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PlayStation Portable plushies make good bedfellows

Sony Computer Entertainment Asia has unveiled a quirky selection of items for people willing to throw down the big bucks this Easter season. We weren't aware it was a big spending season, but there you have it. For spending a certain amount on select PlayStation products, around $256 (or $2000 HKD for those in Asia), you get the above PSP plushy pillow thing. Yes, you can hug your gaming addiction as you sleep. Spend more and you can get a polo shirt; even more and you'll get a windbreaker. We agree with Siliconera -- the plush PSP is the sexiest item of the lot. Also of note: the blow-up PS3 is just a retailer item, so you can't get that one.

Crisis Core pre-orders score special earbuds

Final Fantasy games are known for their moving soundtracks. It seems like Crisis Core may be no different. Pre-ordering the game in Japan will score gamers this set of sleek Crisis Core earbuds. Hardcore Final Fantasy swag collectors are already drooling over this ... and have probably already purchased five copies of the game.

[Via PSPHyper]

Pre-order Monster Hunter Freedom 2 and get a plush

Asia got some pretty awesome loot for their pre-order bonuses. Posters, scarves, gold rings ... So what does America get? A Watermelon Pet Poogie plush.

Cute? Yes. Exciting? Not really. To get your pre-order bonus, stop by a GameStop.

[Via CAG]

Korea gets Monster Hunter swag

Doesn't that Monster Hunter bracelet (pictured, right) look hot? In celebration of the Korean release of the insanely popular RPG, one random purchaser of the game was treated to one of the sexiest pieces of swag we've seen. According to Ruliweb, ten others were treated to some impressive action figures.

However, no one walked away empty-handed. Like the Japanese, Koreans were treated to other swag items for pre-ordering. Early adopters received some premium posters.

Capcom hasn't announced any incentives for the impending US release. But, if we're lucky enough, we'll also be able to get our hands on some swag of this caliber.

[Thanks, Mike for the translation! Via PSP-Vault]

Keep warm with a Monster Hunter scarf [Update 1]

As you may know, Japan loves Monster Hunter. And, Capcom is quickly trying to capitalize on its popularity. As if having over 400,000 pre-orders wasn't enough, Game Watch reports that Capcom will offer this chic Monster Hunter scarf for Japanese customers that pre-order the game at Capcom's electronic store.

Why a scarf? Why not? You know, I try to look as fashionable as I can while slaying demons.

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[Update 1: Language Police caught me red-handed. Thanks for the correction!]

Swag or No Swag: Day 2

Swag or No Swag returns! Every day until Christmas, we'll be giving away one lucky reader the chance to win some of my hard-earned swag. There are 8 prizes in 10 boxes, so you'll have to be careful which package you choose! Some of the prizes include: the critically acclaimed Lumines II, the return of Sonic in Sonic Rivals, and even a Neuros Recorder 2 Plus, a $140 value!

For your chance to win some of my hard-earned swag, all you have to do is comment on this thread with the number of the box you want. We'll choose a random commenter to receive the prize. Winners must provide a valid e-mail and reply to the e-mail in the time allocated, or your prize will be forfeit and given to someone else. One entry per person per day, please. Oh, and US residents only (sorry!).

Today's Winner: Zach S. from PA
Box 5 contained Perfect Blue on UMD. This psychological thriller anime launched Satoshi Kon's career (best known for Paranoia Agent). The story of an actress that finds herself stalked by a truly menacing stalker. Zach, congrats! Your brain will melt as you decipher the cryptic story, and experience brain-shattering Dolby Headphone tech.

Today's winner has been chosen! Visit PSP Fanboy again today at 6PM for another chance to win.

Swag or No Swag: Day 1

::cue dramatic music::
It's time for Swag or No Swag, the uber-exciting PSP Fanboy giveaway. From now until Christmas Day, we'll be offering one random commenter the chance to win a random prize from our swag-box. The prizes range from an obscure anime UMD, to some video games, all the way up to a Neuros Recorder 2 Plus, a $140 value!

The catch? There's only 8 boxes with prizes. Two of them have absolutely nothing! For your chance to win some of my hard-earned swag, all you have to do is comment on this thread. We'll choose a random commenter to play this devious game. One entry per person per day, please. Oh, and US residents only (sorry!).

Today's giveaway is closed! Please visit PSP Fanboy for your chance to play Day 2!

Up-close with the Metal Gear Solid pre-order case has some very revealing pictures of the upcoming Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops pre-order case. If you didn't know, you get this swag for free by pre-ordering the upcoming PSP-exclusive action game at Gamestop. It appears that it actually latches onto your PSP in a snap-on fashion. While it looks cool, it doesn't appear to protect the PSP's screen... defeating the purpose of a case? Regardless, it looks good, and Metal Gear fans won't want to miss this.

[Thanks, Joel!]

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