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Echochrome explained in Japanese trailer

Still don't know how to play echochrome yet? Well, even if you don't know Japanese, just sit back, enjoy the mellow tunes and allow this newly released trailer to help clear things up for you.

As you can see, when one pathway is blocked by an inconveniently placed hole, all it takes is a rotation of the structure to magically clear the obstruction. The rest of the video is pretty self explanatory, but if you leave here without even the slightest twinge of excitement, please run to the phone to call your doctor, cause there's obviously something wrong with you.

TGS07: Silent Hill: Origins video is beauty incarnate

A couple months ago, Andrew said Silent Hill: Origins is one of the best-looking PSP titles he's seen so far, and this new trailer just released during Tokyo Game Show only confirms that. We still can't believe Konami has been able to create such an amazing looking game on the PSP.

The video shows Travis driving his rig when he's attacked with some pretty disturbing mental images causing him nearly to careen off the road. We're not exactly sure why the rest of the video is shown playing on a PSP, which makes anyone with less than 20/20 vision struggle to see it. Perhaps Konami really wanted you to know this amazing game is running on the PSP?

Either way, Silent Hill: Origins is shaping up to be a no-brainer for any PSP owner, and the song was a great choice, too!

Members Only Final Fantasy Dissidia trailer shows gameplay footage

Do you want to see the new Dissidia trailer? Of course you do. Then I hope you've got a member's login. Currently the video is only available to people who do. We're not yet certain when it will be released on the official Dissidia website, which hasn't been updated since it opened last month. Check after the jump for screenshots of the trailer.

The trailer includes some very pretty CG footage (as is the norm for Square-Enix) of some rocks rising out of an ocean with storm clouds above. A ray of light shines through, illuminating a standing figure on one of the stones - the Warrior of Light. Cue some gameplay footage, showing the Warrior of Light, Garland, Zidane and Kuja. The latter two can both be seen going into Trance mode during the battle. Movement seems fairly unrestricted, as the characters are all flying around the levels quite effortlessly. The trailer ends with more CG footage, as the Warrior of Light watches the ground split apart, spewing lava into the air. Sephiroth steps out of the molten waterfall and gives us the look. You know. The look.

Exciting stuff, by all accounts. Though there's no new information as this is almost certainly what was shown at the Square-Enix Party. Though it's curious that Square-Enix would hide it away in the member's only area. We'll keep you up to date on any developments.

[Update] Trailer has been embedded, courtesy of Jeux-France.

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Manhunt 2 gets experimental in new trailer

Rockstar's latest, Manhunt 2, is striking three platforms: PSP, PS2 and Wii. While a true next-gen version would provide a greater deal of visual flair, this new trailer shows that style still goes a long way in visual storytelling. This "experiment" trailer certainly has us quite intrigued--this could be the moodiest portable adventure yet.

For some PSP-formatted downloads, check out the game's newly updated official website.

Here they come ... Mushroom Men teaser 2

The above trailer doesn't show any gameplay for Mushroom Men and normally I wouldn't post a trailer like that, but the music and visuals are so bizarre that I thought readers had to see it. Mushroom Men is coming to us from the new publisher Gamecock. It's an action game where Mushroom Men fight ... oh nevermind, no matter how I try to explain it, it'll never make sense.

Crazy Taxi trailer doesn't get us too crazy

We heard that the upcoming PSP version of Crazy Taxi needed some graphical polish: and now we can see how much work it truly needs. IGN has the latest trailer, and it's riddled with Dreamcast-era visual quirks, from poor textures, to annoying pop-in. It certainly looks quite weak compared to what the PSP is easily capable of. In addition to revamping the graphics, let's hope that Sega will reconsider doing the sound in the game: the soundtrack and voice work looks to reek of cheese. Certainly, there's a lot more work to do before the game's release in June.

Test Drive Unlimited trailer

You've seen all our coverage so far: Test Drive: Unlimited attempts to recreate all of the functionality, online and off, of its console brethren, and from what we've heard so far: it's succeeding. Being able to drive anywhere, anytime, in Oahu certainly sounds ambitious, but does this first trailer carry the same excitement that the concept does? You be the judge by watching the trailer, after the break. The (delayed) game is now coming out April 17.

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Throaty Valhalla Knights trailer

Is it just me or does this narrator have something caught in his throat? He sounds like he's trying to hard to do the deep, intimidating announcer voice. C'mon, XSEED: there's no need to fool around like that! The trailer does a good job of selling itself! What do you think fanboys? Are you getting excited? We'll find out for sure when the game comes out on April 17th.

View an Alien Syndrome

IGN has up screens and a trailer for SEGA's upcoming Alien Syndrome. The action-RPG is a continuation of the long dormant Alien Syndrome franchise. It's great to have SEGA bring back some of their old franchises, but the graphics and voice acting seemed below average. Of course the game is early in development and the graphics could improve and the voice actors changed. Even if they stay the same, if the game is fun, that alone will trump the audio and visual short comings. What I want to know is what Alien Syndrome fans think of this new iteration? Are you excited or horrified?

Boosting through Burnout Dominator

Explosions. Cars. Crashes. The Burnout series certainly knows what gamers want, and although the series is entering its umpteenth iteration, I can't help but be excited for the PS2 and PSP-exclusive Burnout Dominator. The destructive racer speeds its ways to our handheld in March.

The Warriors' first trailer

Rockstar Games highly rated The Warriors is coming to PSP, but up until now, we just got to see it in screens. Finally, there's a trailer available and it has all the production values you'd expect from a Rockstar trailer. I never got to pick up The Warriors when it first came out, so I'm looking forward to finally playing it on my PSP. Any other PSP owners out there psyched for this Rockstar gem?

The game comes out next week. Trailer after the jump ...

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Exclusive: Every Extend Extra fan pack

While America has been able to enjoy Every Extend Extra for months now, Europe will be getting Mizuguchi's latest PSP-exclusive effort this Friday. This unique game fuses an interesting shooter-like concept with Q? Entertainment's trademark music synestesia.

In preparation for the game's European release, Buena Vista has prepared a new trailer and a few new wallpapers for you to download to your PSP. You'll learn how to play this puzzling game, and find some sweet designs for you to plaster your system with. Expect our full review of the game in next few days.


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Konami Gamers' Day: feel like you were there

You like-uh the Castlevania, yah? Good! Here's more video from the fine folks at 1UP. Hey Konami, where was my invite to your awesome Konami Gamers' Day? Join me as I feel neglected by Konami, and watch these videos: it'll feel like you're actually at Konami Gamers' Day!

After the break, you'll see tons of Castlevania footage, Coded Arms, and Brooktown High.

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More Chili Con Carnage trailer goodness

There is a new official trailer from GameTrailers for Chili Con Carnage that focuses on the title's gameplay. Looks like it retains and adds some features from the original game. I'm just glad to finally see some video of the game being played correctly. I can't wait to pull off some spicy moves of my own when this comes out. If this trailer gets you pumped as well, check out our previous coverage of Chili Con Carnage.

PSP Fanboy Theatre: Volume 3

PSP Fanboy offers the latest and greatest movie and game trailers, formatted for the PSP in this new weekly feature. Check it out every Saturday. PSP owners can download files wirelessly via

Instructions: Save all movie and thumbnail files to MP_ROOT/101ANV01/. Requires firmware 2.00 or above. Do NOT place in "VIDEO" folder. Firmware 2.80 or above do not need to download thumbnails.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Download MP4 (7.86MB) | Download THM

The following videos are featured after the break: Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, 300, Fred Claus, Chili Con Carnage (PSP).

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