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Video Sandwich: January 7, 2007

It's the first Video Sandwich of the new year! For our new readers that are unfamiliar with this feature, I find two random PSP-related videos from YouTube for your pleasure. Some are funny, some are creepy, and the best ones are a little bit of both!

The top video is a "tribute" to Sony. While we're all fanboys here, isn't this a little ... over the top? This guy seems to have a religious affinity to Sony. Wait until the end, where you'll feel like you should stand up and salute to the flag of Sony.

Finally, the dustballs continue their invasion of Europe in a commercial for Loco Roco. Is it me, or does this style of humor grow on you? I actually found this one semi-entertaining (uh-oh!).

Video Sandwich: December 16, 2006

Two very random clips for you today. First up, we have a clip from the upcoming English version of the Disgaea anime, via Siliconera. As you may have seen, we really want the PSP version of the game to get an English release, and if that means getting people interested in the franchise as a whole, we'll do it. Too bad I'm not a big fan of the anime series. What do you think of this clip?

Finally, does it again with yet another nifty PSP modification. This one: a clear PSP. It sort of reminds me of the clear Game Boy from back in the day. With a lot more horsepower.

Video Sandwich: December 10, 2006

Slow news day? Yeah. Even our Joystiq sister site hasn't really updated today! Well, hopefully these two videos can entertain you while you wait for that Loco Roco demo that's supposed to come out tomorrow. The first video is submitted by Daylon Schindler. Cheap PSP knockoff + Christmas = hilarity. Hopefully, we'll have a follow-up after Christmas to write about!

Secondly, you'll see Sony's latest ad in Asia, trying to promote all things Sony. I think the message is: buy Sony products, don't get turned into a Borg. (Oh, and in passing, I'll make note that my PS3 is officially broken. Damn. I guess I have to send it back in.)

Video Sandwich: November 26, 2006

Here are two of Sony's arguably biggest products hitting the PSP this year. First, you see the amazing Tales of the World commercial. It's only 15 second long, and shows mostly anime sequences. But what I see here is good.

Next, you see an insanely long demonstration of Chotto Shot, the PSP camera software suite. Like Hikaru Utada, it's very Japanesey, featuring a cute Japanese couple getting all lovey dovey over the device. Who knows? Maybe with Chotto Shot, you too can score yourself a Japanese girl or boyfriend!

Video Sandwich: November 19, 2006

Here are two very different approaches to PSP video fandom. They're both creative and show effort, but only one ends up being actually worthwhile. The top video is a fan-made commercial, submitted by Dane Kaplan, and it shows how Sony's portable can bring people together. I loved the principal that volunteered to take part in this silliness: it shows you that there's always a pal in a principal! (Ugh... bad joke...)

The second video below certainly takes the cake for originality. These two teens got some meticulously crafted George Bush and Osama Bin Laden masks. Apparently, these two have more than a conspiracy theory in common--they both love to play the PSP! Too bad it isn't as funny as it could've been.

Video Sandwich: November 16, 2006

More ads from Sony for tonight's Video Sandwich. These two are from the other side of the Pacific, and they show a very different style than what's available here in the States. First, from Japan is a ridiculously awesome ad for Jeanne d'Arc. You might not know Japanese, but seeing Japanese business men go crazy is always funny, no matter what language you speak.

Finally, we have this pretty awesome Korean ad for the Talkman. Man, they make the most romantic ads over there in Korea!

Video Sandwich: November 9, 2006

The above PSP has all the bells and whistles. And by that, I mean it has crazy LED lights, joysticks and an Xbox jewel. MAXCONSOLE called it the "pimped PSP." That sounds about right.

The below PSP seems to be afflicted by a mysterious condition. Watch carefully, and then be shocked! It seems like this person received one of those bootleg Memory Sticks we warned about earlier.

Video Sandwich: October 30, 2006

Vroom, vroom! This Japanese ad for the Ape Escape racer is awesome because it's so over-the-top. Too bad the game is nowhere as sleek-looking as this commercial. At least the Japanese can pick up a free toy with the game, it appears. (Don't forget to try out the downloadable demo for yourself!)

