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TGS07: Remote Play functionality expands significantly

At Kaz Hirai's keynote in Tokyo Game Show, the PlayStation Portable's Remote Play feature was demonstrated. Mainichi Demo was on display with "new PSP functionality" that allows you to turn on and off your PlayStation 3 system via Remote Play, something that wasn't possible with previous versions of the feature.

In the future multiple PSP systems will be able to connect as a hub, as seen in this slide. Remote Play is a strong focus for Sony+ gamers will play games, use the PSP as a second screen and more.

Confirmed: Lair can be played on PSP

No, this is not a joke. Lair can be played on PSP through PS3's Remote Play functionality. As discovered by Dubbedinenglish on the PlayStation forums, this is quite possibly the first Blu-ray PS3 game to run successfully on the PSP. By reducing the visual quality and increasing the response time, the game is actually quite playable. In fact, because the game uses the PSP's analog stick instead of tilt controls, it actually controls better than the PS3 counterpart.

Stay tuned for a video.

[Thanks, Nightz!]

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Remote Play reveals unique features for Mainichi Issyo [Update]

For PSP owners itching to test out the game-playing capabilities of Remote Play (made possible from the last firmware upgrade), you'll want to go here for a walkthrough on setting up a Japan PlayStation Network account for your PS3. Mainichi Issyo has been (and still is) only available through the Japanese PlayStation Store. As reported during the firmware 3.50 release, the Remote Play functionality will allow Mainichi Issyo gamers to "interact with Toro the cat" through any available internet access point. New details unveil the game's unique ability to complete microtransactions through the PlayStation Store in-game, instead of dumping you out to the PSP built-in browser. Feel free to have yourself a look-see. We'll be sure to update you with our in-depth impressions on Remote Play, as promised.

[Update: Changed the wording of the post to reflect the newly unveiled features within Mainichi Issyo, using Remote Play. The post title changed to reflect the description of these new in-game features.]

Firmware 3.50 now available on Network Update

We told you it was coming, and here it is. Firmware 3.50 has a woefully short feature list. Along with the much-anticipated Remote Play improvement comes a single other addition. The 'full' feature list, then, is as follows.
  • Support has been added to allow remote play over the internet in [Remote Play]
  • [RSS Channel Guide] has been added as a feature under [RSS Channel]
While the expansion of Remote Play and its new ability to be used to connect to your PS3 from anywhere in the world is excellent, the lack of any real accompanying features leaves us a bit cold. Perhaps it's the idea of a list consisting of just two items. Is a list really a list if it has less than three? That's something for you to ponder on while the update downloads and installs.

No doubt we'll be posting our thoughts on the new firmware later today, after we've had a chance to test it out. In the meantime, why don't you try it yourselves and get back to us with what you think? It's a two way thing, you know.

[Thanks, Lucas]

Download the update from PSP Fanboy. Include file in directory PSP/GAME/UPDATE.

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Upcoming firmware 3.50 fixes Remote Play

PS3 is receiving a significant firmware upgrade tomorrow. 1.80 allows PS3 users to playback DVD movies and PlayStation 1 and 2 games in full 1080p resolution. Another feature added to the upgrade is Advanced Remote Play: it was supposedly added in a previous update, but many frustrated gamers were unable to get it running.

With Advanced Remote Play, PSP owners can access content stored on the PS3 from any wi-fi connection in the world. Not only will the new PS3 1.80 firmware be necessary for Remote Play to properly function, but according new press materials, PSP firmware 3.50 will also be required. According to Sony, firmware 3.50 will be available "at the end of May," although more specifics were not provided. Additional enhancements to be found on the firmware were not made available, but we're thinking it might have something to do with PSP's newfound VoIP functionality.

[Via PS3 Fanboy]

Remote Play not enhanced in latest firmware? [Update 1]

We were told to expect Advanced Remote Play functionality in today's big PS3 update (version 1.6). Looks like we were played the fool: you will not be able to access your PS3's content from any wi-fi point: once again, you must be in wireless range of your PS3. Until they correct this, the Remote Play functionality loses a lot of its purpose: what's the point of being tethered so close to the system? Update 1: It looks like Sony has delivered, but in a very unreliable fashion. Personal tests show that a "PS3 is not detected" error message is given more often than not. A variety of factors may be causing this glitch: firstly, your PS3 may lose its internet connection, especially if it's not wired. Secondly, Folding@home seemingly activates even when your PS3 is in Remote Play mode, which can cause some glitches. Personally, I've been able to successfully connect to my PS3 from an external wi-fi source less than 1 in 10 times. We shall investigate further.

There are some additional improvements made in this firmware revision, but they are very subtle. You'll be able to easily register a PSP for Remote Play use by accessing Remote Play from System Settings on PS3. Also, you'll be able to connect a wi-fi bridge to 20GB PS3s, allowing them to interface with PSP like the 60GB versions do.

