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PSP Fanboy review: Wild ARMs XF

The western-themed RPG franchise finally hits the PSP with their strategy title, Wild ARMs XF (crossfire). Throughout the franchise's history, they've battled lukewarm reviews, netting them the title of a catch-all RPG. Traditional, but different. Easy, accessible, and more or less for everyone. However, the titles have garnered a cult following, where they yearn to traverse Filgaia once again and explore its barren desert exterior. It seems the folk over at Media.Vision and Sony have been secretly working on this title for a long time, plotting to destroy everything you know about Wild ARMs, but keeping everything as familiar as possible. The result? Pure genius.

Gallery: Wild Arms XF

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Metareview: Crush

It's obvious from our review of Crush, that we think it'll be a worthwhile experience. Does the game press agree with us, or do they think Crush is a bomb? Let's find out!
  • GameSpy (90/100) got certifiably addicted: "With levels that build on each other in terms of complexity (and, thusly, difficulty), the game inspires that kind of 'just one more level' feeling of addiction that may result in you freeing Dan from his insomnia but earning yourself a nasty case in return."
  • 1UP (95/100) loves the originality: "Most games can be described as an amalgam of others, as borrowed game mechanics and thematic elements bounce from game to game within a genre. Crush might have a recognizable aesthetic (think Psychonauts in a dark alley), but it's gameplay is wholly -- and compellingly it's own."
  • EuroGamer (80/100) appreciates the challenge: "There's a genuine sense of achievement and enjoyment when a seemingly impossible level suddenly clicks (or crushes into place, and the confident way the game uses its central conceit as more than just a gimmick is undeniably reassuring and appealing."

If only being correct on game quality was like unhatching an evil plan, we'd laugh maniacally right now. Heck, we'll do it anyway. We were right! MWA HA HA HA HA!

Debunking a PSP myth: it has no good games

Anyone that has been around the Internet block or visited a game store lately may have heard someone claim the PSP has little to no good games on the platform. If you're anything like me, you like to wear your girlfriend's underwear and you also hate to hear bad words about the PSP. My personal PSP game collection is larger than my DS or Xbox 360 game libraries and after hearing about the lack of great games on the system so often, I began to wonder if perhaps I just had a terrible taste in games. While I can't prove that my gaming interests are worthwhile, I did dig up some info on the PSP library and whether or not there are many quality games on the system.

It isn't just gaming fans who dis the PSP, critics do as well. Keeping that in mind, I wondered how the PSP game library critically stacked up against its competitor; the oft praised DS. What I found may be surprising.

Data Collected from Metacritic

Amount of US released PSP games rated 80 and above: 38 (not counting Advent Children since it isn't a game)

Amount of US released DS games rated 80 and above: 28 (and 4 of those are versions of Nintendogs)

So it seems that these same critics that praise PSP games, must have a short-term memory when they bash the system's lack of quality titles. I'm in no way trying to put down the DS with the example listed above, just attempting to prove that the PSP isn't devoid of quality like an episode of War at Home. Hopefully fellow PSP fanboys can use the above proof to dissuade negative words about your system of choice. In any case, it should make you feel good about owning the system.

PSP Fanboy review: Sonic Rivals

The Sonic franchise has certainly fallen quite a bit ever since it made the transition into 3D. The Adventure games failed to capture the feel of the original 2D platformers, and other spin-off games, like Shadow the Hedgehog are considered travesties at best. It seems like Sonic does best when trapped in two dimensions, as seen by this excellent Game Boy Advance and DS entries. On the PSP, Sonic Rivals attempts to blend traditional 2D gameplay with impressive new 3D graphics. The developers, Backbone Entertainment, have done a good job executing on some of Sonic's trademark features, but some poor design choices hold back the game from being as good as it can be.

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PSP Fanboy review: Warhammer: Battle for Atluma

PSP Fanboy review: Warhammer: Battle for Atluma
When I first heard of Warhammer: Battle for Atluma's pending release on the PSP, I got really excited. I've never played a Warhammer game, but I am a big fan of Magic: The Gathering and have been waiting for a good collectable card game for the PSP for a long time.

Unfortunately, it looks like I may be waiting a little longer for that game.

Now don't get me wrong, Battle for Atluma isn't terrible game, but I don't think it's going to win over many newcomers to the Warhammer universe.

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PSP Media Manager 2 reviewed

PSP Media Manager 2 reviewed
Sony really dropped the ball early on in the PSP's life when there was no official media software available. However, Sony finally came through when they released the PSP's Media Manager, but like many other available software programs, it had problems, too. Well, Sony is giving it another shot with Media Manager 2, and CNET has had a chance to take it for spin.

