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Japan readies for God of War by throwing party

God of War: Chains of Olympus is on its way to Japan on July 10. To help get the game into the minds of PSP gamers -- and peel them away from Monster Hunter -- a special event was held last Friday in Tokyo. There were 15 booths where people could try out the game, tons of free swag such as keychains and t-shirts, and specially crafted drinks made from goat blood, harpy milk, and cyclops sweat were served. Japanese hip-hop group YOU THE ROCK★ was also around to keep things lively. See photos of the event here.

As Chains of Olympus devs Ready at Dawn have let their sun set on the PSP, this summer's release for Chains will be the final game on the system from the crew. In that respect, this event was not only the celebration for kicking off the PSP God of War game in Japan, but also, an unintentional farewell. We only hope the game does well in Japan because it really deserves the love.

Ready at Dawn denies piracy as reason to leave PSP

While Ready at Dawn has established itself as the premiere PSP development team, it recently sent back all of its devkits back to Sony so that it can move to new projects on other systems. Joystiq spoke with Ready at Dawn's president, Didier Malenfant, to see why they left Sony's handheld. According to Malenfant, piracy was not a reason. "We sold over 2.3 millions copies of Daxter and are on track to beat that with Chains of Olympus so we're pretty happy with our sales," he responded. "Could we sell more games if piracy was non-existent? Maybe. But we don't target the market that could be, we target the market that is."

He adds, "Good games sell. Who would have thought?"

It seems the team is simply looking to do more on another platform, and try something new. They've seemingly pushed the PSP to its limit, and they can work their magic on other platforms. "We feel like we've done everything we wanted to do with the PSP," admitted the exec. "We have new projects on other platforms and we like to focus on one thing at a time."

Ready at Dawn says goodbye to their PSP devkits

We knew that Daxter and Chains of Olympus developer Ready at Dawn was done with PSP. But, it's still sad to see their PSP devkits placed into storage, to be shipped away to the PSP graveyard. It's the end of an era, alright. Hopefully, it won't be too long before we see their next project -- you may have to check PS3 Fanboy when these guys are ready to make an announcement, though.

God of War TV spot rains blood 'en Español'

Dios de la guerra en Español! Hopefully, that translated well. Our Spanish-speaking readers will have to point out the possible (read: probable) butchery of their language. Apologies are to be arranged. Anyway, what makes this TV spot so special? Aside from being in a foreign language, this God of War: Chains of Olympus advertisement has blood rain down from the sky. Why is that happening? Haven't got a clue. This ad is pretty interesting to watch, even if it doesn't directly relate to anything that happens in the game.

Lead Artist Nathan Phail-Liff talks about working on God of War

We're sure a lot of you are snickering right now, because Ready At Dawn's lead artist's last name is an internet-savvy spelling of "fail"; we snicker at you though, since this man got to work on God of War: Chains of Olympus and thus earns the respect of millions. What did he do on the project? How does he feel about it now that it's out? We're glad you asked.

For the first eight months, Nathan was actually programming tools to bring what we see in the final product to life. After he programmed all the necessary components, then he went back and actually used them to help create what ended up in our hands. That's pretty impressive. Working on an existing IP, he said, is a blessing and a curse. Especially for God of War since there are so many expectations surrounding it. The stylistic guidelines they used to keep the game familiar to fans is pretty clever.

The challenges faced by the staff for making the PSP game were numerous -- insert all sort of technical mumbo-jumbo here. Cramming the game onto the PSP is one thing, but only having 15 artists to do it really puts the workload into perspective. If you want to hear more about his experience programming for the game, or his proudest accomplishment, read the full interview. It's really quite entertaining.

Daxter plushie is incredibly adorable

What an adorable Daxter plushie. It's so cute you just want to grab it and squeeze the life out of the thing. It's a really sweet ode to the weasel-like hero. In case you're wondering, this cuddly little snuggle toy was made by Deviant Art member Chao-Fangirl. We wonder if she'll make us one of her plushies. Maybe she will ... if we ask really nicely.

[Thanks Max! Via That Girl's Site]

God of War composer talks about Chains of Olympus, future projects

God of War games, as you all know, are epic. A major contributing factor to that legendary atmosphere is undoubtedly the game's musical score -- to that we have Gerard Marino to thank. In a recent interview with Music 4 Games, Marino discussed what went into making the music compositions for Chains of Olympus as well as shed some light on his future projects.

