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Worldwide PSP releases for the week of September 28

So okay, Pipemania didn't come out a week early. It's coming out now. Blockus didn't come out in Europe last month either and while it's listed yet again for this week, we're shaking our heads -- it's probably not happening. Anyway, we like seeing a full week such as this; it's the third one in a row no less.

NA Games:
EU Games:
Asian Games:
As for Japan, they're getting high school girls + explosive clothing ... enough said.

American PC Store releases for September 25th

Following in the European Store's footsteps, two full PSP games have been placed on the American PC Store today. Not only that, but there's also a demo and a theme to grab. We recommend getting your paws on Puzzle Quest, as it's a great game to have on your memory stick "just in case," without taking up your UMD drive. Here's the full release list:
  • Untold Legends full game ($14.99)
  • Puzzle Quest full game ($14.99)
  • Pipe Mania demo (free)
  • Buzz! Master Quiz theme (free)

Burnout Legends and Domination now available on the EU PSN Store

It's PSN update day, which (sometimes) means new downloadable content. Today Sony has plonked a couple of full PSP games onto the store for those of you who enjoy the Burnout series. If you're a PS3 owner you're probably already celebrating the Burnout Paradise trophy patch, or the opportunity to pick the game up off the PSN Store for the budget price of £25/€30. If not, then feel free to get your Burnout fix from one (of both) of these full PSP titles. Not a Burnout fan? Bad luck. Here's the full release list:
  • Burnout Legends (£14.99/€19.99)
  • Burnout Domination (£17.99/€24.99)

Worldwide PSP releases for the week of September 21

Talk about a turn around. A healthy amount of releases for two straight weeks in a row ... it's unbelievable. Two weeks of not writing "no new releases" -- it feels good. We are impressed with this. We are satisfied.

NA Games:
EU Games:
Asian Games:
It also looks like Pipemania will be hitting retailers a week early. That's good to hear we suppose. Patapon is going cheap in Asia ... though they're still paying slightly more for what we pay over here. That's it for this week; hopefully the next will keep the momentum going.

Worldwide PSP releases for the week of September 14

Ebb and flow -- that's the PSP for you. Sometimes the tide brings in a bounty; other times, we head home empty-handed and with sandy feet. This week is one of the good ones. Just take a look at what washed up on shore:

NA Games:
EU Games:
Asian Games:

Field Commander now available on the US PC Store

The American PC Store has been updated to include the full PSP title Field Commander. So if you're in the impulse buying mood, you can go ahead and pay the $14.99. It's online shopping and it arrives almost immediately. Depending on your internet connection, obviously. Only one other thing was added to the US PC Store today; a developer walkthrough for the upcoming Lucasarts title Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. That's free, in case you're wondering.

Worldwide PSP releases for the week of September 7

So there's only one game out this week for all three major regions. That's just sad. Just plain sad. It's difficult not to vilipend the PSP sometimes, but what can you do when the only game for the week is some Cabela shovelware?

NA Games:
EU Games:
  • No new releases
Asian Games:
  • No new releases
Even Asia is feeling the pinch this week. At least their lack of games is actually tolerable since they're still getting a steady flow of titles most of the time.

European PC Store releases for September 4th

Don't get too excited. There's nothing of any real interest in today's PC Store update. That is, unless you're into managing your PSP's content via a handy PC application. The Media Manager (version 2.5, no less) is now available for free on the European PC Store and lets you drag and drop content from your PC to your PSP, previewing as you go. Oh, there's also the next episode of Movement. Here's the info in handy list form:

  • Media Manager 2.5 (free)
  • Movement episode 5, part 2 -- "London" (free, includes 8 videos)

Worldwide PSP releases for the week of August 31

It's one of those weeks again. It's another backlog catch-up week. Of course, there will come a time when that backlog will run out and this high frequency of down time will come back to bite one's behind. So watch out; we wouldn't want an epidemic of sore bums on our hands.

NA Games:
  • No new releases
EU Games:
Asian Games:
In Japan, however, three rehashed titles are now cheaper and will re-hit the store shelves. There must be some sort of racing event going on because all three games are, as you guessed it, racing games.

American PC Store update for August 28th

Americans won't be fixing pipes in their PC Store update. Instead, they'll get their hands on a series of wallpapers and themes, some even cake-related! Who doesn't like cake?
  • Cake Mania: Baker's Challenge theme
  • PSP Wallpapers Series 1 wallpaper (x3)
  • Hot Shots Golf Open Tee 2 wallpaper (x2)
  • Cake Mania: Baker's Challenge wallpaper (x3)

European PC Store update for August 28th

Hope you didn't buy Medal of Honor Heroes last week -- because the superior sequel is available on the Store this week. Ouch! Also, a free demo for you guys to try!
  • Medal of Honor Heroes 2 (£14.99)
  • Pipemania demo (Free)
Visit to get downloading, or use your PS3 to connect to the PLAYSTATION Store.

Worldwide PSP releases for the week of August 24

Ah, we're back in business. We're no longer manufacturing misery with our weekly dosage of gloomful "no new releases." This week, we actually have games, and look, we technically beat out Asia, too. Here are the releases for the week:

NA Games:
EU Games:
Asian Games:

American PC Store update for August 21st

It's a pretty solid content update for this week. It's much better than what we're used to, that's certain for sure. Lap it up folks; grab what you want. Here's the full list:

Playable Content
  • Jeanne d'Arc Full Game ($22.99)
  • Jeanne d'Arc Trailer (free)
  • Ratchet & Clank Future: Quest for Booty Trailer (free)
  • Yggdra Union Trailer (free)

Wallpapers and Themes
  • 2x Hot Shots Golf: OT2 Wallpaper (free)
  • 3x Yggdra Union Wallpaper (free)

European PC Store update for August 21st

Europe's PSP Store has been pretty fantastic, we must admit. There are two full PSP games and a PS1 classic for you to enjoy this week.
  • Medal of Honor Heroes (£14.99)
  • Sid Meier's Pirates! (£14.99)
  • International Track & Field - PS1 (£3.49)

Worldwide PSP releases for the week of August 17

There is nothing really new this week. There's just a handful of old games getting bargain bin pricing and a whole lot of empty space. This must not be very exciting to read about week in and week out ... writing about it isn't any peachier. Here's this week's (non)releases:

NA Games
  • no new releases
EU Games
  • No new releases
Asian Games:
Perhaps instead of writing words and sentences to convey that we're not getting any games for the entirety of the week, we should just write a single ellipses and be done with it.

[Image: TBF]

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