  • The new interface is "pretty stylish and sleekly designed."
  • Features XMB crossbar.
  • Better access to system's multimedia capabilities.
  • Ability to transfer word documents and view them in HTML.
  • Most of the functionality is available in other freeware programs.
  • Somewhat high system requirements.
  • Can't transfer copy-protected DVD's or audio files.
  • Won't encode at 368x208 size.
Overall, CNET gave Media Manager 2 a 6.3 and said if you have a decent understanding of how to run a computer, you'll be better off with a third-party software, such as PSP Video 9. While it looks like Sony didn't do much better with its latest media software incarnation, its release really begs the question "Do we really need it at this point?"

I manage to do all my file transfers and video encoding through freeware just fine, so I see no reason why anyone should spend the $17 to download the software or especially the $25 for the boxed version. But if you really feel the need to pick this up, you can buy it here.

IGN gives Capcom Classics Collection Reloaded an 8.0

IGN gives Capcom Classics Collection Reloaded an 8.0
Never to be left out when it comes to beating a dead horse/stealing your money/delivering the goods on past franchises, Capcom is getting in on the retro kick by releasing Capcom Classics Collection Reloaded, which is based on the PS2 version, Oct. 24.

The game stuffs nearly 20 of Capcom's greatest arcade games, like Street Fighter II and Ghost 'N Goblins, onto one tiny UMD, and IGN recently got their grubby little mitts on a copy and thought it was a pretty solid title, giving it an 8.0.

While they had generally nothing but good things to say about the collection, they did note that "the game does run into the same noticeable flicker and aliasing issues present in the PS2 disc (in all the shooters), while the transparency effects are hindered by some obvious interlacing troubles."

Aside from the obvious things like how well the games play, a classics collection really benefits from additional and unlockable content, and Capcom didn't skimp out here. "In fact, there are almost 900 different collectibles that can be uncovered over the course of your play-through, and an interesting slot machine mechanic is used to find them (you're awarded tokens for playing through individual games which can then be gambled with to unlock secrets," IGN wrote.

They close by saying, "Reloaded is a solid PSP anthology that's better than its predecessor and one I'd easily recommend for old-school gaming fans everywhere." Mark me down for being totally excited for this one. Knights of the Round is one of my all-time favorite beat 'em ups, and to have it available on the go, has me giddy like a school girl.

Metareview - Bounty Hounds

Metareview - Bounty HoundsI was extremely excited to play Bounty Hounds, but when the demo was released and I finally got my hands on it, I must say I was a bit disappointed. You see, the camera was every bit as bad as previously reported. Unfortunately, most of the reviewers agreed with me, as the game didn't exactly get the kind of reviews many of us thought it would before playing it. However, I'm sure that didn't dissuade many of my fellow fanboys from picking it up, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with it.

  • IGN (70/100) - "Bounty Hounds is a classic example of shoddy execution derailing a slew of great ideas. With a better camera and improved controls, it could have been a real contender."
  • Got Next (60/100) - "It seems that no matter which way you look at it, Bounty Hounds is the kind of game that did everything right to turn out great except the first thing it was meant to do – create an addictive online interaction with players."
  • Games Radar (30/100) - "Nearly every element of Bounty Hounds falls flat. Graphics? Utterly mediocre and heavily fogged (the comic-like cinematics are drawn nicely, though.) Level design? Non-existent: expect a sleep-inducing never-ending sequence of open fog fields and blocky square corridors."
As you can see, the game just didn't seem to deliver, and that's a real shame because it seemed like it was coming together to make a really great game. Hopefully, Namco can go back to the drawing board and fix these problems when and if they release a sequel.

Metareview: Gangs of London

Gangs of London is the biggest release for PSP this week. Sony's been hyping the game through extensive advertisements and elaborate contests. They even printed tons of demos so that people would pick up, play and think "man, this game is a winner." Unfortunately, the plan backfired as I got tons of comments from readers trashing the game. Chris Powell asked me what I thought and I called it "laughably bad." It looks like our negative first impressions of the game were right as the game has been ridiculed by critics the world over. Let's check out some reviews from all over the world:
  • Pocket Gamer UK (40/100) - "Don't put Gangs of London on anyone's Christmas list. Whether it's stealth, driving or shooting, the game feels limited and unengaging, is hampered by unresponsive controls and completely lacks the necessary polish of a modern production."
  • Sydney Morning Herald (60/100) - "With such clumsy controls, the limited intelligence of both friends and foes, and a lack of mission variety, most players would have a lot more fun with GTA Liberty City Stories."
  • GameZone (50/100) - "Gangs of London is a pretty dull game that can border on frustrating due to the clunky controls, lame missions and weak AI. Definitely more 'Swept Away' than 'Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels'."
I'm somewhat disappointed at how this game turned out. If Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories wasn't around the corner, I'd be pretty upset.

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