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Koei to unveil new PSP games at Tokyo Game Show

Koei president Kenji Matsubara spoke recently with Gamasutra about making third party titles in Japan. More important to our readers, part of that discussion involved PSP. Pointing to the PSP's success with Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G (yes, everything comes back around to Monster Hunter PSP savior), Matsubara said it is encouraging to make games for the PSP as opposed to other tougher markets (the PS3 and 360).

In line with this, Koei has acted accordingly by revealing plans to announce new PSP titles at this year's Tokyo Game Show in October. What those titles are, it won't say, but we're certainly curious to find out. Deducing from the article, it sounds like Koei is aiming to make a game that utilizes Monster Hunter's team-focused gameplay. Hmm, perhaps a game where Guan Yu and friends go around Han Dynasty China looking to slay mythical creatures? We wouldn't be surprised ...

Anyway, don't get too excited yet. While Koei sings a PSP paean, it can't deny a lack of enthusiasm from Western markets. Perhaps, these new games will be Japan-only. Stay tuned, we'll have more from TGS next month.

What's playable, and what's not, at Square Enix's TGS booth

2008 looks to be yet another excellent year for Tokyo Game Show. There's a lot of excitement over the potential surprises at the show. Square Enix has posted its lineup for this year's show, and we're a little saddened to see Final Fantasy XIII (PS3) still not playable. At the very least, we'll be getting some one-on-one time with Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep (PSP). Check out the full PlayStation list here:

We're expecting many of these trailers will be shown behind closed doors. Fear not, though. We'll provide detailed impressions of the trailers live from Tokyo next month.

Stickers make your system fun!

Tokyo Game Show had special stickers on all the PSPs on display. Joystiq showed you the awesome PaRappa system (which would look great with your PaRappa pouch), and now we're here to show you the rest. Read on to see the rest...

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Developers say "PSP has already failed" [Update 1]

The people of Games Radar speak about Tokyo Game Show in their latest podcast. They speak a little bit about PSP, and talk about the impressive Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops and Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core, and lament about how the PSP might've been more successful if such beautiful, fully developed games were released, or announced, earlier in the PSP's life cycle. They seem to have come to a conclusion that Japanese developers believe that the PSP isn't in the process of failing... it's already failed. They quote a Clover Studios producer (guys behind the awesome Viewtiful Joe and Okami) as saying "Sony's lost this generation. I'll be real interested to see what they'll do with PSP2. I think that's where they have a chance to come off a failure and really succeed."

Download Audio

TGS 06: Everything that happened

Tokyo Game Show 2006 has come and gone, and left a whole slew of game news and previews in its tracks. If you were unfortunate as to have been gone this weekend, here's a recap of everything that happened on the site. Don't forget that you only have one more day to enter our TGS contest, where you can win a free bag from SFBags.

Ken Kutaragi launched the Tokyo Game Show by wasting an hour of our lives spewing absolute BS about the internet and Afrika. By failing to reveal any significant information on either the PS3 or the PSP, the gaming media walked away disappointed, and incredibly pessimistic about Sony's future. Thankfully, through the weekend, Sony has impressed us by showcasing solid PlayStation 3 and PSP support. Here's a look at the TGS weekend we had:

Ape Escape Downloadable Demo!
New system colors spotted
More than 3000 songs for new karaoke game
Camera & GPS details revealed
Metal Gear Solid PSP bundle
Which games support wireless?
PS3 XMB gets very sexy
Hilarious PSP-PS3 (lack of) connectivity demo
Best in Show, according to CESA
Monster Hunter 2 features long lines

Every PSP game previewed
Games Showcase Video
Every Extend Extra
Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core
Jeanne d'Arc
Lost Regnum
Metal Slug Anthology
PaRappa the Rapper

Read on to see our choice for PSP's Game of the Show.

