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Rumor: Patapon Spin-off?

According to EGM's Quartermann, their top guy for all things rumorlicious, something "Patapon-related" will be popping up on the PlayStation Network. It seems that this unique rhythm game might actually be getting some sort of spin-off.

Patapon has barely just been released in the west and already we're hearing rumblings of a sequel or a spin-off. Hey, we're not complaining; we're just a little surprised. It would be nice to have another Patapon game, little eye people and all.

[Via 1UP]

Who is the man responsible for Patapon?

We're really enjoying Patapon over at PS Fanboy HQ. The game is unique, unlike anything before it. The features a few new factoids about the game. For example, "the development team for Patapon is called Pyramid, but is being produced by Japan Studios, the same studio that developed and produced LocoRoco." So, saying it's from the same team as LocoRoco is, in fact, a little incorrect -- but not entirely.

The creator of the game is actually Hiroyuki Kotani, the man responsible for the cult PS1 game Devil Dice. Of course, his greatest accomplishment (in our opinion) is Mad Maestro!.

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