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Exclusive: Every Extend Extra fan pack

While America has been able to enjoy Every Extend Extra for months now, Europe will be getting Mizuguchi's latest PSP-exclusive effort this Friday. This unique game fuses an interesting shooter-like concept with Q? Entertainment's trademark music synestesia.

In preparation for the game's European release, Buena Vista has prepared a new trailer and a few new wallpapers for you to download to your PSP. You'll learn how to play this puzzling game, and find some sweet designs for you to plaster your system with. Expect our full review of the game in next few days.


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Tutorial for running homebrew on 2.80 firmware

Being able to play homebrew on firmware 2.80 is an amazing accomplishment. However, most people that have firmware 2.80 probably don't know the very basics of running homebrew on their system. While there have been guides created in the past, a new one has popped up on the PlayStation boards. Shamoo teaches you the steps necessary to run fan-favorite DDR clone, PSP Revolution, on your system.
  1. Download the eLoader on your computer.
  2. Connect your PSP to your computer via USB.
  3. Install the eLoader.
  4. Make sure you choose this kind of installation: "TIFF, Installatron + Xloader - RECOMMENDED"
  5. Ensure the following options are checked: "TIFF, xLoader (for 2.80), Installatron, emenu"
  6. You're done installing the eLoader. Now, it's time to get homebrew programs.
The full tutorial shows you how to download and install PSP Revolution on your system. It's not complicated at all--it just involves moving some folders into your PSP's GAME directory, and a few more steps. Of course, with firmware 3.0 on the horizon, what choice will you make? Stick with homebrew, or keep advancing with Sony's official upgrades?

Video basics of homebrewing

Clocking in at about thirty minutes, PSPHacking101 goes into a truly in-depth presentation about the basics of homebrew. You'll learn exactly what's required, how to use it... and see sock puppets in the process! After this tutorial, you'll understand what the kids are talking about when they use crazy words like "downgrader" and "eloader." Download the PSP-compatible video, or add the RSS feed to your PSP:


Putting Flash games on the PSP

The Flash functionality of the PSP can provide hours of entertainment for gamers who've made the jump into greater firmware revisions. You may remember chubigan's Flash Arcade from a while back, but now you want to add Flash files of your own to your PSP. But the problem is, what if you're not too computer savvy? Thankfully, this video is a pretty easy (but notably boring) way of learning the process of finding SWF files, putting them to your PSP, and then finally, accessing them.

Tutor thyself in PSP programming, post haste!

O bitter pill! Thy textual convulsions confuse my errant brain! And thee...er, aherm. Uh, sorry; I knew watching that Romeo and Juliet special on cable while blogging was going to fark things up. While I get my hopelessly addled brain back from the Bard, give your other side of your grey matter a massage by teaching it a new trick: PSP programming. The step-by-step instructions on this site break the process down for putty noggin-ed dopes like me, which means that if I can pick this stuff up, you should be able too.

How's that for encouragement? I tells ya, Tony Robbins got nothing on me!

[via del.icio.us, photo via UCF]

Bleach demo

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