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Dissidia: Final Fantasy website updated with story and characters

The Japanese website of Dissidia: Final Fantasy has just been updated with new material. The story, characters, screenshots, credits, and general game information are now available for viewing. Clicking on Story will lead you to a short scene of the Warrior of Light from the original Final Fantasy readying his sword followed by a synopsis of the story. Under Characters you can view characters from Final Fantasy I, II, VII VIII, and IX and their corresponding screenshots. Noticeably absent are the most popular characters, those from Final Fantasy VII and X. Under Info you will find credits and general information about the game. Come check out everything here.

[Thanks, salika!]

Join the Final Fantasy 20th anniversary party

Get your cosplay gear ready, folks. A Final Fantasy party is heading to the PlayStation Store at the Metreon in San Francisco. The date? Tuesday, June 26th. The time? 6PM. According to the press release, "the event will commemorate 20 years of devotion, dedication and passion from the greatest fans in the gaming industry."

Attendees of the party will be able to purchase the newly remade PSP version of Final Fantasy, in addition to get a hands-on experience with the upcoming Final Fantasy II. The first one hundred fans to arrive will receive items exclusive to the event. Considering how rabidly devoted Final Fantasy fans are, we recommend you get there early.

If any PSP Fanboy readers are planning on attending, let us know: we'd love to see pictures from the event!

Gallery: Final Fantasy I

More Crisis Core and Dissidia scans unearthed

Although the Square Enix Party is over, information about PSP's two exclusive Final Fantasy games, Crisis Core and Dissidia, continues to trickle out. Jeux-France, master of magazine scanning, has posted new images from Japan's leading gaming mag, Famitsu. We could rave about the technical accomplishments of these games -- but we're sure you've already heard enough. Simply click through to Jeux-France to see more on Crisis Core and Dissidia. Do it. Now.

Read - Crisis Core scans
Read - Dissidia scans

Official Final Fantasy Dissidia site open - coming to PSP! [UPDATE]

The official site for Final Fantasy Dissidia has opened today. Tragically, there's very little to it beyond a short flash intro. "Fantasy is endless", it says. You don't say. Twelve "Final" Fantasies so far with a decade more to come? Some might definitely call that endless. Fine by me, I'll take as much as they can give. As the site says, more information will be revealed at the Square Enix Party later this month.

The Dissidia flash itself is a bit bare, despite some pretty character logo art by Nomura Yoshitaka Amano. By checking another part of the Square Enix website (namely the PSP section of the upcoming games list), we can see Dissidia nestled at the top, confirming our suspicions that it will definitely be coming to our favourite handheld. Check it out and see for yourself!

We'll keep you posted as more information becomes available.

[UPDATE] The logo art is by Yoshitaka Amano, not Tetsuya Nomura as originally thought. Nomura will, however, be doing the character art for the game itself.

[Thanks, Silver Wolfe!]

Final Fantasy Tactics commercials hit Japan

Final Fantasy Tactics is coming to Japan in just a few days, and Square Enix is beginning their media assault on the public. Proudly proclaiming that it's coming for PSP, the Tactics remake ads interweave beautiful cutscenes and engrossing gameplay into one tantalizing experience. When importers get their hands on the final game, we're sure to hear more about this hotly anticipated remake. Until then, watch these commercials, after the cut.

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The prettiest 8 bits you'll ever see: Final Fantasy footage

The Final Fantasy remakes are certainly a bizarre thing to behold. The graphics are a strange mix of new and old: redone sprites and backgrounds mix with strange particle effects gamers from the NES era dare not dream of. GameTrailers has some gameplay footage from the game, allowing you to judge whether or not this game is worth the pricey $30 entry fee when it releases later this year.

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Final Fantasy remakes unconfirmed for UK; imports feature English option


Unfortunately, it appears that the UK version of the Final Fantasy remakes are not yet confirmed for the UK, according to CVG. The title is currently "to be decided."

While we don't think Square Enix would miss an opportunity to milk Europeans for their money (look at the game's pricing), impatient gamers can import the Asian version of the classic RPGs. In an unexpected move, these UMDs feature both English and Japanese language options.

Those that have picked up an import copy seem to have high praise for the remakes. A Neo-Geo forum user notes that the CG intro "isn't all that," but the "game looks freakin' nice on the PSP screen ... [and] music and sound quality seem top end too."

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Final Fantasy remakes outraeously priced and dated for US


What do you think a remake of a decades-old RPG should cost? $5? $10? How about $20? Well, Square Enix has a surprise for you. The Final Fantasy remakes are heading to the US for a whopping $30 each. Final Fantasy, rated E10+, will ship to retailers on June 26, 2007. Final Fantasy II, rated T, will ship to retailers on July 24, 2007.