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TGS 06: Every PSP game previewed

There are way too many PSP games at this year's Tokyo Game Show. Because not all of us have time to read all the impressions and previews of all the games coming out, PSP Fanboy has created this nifty guide for all the games that were previewed. You'll get a thumbs up or a thumbs down from the major video game news sites. If a game looks like it might be a real winner, we'll award it "The Official PSP Fanboy Entranced Korean Award." These are the games that'll end up in Korea on giant PSPs, luring people to their eventual doom. And, that's pretty cool. Read on to see all the previews!

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TGS 06: Monster Hunter 2 features long lines

Unlike the now-defunct E3, Tokyo Game Show has always been an event for the masses. The public could wait on enormous lines to get their hands on upcoming video games (something I'd love to have here in the States!). The general success of an upcoming product can usually be seen by the approximate wait for the product.

Enter Monster Hunter Portable 2nd, the sequel to Japan's top-selling PSP game so far. The Japanese absolutely love this game, and according to Gamespot, were willing to wait for two hours to get their hands on it. Wow. (And they say the PSP is dead in Japan. Wrong!) Although the sequel will not feature any online gameplay, it does appear that the beautiful graphics will be enough to make the game an instant bestseller in Japan.

TGS 06: Best in Show, according to CESA

The mighty Computer Entertainment Software Association of Japan revealed the eleven titles they thought were the "best in show." Of those titles, two were exclusives for the PSP. Here are the winners, in no particular order:
  • Elebits (Konami) for the Wii
  • Gyakuten Saiban 4 [Phoenix Wright] (Capcom) for the DS
  • Gran Turismo HD (Sony) for the PS3
  • The Eye of Judgment (Sony) for the PS3
  • Seiken Densetsu 4 [Dawn of Mana] (Square Enix) for the PS2
  • Tales of Destiny (Namco Bandai) for the PS2
  • Blue Dragon (Microsoft) for the Xbox 360
  • Heavenly Sword (Sony) for the PS3
  • Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops (Konami) for the PSP
  • Monster Hunter Portable 2nd (Capcom) for the PSP
  • Lost Planet (Capcom) for the Xbox 360
This should come as no surprise. There are so many excellent games at TGS this year, that it must've been nigh impossible to even narrow the list down. But, for those of you that are battling a fanboy war, you might want to note that PSP got two titles, and the DS only got one.

[Via Joystiq]

TGS 06: Lost Regnum impresses

TGS 06: Lost Regnum impresses
One game that we haven't heard a lot about is Goshow's Lost Regnum, but the game, which is a dungeon-crawling hack 'n slasher, found its way to the Tokyo Game Show.

While currently it doesn't seem likely the game will make its way across the pond, IGN says the gameplay is straightforward enough that it should make for a great import.

In Lost Regnum, you control one of four characters and can team up with a pal to play two-player co-op throughout the game. Graphically, the game seems to be pretty impressive with nice textures and detailed characters that move very well. And to make it even better, loading was nearly non-existent. However, all good things come at a price, right? It seems Goshow had to cut some corners by limiting the draw distance by the ever-dreaded fog.

The biggest hurdle Goshow has, like any developer has in making a game of this ilk, is keeping the combat fresh and unrepetitive. If they can deliver, they may have a great game on their hands and one worthy of an import.

(Via IGN)

TGS 06: More Metal Slug Anthology screens uncovered

TGS 06: More Metal Slug Anthology screens uncovered
I don't think I can ever get bored of Metal Slug's super expressive and detailed sprites dying ultra-violent deaths, and this year's Tokyo Game Show kicking off today, Gamespot has uncovered a cache of new screens for us all to drool over.

Now, in case you don't already know, Metal Slug Anthology is a collection of six previous Metal Slug games. It is set to ship Nov. 7, 2006 and will support two-player wireless multi-player.

God, I love this franchise and to think we get six games in one really gets me excited.

