Personally, the latter seems much more enticing.

Considering how Japan has an official PSP media download service called PTV, it makes sense for Sony to expand that to other markets as well. What do you think: should Sony offer portable TV for you? And would you subscribe at that price?

Video Sandwich: October 1, 2006

Hope you didn't just eat. This edition of the Video Sandwich shows you what's really inside your PSP. The above video takes fears of finding bugs in your PC to a very literal level. Watch, be amazed, and then wonder... how did that happen?

The bottom video was created by a user setting up "PSP TV," which I assume will allow you to watch/play PSP content on a TV. It's so easy! Clocking in at almost 10 minutes (with tons of looping music), it converts the PSP into a large monstrosity that will never fit in your pants ever again (unless you have parachute pants). If I want to play games and watch movies on my TV, I'll stick with the PlayStation 2, thanks.

Japanese gamers want TV on their PSP

While us PSP Fanboys want the ability to play PSone games on our PSPs the most, it appears that Japanese gamers (according to ITmedia) want to watch TV on their's. Support for electronic money (ala PayPal) and the upcoming camera attachment ranked pathetically low at 3% apiece, while the GPS functionality garnered 14% of the vote. The rest of the votes (78%) favored the ability to tune into TV using the crazy technology called "1seg" which allows mobile devices to access television signals. The Nintendo DS already has a 1seg peripheral in the works, so shouldn't Sony's multimedia wonder jump on board?

If Sony does support 1seg in Japan, it makes you wonder when the rest of the world will get their hands on such cool tech. I mean, Japan already has P-TV (downloadable TV shows), while the rest of us wait for Sony to "figure out" a DRM.

[Via Gamespot]

PSP: The unofficial "Lost" gaming console of choice

Here's a newsflash: Actors are real people too. For every self-proclaimed psychology expert jumping on Oprah's couch there's a handful of regular Joes out there that put their $5,000 designer jeans on one leg at a time just like everybody else. Take the cast of "Lost", for instance. Instead of doing actor-ey type stuff during breaks like relieving world hunger and working towards presidential impeachment (an act many actors are just so qualified for), Jorge Garcia (who plays Hurley) and Dominic Monaghan (who plays Merry the Hobbit Charlie) spend their down time besting each other in FIFA Soccer. Maybe they'll tackle a whole new normal activity next week, hopefully something along the lines of drinking water straight from the tap. Won't that be exciting? Whee!

Addendum: Unless we're being royally fooled, Dominic Monaghan's bio on IMDB lists him as a "video game fanatic" who "often hosts gaming parties at his house". Color us curious.

Wipeout Pulse review

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