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European video download service 'Go!View' now live

The fruits of Sony and Sky's partnership (which, scarily, we first reported on just under a year ago) is now finally available to the masses. Go!View allows you to download video content to your PSP across an array of genres for a relatively small fee. Content travels to your PSP via a PC, so Mac users are sadly left out in the cold. Pricing runs on both a subscription model and a pay-per-view model, depending on the content you are viewing.

Movies and "Latest TV" will all be individually priced and include series 1 of Doctor Who (not sure that counts as "latest", seeing as series 4 just finished), season 3 of Lost and Resident Evil: Apocalypse. TV episodes are priced at £1.50/€2.00 with movies at £2.50 - £3.50 (€3.20 - €4.50). Alternatively, there are "Entertainment," "Comedy" and "Sports" subscription packs which cost £5/€7 per month and let you download as much content as you like.

These subscription packs are surprisingly fleshed out with classic 70s Doctor Who, Scrubs, Life On Mars, Red Dwarf and Coupling. The assumption is that the site will be constantly updated with more content, but we notice this fact isn't advertised. It seems like a pretty decent service to grab UK-centric on-the-go video content, but we would love to see it somehow integrated into the EU PSN Store. Might lessen the sting of knowing we're not getting a video-download service until 2009.

Sony announces Summer release for Go!View

Sony has announced a "Summer" release date for the European PSP video download service, Go!View. Nothing more specific than that has been announced. No doubt we'll hear more news nearer the time. Go!View will allow PSP owners to download TV shows, movies and sports courtesy of the British TV provider, Sky.

From the looks of the official website, content will have to be downloaded to your PC then synced across to your PSP. We're hopeful that there will be support for non-Windows operating systems, but if the PC Store is anything to go by then that's probably not very likely. We're looking forward to hearing more about this service and, if you are too, then be sure to sign up for email updates on the official Go!View website.

Go! Video Download Service lets PSP owners buy videos through PC or Wi-Fi

The Go! Video Download Service will launch in early 2008, and will be the first official PSP video download service in Europe. Users will not only be able to access Sky's content, which includes sports, entertainment, movies, music and animation -- they'll also have access to third-party channels and content. This is the first time Sky has offered video content through a non-Sky branded service.

Additional pay-per-view services will be provided for new release movies and high profile sporting events. Users will not only be able to download the content from a PC, but they'll be able to download directly to their PSP systems through wi-fi.

"Both truly mobile and with a best in class high-quality screen, PSP delivers a great on-the-move video experience. Working with such a well known content brand, we will be able to offer PSP owners access to the best in cross-genre Sky content, available through the first official video download service. This really will make PSP the standout all-in-one portable gaming, video and music device", commented David Reeves, President of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. [Update: Kotaku has confirmed that this service is unlikely to ever come to America. "There is nothing really nationwide in the U.S. that delivers video content over the air by subscription. So, until that happens we won't be seeing that in the U.S."]

Video download service to be unveiled at Leipzig

Can you smell it? It's Leipzig Games Convention ...

And finally, the PSP video download service will be unveiled. Yes! It'll be real! Considering how this will be a collaboration with sky, the service will most likely be for our European friends only. As previously mentioned, sky's programming includes hit shows like 24, Lost, The Simpsons, Deadwood, and more. Stay tuned for more details.

[Thanks, Joel!]

Sky partners with Sony to bring Video on Demand to PSP

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has announced today that they will be partnering with the UK television service provider Sky. Together they will be developing a Video on Demand download service for the PSP in the UK and Ireland. Focusing exclusively on video content, Sony and Sky are currently in talks with other entertainment content providers in order to offer as comprehensive a service as possible.

While there is currently no word on details, such as a predicted launch date or expansion into demo/game/music downloads, we're promised that more light will be shed on the subject at the Game Developer's conference in Leipzig. We'll be there to bring you the news as it breaks at the end of August.

Sony wants you to watch 24, Lost on your PSP

Sony Computer Entertainment of Europe is in talks with Sky, trying to get it to distribute content for PSP users. Programs that are broadcast by Sky in the UK and Ireland include 24, Lost, The Simpsons, Deadwood, and more. This partnership will be crucial for Sony's plans in educating the general public about the multimedia functionality of Sony's handheld.

The service will supposedly launch by year's end. There's no indication that Sony Computer Entertainment of America will follow suit with a similar program.


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