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PSP-3000 screen is berry colorful

Famitsu posted some comparison shots of the new PSP-3000 and the older PSP-2000 series, and this is easily the most interesting one to note. Here, you see how much better images off the new screen hold up in comparison to the old one. Looks like we're going to have to change our PSP nicknaming system:
  • PSP-1000: PSP Phat
  • PSP-2000: PSP Lite PSP Dim
  • PSP-3000: PSP Brite?
Help us brainstorm here, folks.

[Thanks, Zach M.!]

Paper-thin display inspires redesigned dreams

The tumultuous journey to the mythical PSP redesign is still going strong. This video of a new portable screen developed by Sony only adds fuel to the grandiose rumors that have been spreading throughout the web. This new technology seems ideally suited for a handheld device, but it may be too bleeding-edge for it to come out in this generation of PSPs. For now, Sony's official stance is that a redesign is simply rumor. But, wouldn't it be incredible to see this tech used in the "PSP Slim"?

[Via IGN Boards]

Ask PSP Fanboy: Volume 19

Every Saturday, PSP Fanboy will answer your burning questions. If you have a question for the team, send an e-mail to andrew @ with the subject "Ask PSP Fanboy." NOTE: We do NOT answer questions related to downloading illegal copies of games. Stop asking.

Q: Does Andrew hand-select his emails for Ask PSP Fanboy?
A: Yes. Some questions simply can't be answered, while others aren't worth answering at all.

Q: How many people have installed custom firmware on their PSP systems?
A: This is probably an impossible question to answer. There's no way of tracking all the PSP systems out there, nor is there a fair way of evaluating it. If we polled the PSP Fanboy community, it will be more likely that we'll have users of custom firmware -- but will a casual player even know about homebrew? Most likely not. The one thing we can say, however, is that custom firmware is becoming increasingly popular. A look at's alexa stats reveals the incredible growing demand for custom firmware.

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DS versus PSP: the battle for the best LCD

PC Magazine got a "display expert" from DisplayMate Technology to evaluate the screen performance of the DS Lite and the PSP. To a casual observer, both have stunning displays. But how do they fare when they're analyzed by the same methods used on high-end HDTVs? The report is incredibly thorough, so I'll just give you some key highlights:

  • Both the DS & PSP screens feature incredible DPI (dots per inch): 110 for the DS, 130 for the PSP. The PSP is the clear victor here, cramming in more pixels into its screen per square inch. (For reference, a 19" LCD monitor has a DPI of 86. So both screens are quite impressive.)
  • The DS Lite's brightness is no joke: it can go as high as 200 cd/m². The PSP, even when plugged into an AC outlet, can only produce 148 cd/m². When running solely off of battery power, the brightness drops even further to a maximum of 115 cd/m². (Clearly, Nintendo wants to destroy your eyes faster than Sony.)
  • Although the DS Lite is much brighter the the PSP, it has an extremely limited viewing angle. The PSP outclasses the DS in terms of viewability, earning it "first place among all of the mobile displays." (Clearly, Sony wants everyone on the subway to be able to see the smut you're watching on the go.)

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Review: invisibleSHIELD

ShieldZone recently sent PSP Fanboy a sample of their screen protectors. They take on the appearance of a thin plastic film, and help protect it from the crazy things you do to it, you maniac. There are two variations of the product, one that protects the screen itself, and another that protects the entire face of your PSP. Personally, I'd have to recommend the screen protector over the face protector because the installation of the product, although simple, is also quite cumbersome. The film is very durable, but also incredibly adhesive, even to your fingers. It's incredibly easy to trap finger prints on the film, and distort the shield before application. The precision required for the full face shield is a bit demanding: it requires you to align small openings in the plastic nearly perfectly with the buttons on the system itself. This is where many things can go wrong in the installation.

Once applied, it takes a bit of effort to squeeze out the bubbles underneath. In the best of scenarios, your system will not have anything noticeable on it, but in the worst case scenario, very obvious bumps will be apparent. Problems should be minimized with the screen protector, as opposed to the body protector because the margin for error is much more forgiving. If you manage to install the product without a hitch, it is surprisingly durable and comes with a lifetime guarantee, which is pretty sweet. The screen shield is $13 on their official website.

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