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Hong Kong students bring PSP to school, compete in exams

Next time your teacher tells you to put away your PSP in class, point them to this. In Hong Kong, a program called the "Mobile Learning Platform" takes advantage of various electronic devices (PSP included) and uses them to give students quizzes. According to the PlayStation HK site, "students can use mobile devices including PDA, mobile phones or mobile gaming devices to log in to the mobile learning platform and then test their own knowledge anytime and anywhere."

The program will be used for an "inter-school mobile quiz" contest to be held on July 8th. Eighteen schools will participate in a challenge that tests their knowledge of the Olympics, and other trivia. Sony Computer Entertainment Hong Kong is one of the sponsors.

Y'know, when we were kids in school, we wouldn't be able to use our Game Boys in class. But now, these students can use PSPs and win prizes. You guys have it so good.

[Thanks to Siliconera!]

Japan takes Monster Hunter summer school (seriously)

What could these summer school students be studying? If you guessed Monster Hunter Portable, you're absolutely right! The course was held at a school in Tokyo and producer Ryozo Tsujimoto was there to look on and greet the gamers. At the end of such rigorous "study," there was a special quest for download, and a t-shirt to don. If only real school could be this cool ...

[Via PSPHyper]

Reading "The Divine Comedy" ... or playing PSP?

This is certainly one of the most interesting marketing campaigns we've seen in some time. Sony's Italian division has been distributing fake hands that appear to be holding a copy of The Divine Comedy. However, when one flips the fake hands around, one can see instructions on how to play a PSP in class, while looking like a diligent student. We doubt the ploy will work too well ... but it's great to see Sony come up with an ingenious way of promoting PSP play amongst the younger crowd.

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PSPs used to teach UK students

Sony held an interesting event in London today: "PSP in Education National Launch." The event focused on a new project to be helmed by ConnectED that uses Sony's handheld gaming device for educational purposes. According to Gamespot, "teachers found that students benefited from being able to work at their own pace--for example, being able to rewind an audio file and listen again to ensure they didn't miss anything, or to view a video several times."

This is certainly an interesting approach for Sony to pursue. Nintendo may be grabbing headlines with its Brain Age series of software, but Sony's approach has an observable, charitable effect for children. The project is planned to expand slowly--but not to America. Our media likes to skew perception of gaming in a completely useless, unconstructive way.

Alex Kidd shows off on Sega Genesis Collection

If you enjoyed Alex Kidd on the Sega Genesis, you're sure to be salivating by now after just watching the above video. Alex Kidd, which was Sega's first answer to Mario, is one of nearly 30 old-school Genesis games making their way onto the PSP in the form of Sega Genesis Collection. The game comes packed with extras like exclusive interviews, behind-the-scenes footage and wireless multiplayer modes.

What more can a Sega Fanboy ask for? Yeah, I said it.

Soft Skin English School Little Sexy Girl

It's late at night, so the more risque Fanboy stuff starts getting posted. This amazing video shows you footage from Soft Skin English School Little Sexy Girl, a program that teaches you English. Or tries to. By showing you near-naked girls. There's a hilarious mini-game, where you play rock paper scissors, and every time you win, the girl takes an article of clothing off. You won't see naughty bits, but this is absolutely not safe for work. So, the video is after the cut.

*Picture completely unrelated. Well, it shows you yet another inappropriate English program for a portable device.

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