Executive Producer Shinji Hashimoto states in the latest press release: "It is amazing to see how far Final Fantasy has come in the past twenty years, and we cannot wait to continue bringing fans more Final Fantasy titles in the next 20 years." Of course, if Square Enix continues to price games this way, gamers may not be able to afford their games. Remember the original Final Fantasy I & II collection on Game Boy Advance? Each individual UMD costs the same as that cartridge from years ago. This really is a shame, Square.

Gallery: Final Fantasy I (PSP)
Gallery: Final Fantasy II (PSP)

Creepy Japanese lady highlights Final Fantasy commercial

We're sure a game like Final Fantasy doesn't really need advertising--but it especially doesn't need bad advertising. Square takes a page from Nintendo's Japanese commercials and sets their commercial in a creepily sterile white room. A woman seems to be happily enjoying the soon-to-be-released Final Fantasy remake ... but maybe a bit too much? Happy gameplay footage! Scary woman! That's what I think, anyway.

Final Fantasy Tactics' beautiful box art

Not too many games are big enough to warrant a box art story. Well, this one is. The Japanese Final Fantasy Tactics is as pretty as the game itself. Click the image above to see a full, high-res version of the box. What do you think? Does it get you any more excited for the game?

[Via PSP-Vault]

Final Fantasy trailer teases even more FF goodness

We knew it all along: Square Enix is bringing a ton of Final Fantasy love to PSP: beyond Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy II, Final Fantasy Tactics and Crisis Core. We still don't know what these other titles can be, but the end of the latest Final Fantasy trailer teases us: "The World of Final Fantasy spread out on PSP."

Let the speculation recommence!

[Via Siliconera]

The Square Enix party lineup

It's the party that every Final Fantasy nerd (myself included) wants to go to: the Square Enix Party, happening later in May. With the exception of one mystery "never before seen" Final Fantasy game, Square has announced their list of games available on the showfloor:

Final Fantasy Tactics: The Lion's War
Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy
Final Fantasy II

Does anyone else find it strange that, although Crisis Core is playable, two ports of NES games are not? Will these titles not be optimized enough by then? Regardless, getting play time with the PSP prequel to Final Fantasy VII seems like PSP Fanboy's dream come true. Anyone want to give me a plane ticket?

[Via Wired]

More incredible Final Fantasy VII screens to drool at

Warning: the following screenshots of Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core are not suitable for those who are pregnant, nursing, suffering heart disease, or have high blood pressure. Why? You may simply faint at how gorgeous these shots, available at Jeux-France, are. Ripped straight from Famitsu, these screenshots showcase quite possibly the best graphics on PSP so far. Hopefully, it'll play just as good.

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Dream Games: Final Fantasy VII

Dream Games is a new weekly column where we explore a game we'd love to see on the PSP. Feel free to check in, and comment, every week.

Final Fantasy VII
Does this game need any explanation? This 32-bit debut from Square put Sony on the map through the liberal use of CG movies that stunned everyone at the time. Some people really like the story, the characters, and the gameplay as well.

Why PSP?
It makes a lot of sense to release the original right around when Crisis Core, the FFVII prequel hits our system. Considering UMD's greater storage capacity, the game would most likely fit on a single disc: none of this disc swapping nonsense to worry about!

Is it possible?
Although Square seems keen on revisiting this franchise over and over again, it seems unlikely that Square will settle for a simple port. The Final Fantasy VII tech demo that appeared on the PS3 makes Sony's next-gen console the most likely candidate for a remake, hopefully complete with new Advent Children-style CGs.

Dream Games: Chrono Cross

Dream Games is a new weekly column where we explore a game we'd love to see on the PSP. Feel free to check in, and comment, every week.

Chrono Cross
You may remember a little game called Chrono Trigger. It's considered one of the best games ever created, and the sequel is almost equally superb.

Why PSP?
Square loves remaking games. And the PSP is home to a good number of them: Valkyrie Profile, Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy Tactics. Surely, a Chrono Cross remake will be heading our way.

Is it possible?
Yes. I'd like to think it's quite likely. But, will Square put the effort to make a Rondo of Blood-like remake? Imagine: a fully graphically revamped Chrono Cross with Chrono Trigger added as a bonus. It would be the most value-packed UMD ever created. Hmm ... doesn't sound like Square's into that "value" thing. Regardless, both Chrono games are good enough to warrant a revisiting.

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