[Thanks, Ryan!]

Advanced Remote Play available next week

According to Tom Kiss, the PLAYSTATION 3 is getting updated next week. Why should you care? It finally introduces the Advanced Remote Play functionality that we've been dreaming about. The 1.6 firmware revision for the PS3 will allow you to access your PS3's media content from any wi-fi point in the world. For example, let's say you have an episode of Death Note saved on your PS3. By having Remote Play enabled, you'll be able to stream that video to your PSP whilst at work.

The connectivity opens a lot of potential. "If I have my MP3 Walkman or my iPod, or digital camera connected to PS3 then I can access those devices too," a spokesman for Sony said less than a month ago. However, don't expect to play back your DVDs or Blu-Ray movies on the go: Remote Play hasn't been able to access disc content, and that probably won't change for a while.

[Via PS3 Fanboy]

Sony's "global" connectivity plans within 6 months

The BBC is continuing their coverage of Sony's portable wonder. "The rise of the handheld console" talks about Sony's currently failed ambitions to market the PSP as "the Walkman for the 21st century." With nearly 25 million consoles shipped, the PSP has "impressive figures, but still not enough to reverse Nintendo's market dominance."

It appears that Sony's future with the device is connectivity with anything and everything, by using the PLAYSTATION 3 as the PSP's media hub. "We're hoping to incorporate that functionality [Remote Play] in the very near future - from a local level at the moment to a global level probably within the next six months," said Jonathan Fargher, a spokesman for Sony. "If I have my MP3 Walkman or my iPod, or digital camera connected to PS3 then I can access those devices too."

And the timeline for these plans? "We're hoping to incorporate that functionality in the very near future - from a local level at the moment to a global level probably within the next six months."

See also:
BBC talks to famed homebrewers Fanjita and Dark_Alex

Sony CES keynote reveals PSP importance

Did you know that Sony launched a new system in 2006? Yeah, I know. Crazy. Sony's hyping up the PLAYSTATION 3 machine, but it's nice to know that the PSP will not be ignored in 2007. In fact, the PSP continues to be an integral part of Sony's plan for world domination. Peter Dille teased PSP fans with the following tidbits:
  • PSP has sold over 20 million units worldwide. This ain't no Game Gear, folks.
  • Remote Play hype: "So if you want to access Spider-Man the Movie in Milan from your PS3 in Milwauke... it's possible."
  • Expanded "online community" for PSP (pictured).
  • Portable gaming is increasingly important to the consumer: Sony obviously wants a large cut of the market.
Feel free to read Engadget's continuing coverage of CES, or check out GameSpot's archival video of Dille's keynote.

Advanced Remote Play functionality coming in March

Remote Play is one of the more exciting things about the PS3-PSP connectivity. It's a nifty feature that allows you to access your PS3's media via PSP. While cool in theory, in practice, there's too many restrictions. Firstly, the PS3 can't do anything else when in Remote Play mode. Secondly, you have to be in range of the PS3's wi-fi. Finally, you can only access media stored on hard drive (no games, or disc media!).

It appears that a future firmware upgrade in March will address some of these issues. The future PLAYSTATION 3 upgrade promises multi-tasking, which should help address the first concern. Secondly, you'll be able to access your PS3's media from any internet connection, a la LocationFree Player. Certainly, this is a strong step forward. With the PS3 gaining Tivo-like functionality later next year, the PSP may be the perfect media device for people on the go. Imagine: you could record Battlestar Galactica when you're away, only to watch it from your PSP whenever you're near a wi-fi spot. The future of PS3-PSP connectivity is certainly exciting.

[Via IGN Boards]

A beautiful Remote Play video [Update 1]

Remote Play really is quite an amazing feature, for those of you with PLAYSTATION 3s. PSP GadgetZ took this lovely direct-feed video of the PSP accessing the PS3's XMB, and it's amazing how quick and seamless the transition is. The video shows you the PS3's impressive Photo slideshow playback, and music visualizations (which easily trump the PSP's new visualizations). It also shows you how videos play with absolutely no lag or loading at all. Wow! I'm very impressed. The PSP really has become a "virtual PS3." Now, how do I get a PLAYSTATION 3 without selling one of my body parts?

[Update 1: Gizmodo unfortunately tells us that the PS3 is non-functional while in Remote Play mode. What? I hope Sony fixes this in a future firmware upgrade. You would think with the massive power of Cell, it can send a signal to the PSP AND do other things.]

