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Final Fantasy II shows dualistic production

There's no denying that Square Enix makes incredible CG with its games. The upcoming Final Fantasy remakes on PSP are no different. As one can see by the intro cinematic to Final Fantasy II (above), Square puts a lot of effort into making their cinematics look gorgeous. While we appreciate the added effort into movies like the one above, we'd much rather see the time and money go into completely revamping the game engine. When one considers how the actual gameplay looks (video after the cut), one can't help but be a little disappointed.

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Final Fantasy party tonight in San Francisco

Sonia Im, of Square Enix North America, has posted on the PlayStation.Blog today to remind people that tonight is the launch party of Final Fantasy I 20th Anniversary edition. Details for the party can be found here.

We wish we could be there, if only to gawk at all the people wearing funny clothes. Speaking of funny clothes, Sonia also mentions that due to the overwhelming reaction to the US boxart, there will be limited edition T-shirts available at the party. A sneak peek of the tee can be seen to the right. Shame we won't be there to get our hands on them ourselves. Hint hint.

If you're thinking of picking up Final Fantasy I for the PSP then be sure to check out our review coming out later.

Members Only Final Fantasy Dissidia trailer shows gameplay footage

Do you want to see the new Dissidia trailer? Of course you do. Then I hope you've got a member's login. Currently the video is only available to people who do. We're not yet certain when it will be released on the official Dissidia website, which hasn't been updated since it opened last month. Check after the jump for screenshots of the trailer.

The trailer includes some very pretty CG footage (as is the norm for Square-Enix) of some rocks rising out of an ocean with storm clouds above. A ray of light shines through, illuminating a standing figure on one of the stones - the Warrior of Light. Cue some gameplay footage, showing the Warrior of Light, Garland, Zidane and Kuja. The latter two can both be seen going into Trance mode during the battle. Movement seems fairly unrestricted, as the characters are all flying around the levels quite effortlessly. The trailer ends with more CG footage, as the Warrior of Light watches the ground split apart, spewing lava into the air. Sephiroth steps out of the molten waterfall and gives us the look. You know. The look.

Exciting stuff, by all accounts. Though there's no new information as this is almost certainly what was shown at the Square-Enix Party. Though it's curious that Square-Enix would hide it away in the member's only area. We'll keep you up to date on any developments.

[Update] Trailer has been embedded, courtesy of Jeux-France.

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Join the Final Fantasy 20th anniversary party

Get your cosplay gear ready, folks. A Final Fantasy party is heading to the PlayStation Store at the Metreon in San Francisco. The date? Tuesday, June 26th. The time? 6PM. According to the press release, "the event will commemorate 20 years of devotion, dedication and passion from the greatest fans in the gaming industry."

Attendees of the party will be able to purchase the newly remade PSP version of Final Fantasy, in addition to get a hands-on experience with the upcoming Final Fantasy II. The first one hundred fans to arrive will receive items exclusive to the event. Considering how rabidly devoted Final Fantasy fans are, we recommend you get there early.

If any PSP Fanboy readers are planning on attending, let us know: we'd love to see pictures from the event!

Gallery: Final Fantasy I

Why is Dissidia on PSP?

In an interview with Degenki, Final Fantasy Dissidia producer Tetsuya Nomura explained why Dissidia is heading to PSP instead of other more popular systems (such as the PS2). A translation from PSPHyper shows the reasoning: "PSP was chosen as the platform due to it's ad-hoc mode and the fact that people generally don't like split screen gaming. Nomura said that with its large install base, the PS2 maybe the natural choice but it also means that multiplayer modes has to be played on split screen, which reduce the fun factor by half."

While it's true that PSP has ad-hoc support, let's hope that the development team at Square Enix doesn't forget that it also has Infrastructure as well. Although Dissidia seems like a perfect candidate for online play, Capcom's Monster Hunter series shows that online play isn't a significant concern for Japanese developers and gamers.

More Crisis Core and Dissidia scans unearthed

Although the Square Enix Party is over, information about PSP's two exclusive Final Fantasy games, Crisis Core and Dissidia, continues to trickle out. Jeux-France, master of magazine scanning, has posted new images from Japan's leading gaming mag, Famitsu. We could rave about the technical accomplishments of these games -- but we're sure you've already heard enough. Simply click through to Jeux-France to see more on Crisis Core and Dissidia. Do it. Now.

Read - Crisis Core scans
Read - Dissidia scans

The sounds of Dissidia and Crisis Core

Attendees of the Square Enix Party received a music sampler CD featuring some tracks from the upcoming Final Fantasy Dissidia and Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core. GameFAQs poster NeoStrikeDamon has been kind enough to rip these tracks for our sampling pleasure. Feel free to download a zip file of all the tracks, or download them individually below:

Overture to Dissidia

Crisis Core
Theme of Crisis Core
Last Order -Crisis Mix-

[Thanks, Jamal!]

Special goodies to accompany Crisis Core's release

It's not surprising that Square Enix plans on releasing a limited edition collection of goodies to accompany Crisis Core's Japanese release. The "Final Fantasy VII 10th Anniversary Pack" will be released on September 13th. The bundle will include Crisis Core's single, "Why" performed by Jpop star Ayaka.
The Anniversary Pack will also include the new Shinra Potion, an energy drink in the same vein as the popular Final Fantasy Potion from FFXII's launch.

