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Cloud gets emo, Zack gets shirtless in new Crisis Core scans

The men of Final Fantasy VII are sensitive men, that like to think about their feelings and emotions. They also like to take walks on the beach, write poetry on MySpace, and carry large swords. Various magazines have been promoting the impending release of Crisis Core, and in them, we see Cloud spending some time to talk to Zack. What could it be about?!

Maybe to show that the entire game won't be too downtrodden, another set of scans shows a fun beach scene. Not only that, we see a glimpse of Tifa in her signature revealing outfit.

We can't wait to see more of Crisis Core. When does it come out again? Oh yeah ... September 13th. Until then, we continue our painful wait.

[Via Thanks, Saigon!]

Read - scan series 1
Read - scan series 2

Breaking news: Crisis Core is still incredible

Every day that passes inches us closer to the inevitable release of Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core. Like a hungry vulture, we've been searching for the tiniest new bit of info on the game ... and today, we're finally treated to new scans, courtesy of Jeux-France.

These new images don't tell us anything significantly new except that the game still looks awesome. The graphics engine of this game may make your system catch on fire.

Oh, Crisis Core, we want to buy you so hard.

More Crisis Core and Dissidia scans unearthed

Although the Square Enix Party is over, information about PSP's two exclusive Final Fantasy games, Crisis Core and Dissidia, continues to trickle out. Jeux-France, master of magazine scanning, has posted new images from Japan's leading gaming mag, Famitsu. We could rave about the technical accomplishments of these games -- but we're sure you've already heard enough. Simply click through to Jeux-France to see more on Crisis Core and Dissidia. Do it. Now.

Read - Crisis Core scans
Read - Dissidia scans

More incredible Final Fantasy VII screens to drool at

Warning: the following screenshots of Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core are not suitable for those who are pregnant, nursing, suffering heart disease, or have high blood pressure. Why? You may simply faint at how gorgeous these shots, available at Jeux-France, are. Ripped straight from Famitsu, these screenshots showcase quite possibly the best graphics on PSP so far. Hopefully, it'll play just as good.

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Yatta! Atarashi FFVII Crisis Core scan!

Crisis Core, the upcoming PSP-exclusive prequel to Final Fantasy VII had disappeared from the public eye for a while. Now it's back, and my desire to play it is ever increasing. The graphics look to impress and the "Power Surge" feature teases us with gameplay possibility.

[Thanks, Jamal!]

Revealing Final Fantasy Tactics scans

The Ivalice Alliance is strong: Final Fantasy Tactics makes a triumphant return in a remake, enhanced specifically for the PSP. PSPHyper has some gorgeous scans of the latest issue of Famitsu, showing off the game's new cutscenes and yes ... gameplay too. What a great way to end the year look forward to the next!

[Thanks, Thien!]

Jump for tons of new FFVII:CC scans [Update 1]

PSP owners and Square fans will be ecstatic to see that Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core is shaping up quite nicely. IGN pointed out that this game "looks better than most PS2 games out there," and looking at the scans from V-Jump, I'd have to agree. The character models look especially nice, considering how well-animated they appear. The gameplay looks fast, maybe even emulating the incredibly over-the-top anime-styled action sequences of Advent Children. I never had high hopes for Dirge of Cerberus, but Crisis Core seems to be nothing short of a must-have.

[Update 1: A ton of new scans are available on Jeux-France today. Look after the cut to see some shots.]

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Oblivion: first magazine scan found

The November issue of OPM has exclusive details of the upcoming PSP version of Oblivion. The scans of the game look not too shabby... it looks a heck of a lot better than the N-Gage Elder Scroll's game. According to the article, the PSP version of Oblivion will be "a very different game with a different story line... it has the experience of the dungeon romp. It doesn't have wide-open, wander-the-landscape kind of stuff."

Even though the game's functionality seems a little stripped down, Obivion for PSP will still feature a character creation system, and 18 of the original game's 21 skills. The controls are going to be simplified, of course, and the designers cite Metroid Prime as a source of inspiration, which is only a good thing.

Check out the full magazine scan, if you like, or buy the issue when it hits newsstands.

[Via E-mpire Forum]

New scans of FFVII reveals my inability to read Japanese

Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core is one of my most anticipated games, even though it's surrounded by complete mystery. (Of course, I'm one of those types that pays attention to anything that has the words "Final" and "Fantasy" together.) I know many of you are just as desperate for new info and screens on this game as I am, and any miniscule bit we can find only makes us hunger for more. has discovered two new scans, filled with copious amounts of kanji. There are two new screens to admire (pictured above), and they look absolutely amazing (assuming they're in-game, and not CG).

If you'd like to act as a translator for us, take a peek after the cut and help us decipher these scans. Maybe they'll reveal thrilling insights into the game. Or, maybe they'll give you tips on how to make your hair as snazzy as Cloud's.

Continue reading New scans of FFVII reveals my inability to read Japanese

Devil May Cry resurfaces

Capcom announced intentions of bringing Dante to the PSP a long, long time ago. Since then, we haven't even heard a murmur of a PSP version of Devil May Cry. Well, according to Jeux France, our fears can be rested: Devil May Cry for PSP will be coming. No new details were revealed, but the website has detailed scans from Famitsu of the upcoming PS3 sequel, Devil May Cry 4: The Awesomeness.

(Disclaimer: That subtitle's not real. It's what I like to call a "joke.")

Rumor: PSP redesign coming before March 07

People love talking about a redesign of the PSP. Heck, PSP Fanboy ran a contest to see fans make up their own crazy contraptions. Well, a very believable scan of PlayStation Magazine seem to suggest that Sony's working hard on one, and it's coming very soon: March 2007, two years after the US release of the handheld. The article states that Sony's taking a page from Apple (very much like Nintendo), and will provide the same core functionality, while providing a new aesthetic and non-game affecting additions. The biggest changes appear to come in size and memory: the theoretical system will have 8GB of hard disk space, be smaller, and have a retooled UMD drive, all at the same price as the current model. EyeToy will also be integrated into the system, and function as the upcoming external version for current PSP owners.

A redesign has worked wonders for the DS, and Sony's portable can certainly benefit from the same image boost that Nintendo received when retooling their handheld. Sony just has to remember one thing: ensure that a redesign doesn't interfere with current PSP owners from playing future games. Also remember, until Sony confirms otherwise, we're taking this story as a rumor.

Read - Page 1 of magazine scan
Read - Page 2 of magazine scan

[Via QJ]

More magazine scans of GTA:VCS surface

Ever since Vice City Stories was first revealed, the magazine scans have been trickling in on a pretty regular basis. This week's victim of fanboy scanners is Games magazine. There are five new screenshots and a few new tidbits:
  • A new rocket launcher. (Was there anything wrong with the old rocket launcher?)
  • NPC behavior is affected by time. So, you'll see clubbers at night, and bums at the break of dawn.
  • Missions won't be point A to point B drives (although they were pretty good for on-the-go play).
  • Expect water to play a much larger role in the game.
Read the full story to find out more.

[Thanks, Adriaan!]

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