PSP-PS3 connectivity stays away from discs

The PLAYSTATION 3 launch is getting closer and closer, and PSP fans are getting anxious. There's potential for a lot of great things to be done with the PSP-PS3 connectivity. Remote Play is one example of the connectivity at play: you'll be able to stream media from your PS3 to your PSP, so you see videos, music and images from your PS3's hard drive. However, according to PSX Extreme, you won't be able to stream copyright-protected content, such as disc media. So, you won't be able to stream the newest Blu-Ray movie from your PS3 to your PSP. You won't be able to stream any of your DVDs. How will purchased music work?

However, all the media that's stored on the PLAYSTATION 3's drive should stream to the PSP reasonably well, and the PS3 supports quite a number of formats: 1UP reports that the PS3 will support: MPEG-1, MPEG-2 (PS, TS), MPEG-4 SP, and MPEG-4 AVC/H.264. Audio formats include: ATRAC, AAC, MP3, and WAV. The PS3 is clearly a lot more flexible with video formats than the PSP, and unlike the PSP, will support videos with resolutions as high as 1920x1080 (according to PS3 Fanboy).

PS3 Fanboy also reports that future firmware upgrades may allow you to play PS3 content from your PSP, as previously theorized. While this is an exciting prospect, I hope that the immediate future brings us unrestricted video on the PSP, similar to what the PS3 has (having 480x272 video would be very nice indeed!).

Sony Gamer's Day reveals new PSP-PS3 details

Sony's Gamer's Day has just wrapped up, and we're learning new details from around the web. Unfortunately, details of new firmware didn't seem to be revealed. Highlights from the event include:
  • Demonstration of Remote Play at work: the PS3 started playing the trailer to the upcoming Bond flick Casino Royale. Then, the video was interrupted and then resumed on the PSP. It sounds exactly how it should've worked.
  • John Smedley from Sony Online Entertainment demonstrated PSone download functionality (pictured). The games, as expected, can be transferred to your PSP. Mr. Smedley hinted at future PSone emulation on the PLAYSTATION 3 console.
  • Downloadable games will $14.99 or less. To compare, N64 Virtual Console games on the Wii will cost about $10, so we're hoping Sony prices the games a little bit lower to be a little bit more competitive.
That seems to be it for now. Stay tuned to Joystiq to see all the PLAYSTATION 3 news from the event.

[Via 1UP]

Rumor: New info on firmware 3.0 to be released on Gamer's Day [Update 1]

People seem to be real antsy about the release of the upcoming 3.0 firmware from Sony, and lame fakers on the internet are capitalizing on our anticipation. According to PlayStation forum user, Leah, the 3.0 firmware upgrade will be released this Thursday at Sony's Gamer's Day. Here's what she said:
"Sony will be reveling the information as well as dating the release about the next major update at Gamer's Day in San Francisco on October 19th. You guys will just love the new "Remote Play" feature, located under the "Network" icon, which allows you to access the PLAYSTATION® 3 from the PSP™ (PlayStation® Portable)."
Once again, I'm going to say that this is a fake. Why? What's the point of releasing Remote Play before the PS3 is even available? There might be some credibility to her story: the thread got locked suspiciously quickly, and she properly CAPITALIZED PLAYSTATION (the proper spelling is all caps, according to Sony). She even threw in the Registered® and Trademark™ symbols on everything appropriately. Regardless, I believe the show on Thursday will most likely focus solely on the PS3, digital distribution, and will provide news about PSP-PS3 connectivity. If there is a firmware upgrade this Thursday, I'm placing my bets it'll be a minor release, like 2.90. If it gives me the abillity to stream videos over RSS, I'll be perfectly content.

Joystiq will be live at the event this Thursday, so we'll find out the truth then.

[Via Maxconsole; Thanks, steve!]

[Update 1: D'oh! I am dumb. If I knew how to read, I'd see that info will be released, not the firmware itself. Please excuse my brain death. I'll blame the new Santa Clause movie, because it's the "best holiday trilogy ever." Ugh. Feel free to ridicule me in the comments section. Go! Hurry, do it!]

Is that a PSP in your PlayStation 3?

Sony's been hyping up PlayStation 3's connectivity with the PSP. Game Watch took this picture of the PS3's XMB, revealing a happy PSP icon in the Network menu called "Remote Play". As previously stated, you'll be able to stream data onto your PSP from your PS3, such as video and game content. For example, if you want to throw one of the most expensive console multiplayer games ever, you could wirelessly connect four PSPs to your PSP and start playing (that's $1400 of hardware, baby! Of course, this is just speculation, and will most likely never happen). PSP-Vault also goes into some speculation, hoping for the ability to stream Blu-Ray movies to the PSP, and UMD movies to the PS3. The possibilties are endless, and we hope that Sony takes advantage of that huge potential.

PSP fans better start saving up: and they better save up a lot. The $500 PS3 does not feature wi-fi capabilties, so for PSP-PS3 connectivity to be fully realized, you'll have to go all the way.

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