While these two are certainly nifty, we're surprised that a special Crisis Core-branded PSP hasn't been unveiled yet. If Monster Hunter and Tales of the World can get one, then so should Final Fantasy VII. We're sure a new color bundled with Crisis Core will effectively destroy the Japanese economy. In fact, if Sony doesn't plan on making one, we will ... and reap the profits.

[Via The Magic Box]

Final Fantasy Tactics to get simultaneous US and UK release

Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions is officially coming to American and European territories. Ten years after its original release on PS1, this remake will feature brilliant cinematics, new jobs, new multiplayer modes, and new characters and story elements. The game will launch simultaneously in both North American and European markets this October.

[Via press release]

The critics agree: FFVII: Crisis Core is incredible

For most of us, we're stuck simply looking at pictures and videos of Crisis Core, dreaming of how it plays. However, those lucky enough to be in attendance at the Square Enix party in Japan have had the chance to play the game ... and it's good. Let's here a few excerpts from the critics:

IGN can't help but gush at the graphics: "This is the watershed game that genuinely demonstrates just how powerful the PSP is."

1UP seems to love the new real-time battle system: "Combat looks to ultimately be Crisis Core's defining element ... Battles erupt frequently while players are running around the environments, but simple controls make these melees fast and enjoyable. Zack even auto-targets and runs up to his nearest foe, meaning that you can quickly dispatch weaker enemies with little effort."

Finally, Games Radar seems to love the story and how it really does expand greatly upon the original Final Fantasy VII: "We're very impressed with just how good it looks and how well it plays - and we're really excited to dive into a story that seems to have much, much more to do with the core story of FFVII than any of the other spinoffs."

With such glowing praise, the wait for Crisis Core has become physically painful. Who's going to join us in importing the game when it comes out this September?

Star Ocean remakes to feature extensive voice work

The newly unveiled Star Ocean remakes are getting a significant (and chatty) rehaul. According to GameSpot, these remakes will feature significant new content. Producer Yoshinori Yamagishi intends on making "the remake[s] to feel as though they're completely new games." According to the game's voice actors, they haven't been able to record dialog yet, because the scripts aren't finished yet -- tons of new scenarios and characters are being added to the game. For those interested, the Japanese vocal cast has been announced:

Star Ocean: First Departure
Ratix Farrence - Mamoru Miyano
Milly Kiliet - Hitomi Nabatame
Marvel Frozen - Houko Kuwashima
Fear Mell - Megumi Toyoguchi

Star Ocean: Second Evolution
Claude C. Kenni - Daisuke Namikawa
Rena Lanford - Nana Mizuki
Dias Flac - Tomokazu Sugita
Precis F. Neumann - Rie Kugimiya

Sephiroth joins Dissidia and Crisis Core gets a date

Square Enix news continues to trickle in, as the Square Enix Party finally begins. Two new tidbits from NeoGAF involve the two exclusive Final Fantasy games for our platform: Dissidia and Crisis Core. It appears that Dissidia will also feature Sephiroth, much to the joy of fangirls everywhere.

The perpetually developed Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core also has a concrete release date: September 13th in Japan. PSP fans already have a lot to be excited about -- let's hope that Square continues to announce even more for our favorite handheld.

[Via The Platformers; Thanks, Eric!]

Star Ocean 1 and 2 destined for PSP rerelease

During a recent press conference in Japan, Tri-Ace (in conjunction with Square Enix) have revealed that they will be remaking Star Ocean and Star Ocean: The Second Story for the PSP. Originally on the SNES and the PSX, respectively, these titles should get some decent spit-and-polish treatment before their release. Though from the look of the presentation slides, I wouldn't expect any Final Fantasy III style 3D-ification. But that's ok, 2D better suits the anime style of the game.

While the short blurb is beyond my limited Japanese knowledge, there is mention of the 30th of May. I'm doubtful that will be the release date, though there's the possibility that we'll see some more information being released on that day.

Though there's little more to say than that, we'll let you know of any developments. Be sure to check out the slides captured from the conference over at Gemaga 1985. With Dissidia and now the first two Star Ocean games on the way, it looks like RPG fans are going to have a tough time putting their PSPs down.

PS3 owners, be sure to check out this post over at PS3 Fanboy for more Square Enix news.

[Via GamesAreFun]

FF Dissidia magazine scan reveals Smash-ing possibilities


Here is Dissidia, the newly announced Final Fantasy game for PSP. Our less-than-infantile understanding of Japanese makes it difficult to decipher a recently leaked Japanese magazine scan. We understand that it's a one-on-one 3D "battle" game -- could this game be a fighting game, in the style of Smash Brothers? The pictures certainly allude to that. It isn't Ehrgeiz like we predicted, but we think it's pretty darn close. The game will reunite characters from across the franchise, including the Warriors of Light from the first Final Fantasy, and Zidane and Kuja of Final Fantasy IX fame.

Nomura's Kingdom Hearts-esque character designs are in full effect, and the title appears to have some console-quality graphics. It may not be what most of us expected, but we can't wait to find out more.

[Via NeoGAF; Thanks, Jamal!]

Final Fantasy Tactics' opening moments


We've seen small clips of Final Fantasy Tactics' gorgeous cutscenes. Now, watch the complete intro movie to the game. Square Enix is known for their outrageous production values, and this PSP remake certainly doesn't break the mold. The art is so gorgeous -- can we please have a feature length film that looks like this?

Although there's no US release date planned, impatient gamers can pick up the import version. We hope that, for the sake of our sanity, Square Enix announces a English release ... and soon.

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