(Via Gamespot)

TGS 06: PSP Fanboy gives away prizes

We've been avoiding sleep to give you the best coverage of the Tokyo Game Show possible. There's so much to go through that it may seem a bit daunting to read all the news that's pouring in. Well, don't give up! Here's a nice incentive that should provide enough motivation for you to keep it locked to the Fanboy.

Post a comment in any story with "TGS 06" in the title and you'll be entered to receive one of TWO PSP gear pouches from SFBags. These bags range from $29 to $39 and let you carry your PSP, UMDs and accessories in one convenient bag. Tokyo Game Show continues all weekend long, so make sure you're always checking in.

Contest ends 9/26/06.
Limit 1 comment/entry per post. No purchase necessary. Open to US residents only. Thanks, SFBags!

TGS 06: Sony Conference [Updated]

Getting ready for Tokyo Game Show where Sony's press conference is about to begin. They will obviously speak a great deal on PlayStation 3, but will they mention anything about the PSP? Keep refreshing this page throughout the hour to see updates as they happen.

9:45PM EST Ken Kutaragi says the internet has gotten much, much faster now. WOW! Thanks!!!

9:58PM EST PlayStation 3 will feature downloadable PlayStation games, akin to PSP's ability to download PS1 games. Also, Turbografx and Genesis games will be available for download, a la Wii.

10:10PM EST Sony officially has worst press conference ever. Afrika is the only "game" shown.

Internet, please start flaming Sony. GO! Just in case it wasn't obvious, that was it. One hour of absolutely nothing. It's going to be hard to be a Sony fanboy after this...

Downloads spotted at Tokyo Game Show

If you're lucky enough to be going to Tokyo Game Show, you'll see that Sony's offering tons of game demos at their PlayStation Spot kiosks. There are eleven in all including Monster Hunter Portable 2nd, Homestar Portable, Ridge Racers 2, Bounty Hounds, LocoRoco, Exit, and more. According to Famitsu, you will need firmware 2.81 to run these demos.

Hopefully these TGS demos will eventually make their way to the internet so that all of us can enjoy them. Who doesn't love game demos?

[Update 1: Actually, some of these demos should appear online because some of them will be saved to your Memory Stick. Previously, Spot downloads will be erased from memory once the system was turned off. Notable game demos that will be saved on the disk include Bounty Hounds and Exit.]

[Thanks, steve! Via MaxConsole]

Gamespot lists its most anticipated TGS 2006 handheld games
I think I can actually begin to feel the excitement of the Tokyo Game Show emanating to me through the internet. And it seems Gamespot feels the same as they've listed their most anticipated games to be shown at TGS.

They listed four handheld games they are most excited about are Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, Lumines II, Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops and Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin, which just so happens to be the only Nintendo DS game to make the list.

Take that you blasted Nintendo fanboys!

(Via Gamespot)

Sony reveals partial TGS lineup

The Games Convention is Germany has just begun, but that doesn't mean we can't look towards the next big gaming event: Tokyo Game Show. Sony will have a huge presence there, ready to show off the bleeding edge PlayStation 3 and maturing PlayStation Portable lineup of games. Here's what PSP fans can expect from the show:


Boxer's Road 2: The Real
Monster Hunter Portable 2
Jan Sangoku Musou
Metal Gear Solid: Bande Dessinee (Graphic Novel)
Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops
Jeanne D'Arc
Sarugetchu Piposaru Racer
Tenchi No Mon 2 (Kingdom of Paradise 2)
Ratchet and Clank Portable
Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception
Gundam Battle Royale
Tales of World: Radiant Mythology

PSP GPS Software

Navigation Software (temporary title)
Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops
Homestar Portable
Minna no Golf (temporary title)

I can't wait to see Metal Gear Solid and its newly announced GPS support in action. Jeanne D'Arc, Monster Hunter, Ratchet and Clank, and Tales are all pretty high-profile, and as you should know, Gundam will eat Japan. Go to Siliconera to see PS3's lineup.

[Via Siliconera]

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