Marino says that the music in Chains of Olympus is "a bit lighter" than the previous games. The reason for this is that there's a certain character in the game that isn't as grim as the usual cast of war-hardened soldiers, and the apathetic Pantheon. Despite only composing fifteen minutes worth of new material, the game's sound should have enough freshness to it. This has to do largely in part by a huge effort to remix old tracks; they take the old tracks apart, restructure them, and then use the various arrangements in a way that ensures each scene has its own unique sound. He also calls the music on Chains of Olympus "more intimate" than what we've seen previously.

Marino also revealed some interesting trivia about the God of War series. For example, did you know that Kratos was originally supposed to be named Dominus? Now how about the future you ask? Marino shared that he will be indeed working on God of War III for the PS3. Another epic game, another rocking music score. There are a lot of other alluring tidbits in the interview, so why not have a read of it for yourself?

Ready at Dawn: 'our work on PSP has come to an end'

In spite of the critical praise God of War: Chains of Olympus is picking up, Ready at Dawn's Ru Weerasuriya confirms that they're ready to move on to bigger (but not necessarily better) things. He tells Next-Gen that the much loved PSP team is done with Sony's handheld. "Our work on the PSP has come to an end," he says.

However, he leaves a remark of hope for the PSP enthusiast. As pretty as Chains of Olympus is, there's still more power waiting to be unearthed. "Even as we were finishing God of War, we found ways to further improve our tech on PSP, which we didn't have time to integrate into this game. As far as how far the hardware can be pushed, only time will tell but there's definitely room to grow there." Unfortunately, it won't be Ready at Dawn that'll be pushing the boundaries of PSP development. "I'm hoping more teams out there will up the ante and show all of us more out of the hardware."

Read the complete interview at Next-Gen.

GDC08: God of War developer goes behind-the-scenes

Nathan Phail-Liff held a session at GDC entitled "God of War: Deconstructing an Epic." Through the session, he talked about the development of the game, and gave tips for interested developers on how to make the most out of limited resources.

Continue reading GDC08: God of War developer goes behind-the-scenes

Ready at Dawn staff gets wasted as God of War goes gold

Congrats to the team at Ready at Dawn. Their game, God of War: Chains of Olympus has finally gone gold. That means its done. Complete. Ready to print. Being sent to stores. Just a few steps away from getting to where it needs to go: in your hands.

Celebratory pictures reveal maybe a bit too much champagne; the team has seemingly become completely wasted. Well, you guys deserved a massive celebration! Now, get back to work!

Stay tuned as we inch ever closer to God of War's release next month.

[Via NeoGAF]

God of War may be the last PSP game from Ready at Dawn

Expectations are high for the upcoming God of War game on PSP. The development team behind the critically acclaimed Daxter found themselves enthralled with God of War on PS2 during development of the PSP game and made an easy pitch to SCEA to make their own GoW game. "The first meeting just went like 'we should make a God of War PSP game' and they were like 'yeah you should.' And that was pretty much it."

Unfortunately, it looks like Chains of Olympus will be the last PSP game from the talented team at Ready at Dawn. "This team is ready to move onto something pretty big, and we've be planning it for quite a while, and this team needs to show what they're capable of doing on next-gen or current-gen." While we'd love to see the team continue their magic on PSP, it will be interesting to see what Ready at Dawn will be able to produce on even more powerful tech.

For the complete interview (with new screenshots!) visit 1UP.

Ready at Dawn working on non-PSP project

Ready at Dawn is viewed as a hero of sorts for PSP owners. With both Daxter and God of War: Chains of Olympus under their belt, the team has been praised for its ability to bring console-styled gameplay and technology to the handheld.

Well, it looks like the team is looking upward and onward, moving towards a new project. Unfortunately, it's not a PSP game ... it's a Wii one! Ready at Dawn is working with Capcom to produce Okami on Wii. It's a fantastic game that deserved more notice, and we're confident that the studio will bring something truly magical to Nintendo's platform.

Congrats on the move to the consoles, guys! Don't forget us too, okay?

[Via Joystiq]

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