Finally, to end our daily series of sandwiches, we have one very... special boy that knows how to handle a situation... in a special way. Anger management isn't a bad thing, kid. Unless it's that really awful Adam Sandler movie from way back when.

Video Sandwich: October 29, 2006

Zombies. Eat. Brains. This is a surprisingly well-made advertisement for Next New Networks. Too bad the actual website seems to be a work-in-progress... I'm assuming it'll offer PSP-formatted video in the future? Maybe we'll find out more soon.

This second video shows off a man in yet another love affair with his PSP. Why? Why are these people putting these up on YouTube? Why do I keep on posting them on the site? And why do you still watch them? Strange. Maybe he's just in love with the deluge of demos that came out today. Enjoy the remaining hours of your weekend, folks.

Video Sandwich: October 28, 2006

Ever want the whole world in your hands? YouTube user zachetus has turned his PSP into a remote control for the NASA World Wind program. This will become really helpful when satellite data gets strong enough so we can peek into showers. Yes, "helpful" is the word I'd use in a scenario like that...

Speaking of creepy, YouTube user EnKeRaDc has a torrid love affair with his PSP. He makes a very disturbing tribute video to his somehow broken handheld. I like my PSP, but this guy took being a fanboy to a whole new, scary, level.

Video Sandwich: October 27, 2006

Two very different and random videos tonight: the first video shows Australia's Today Show going absolutely ga-ga about the PSP. They take a look at the Passport guides, and the Talkman translator guide. Their impressions about the software are overwhelming glowing, as if Sony ::cough:: paid for this spot. Strangely, they keep on telling the viewers to just take the systems away from the kids, and use it for themselves. The kids are too busy playing with their DS games to notice you taking the PSP away from them, anyways. Hilarious moment: when they talk about the $1000+ PLAYSTATION 3, because in Australian dollars, it is. Still evokes a very Twilight Zone kind of feeling.

The second video shows a very impressive parody of the original dustball ads that Sony ran to promote the PSP. It highlights one of the PSP's less attractive attributes: the dumb loading times. One has to wonder if this stigma will stick with the PSP for much longer: games like Daxter show impressive lack-of-load times that prove great developers can do amazing things with the system.

Video Sandwich: October 26, 2006

Warning. You have entered... the amateur film zone!!! These two short films are very different in approach in style, but they're both about the handheld we all love: the PSP. Feel free to put on your wig, and act like Roger Ebert in our comments section.

Video Sandwich: October 25, 2006

Ah, commercials for the PSP. America seems to have given up advertising Sony's handheld (while they get their act together), but the European division just keeps on making more and more. Some are sure to be hits, while others are not. Here are two samples from the European waters: what do you think about them? Do they seem too random, or are they super-cool and edgy?

Video Sandwich: October 24, 2006

The PSP can be a lot of things. It can take pictures, for example. Sony Japan's newest ad shows off the upcoming PSP camera and all the fun things you can do to harass Japanese businessmen. Awesome~! I hope once the device comes to the States, all members of the press start carrying this peripheral around: photos like these will make the news so much more interesting, because everything's at least 30% funnier when a giant afro is transplanted on top of someone's head!

But once you've taken such classy photos, you'll want to show them off... with style. An enthusiastic fan has crafted an elaborate, elegant wooden frame for his PSP. Just drop the PSP in and let it display your photos. It'll look a whole lot cooler than a traditional photo frame, and it'll kill a lot less trees. And we love trees, don't we?

Video Sandwich: October 23, 2006

Somehow, an internet video creator used monkeys and fart jokes to create a more tasteful way of discussing the white and black PSP than Sony. The "moral" of the story will certainly piss readers off, but for those of you with YouTube accounts, you can go here to leave hateful comments. Besides, why would he spend so much time working on this video if he didn't genuinely like the PSP (regardless of its color)?

But maybe you don't like either the black or white PSP. Maybe you'd prefer a P!nk PSP. The celebrity can be seen prancing around, showing off her PSP once in a while. Will this appeal to the all-important girl demographic? I think not. Now, if Sony made a Justin Timberlake PSP, the girls would go hogwild, 'cuz y'know... he's so dreamy! ::swoon::

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