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Famitsu survey reveals: PSP momentum in doubt

Due to the overwhelming success of the PSP, Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu surveyed 68 of its retail partners for their thoughts on the state of the PSP. The survey revealed a number of interesting factoids. For example, Piano Black is the best selling system (17.4%) while Rose Pink is the worst (6.9%). Unsurprisingly, Crisis Core ended up being the top seller of the month, which caught 62.7% of retailers off guard -- they couldn't predict sales would be so strong.

Although Crisis Core sold so well, it was actually the 1seg, retailers report, that inspired the most PSP sales. However, in spite of the system's current success, 43.3% of retailers surveyed do not believe PSP momentum will continue.

The retailers are worried about the lack of big titles coming up for the system. More games like Monster Hunter are (obviously) needed. Some other suggestions included: games that support the 1seg (how would that work?), record functionality for the 1seg, and new colors that look different than DS's offerings. Supposedly, Japan's software lineup on PSP leaves something to be desired as well.

For the complete report, make sure you check out PSPHyper. White PSP heading to UK next week

The PSP Slim & Lite has been reliably mysterious. Sony, in all of its territories, has done a fantastic job of keeping everyone in the dark of when their systems are going to come out. Case in point: the white PSP-2000. Well, retailer has listed a release date for the white non-Darth Vader system: October 26th.

It's the first time we've heard of a release date for the system. The system should satiate those that have been patiently waiting for a non-black (or silver!) system in the territory.

[Via Pocket Gamer]

Homebrew endows PSP-2000 with full screen TV output

Once again, the homebrew community is teasing and taunting Sony by adding key features missing in their official firmware. This proof-of-concept "TV Out Example" will let your homebrew-enabled PSP-2000 the ability to output games content full screen, no borders! Even more surprising is that it'll even work with the composite cables, allowing those without ED/HDTVs to enjoy the wonder of playing PSP games on the TV. Certainly, if this ragtag team of enthusiasts can do it, Sony can as well? We're hoping that the official firmware development team doesn't take this lightly and follows pursuit as soon as possible.

[Via PSP Hacks]

Fanswag: Win a new Darth Vader PSP-2000 (Day 1)

Click for high-resolution image.

Don't be afraid to admit it: you want the new PSP-2000. With its slimmer figure, lighter weight, TV-Out functionality, and faster load times, it's a remarkable improvement over the PSP Phat. But, haven't been able to snatch a system for yourself? Don't worry -- we got you covered. Along with our friends at Joystiq and PS3 Fanboy, we're giving away one of five brand-new limited-edition Darth Vader PSP-2000 systems each day this week. These Ceramic White systems feature Darth Vader's menacing profile on the back, and are a must-have for the dedicated Star Wars nerdcore. Not only that, the package includes the brand new PSP-exclusive Star Wars Battlefront game.

So, how do you enter? First, find out what the PSP Fanboy team thinks about Star Wars Battlefront (Andrew, Jem, Nick, and Colin) and then write down one thing you learned from their previews and leave it in our comments section, as well as on the corresponding giveaway posts at Joystiq and PS3 Fanboy. We'll select one comment from all three sites at random tomorrow morning before we giveaway another PSP-2000

Of course, there are rules. You must be a US resident, 18 years or older. Limit 1 entry per person per site ... or else (that means three entries spread out, no more)! This entry period ends at 11:59am ET tomorrow, so get your entries in before then. For complete rules you can shared with your loved ones, click here. And much thanks to the fine people at LucasArts for the great prizes.

PSP-2000 sells half a million in Japan

The next big console success in Japan is ... the PSP?!

Color us shocked, but the one-two punch of the redesign and Crisis Core has made a serious impression on the Japanese. The slimmer PSP-2000 has sold over half a million units in less than two weeks. With numbers like that, you'd think that there was a brain training game somewhere hidden in the system.

We predict good things to come as a new Gundam game hit Japanese store shelves yesterday. We hear that they're somewhat fond of that franchise.

Homebrew on PSP Slim via 3.60 M33 Custom Firmware

The M33 team has done it again. The PSP Slim can now run M33's 3.60 custom firmware. The new firmware has "all the features of 3.52 M33, except the 1.50 kernel support". This means that some homebrew that was developed specifically for 1.50 (e.g. homebrew games that would go into the GAME150 folder) will not work with the custom firmware.

The installation is complex, requiring a Pandora Battery and Pandora memory stick, a non-Slim PSP with firmware 1.50 or custom firmware that supports 1.50 kernel, and of course, a PSP-2000. As always, this is not for the faint of heart nor anyone who hates carefully reading and following instructions, as there is always a possibility of bricking your brand new PSP-2000. As such, use at your own risk. Full instructions for the installation can be found here.

Download M33's custom 3.60 firmware here (scroll down to the bottom of the first post).

[via DCEmu, thanks everyone who sent this in!]

Get an extra $20 for trading in your PSP

Click image for full-resolution image. (Required for coupon redemption.)

For those of you that have wanted to jump on the PSP-2000 bandwagon, this might be your best chance. EB Games/GameStop are offering an extra $20 of trade-in value when you give them your PSP. The deal expires 9/13, so you'd best get a move on now.

[Via CAG]

Butterflies lift away new Korean PSPs

We're somewhat enamored by the Korean advertising campaign for the New PSP (aka PSP-2005). This ad shows a butterfly lifting the new lighter system, emphasizing that it weighs only 189 grams. This is a far more effective ad than Japan's.

Also, it appears that the Korean PSP isn't just losing weight, it's becoming cheaper. Korean gamers can now pick it up for only 178,000 won (appx. $190).

[Via PSP-Vault]

GamePro digs deep for PSP Slim pet peeves

While GamePro seems to enjoy their new PSP-2000, they could not help but notice some little annoyances that prevent the system from being perfect.

Their main complaint is how the d-pad is smooth, thus making it susceptible to sticky thumb syndrome. Other complaints involve the UMD slot metal tabs being easily bendable, too many inputs slots (they would rather an iPod-esque single input), and plastic bezel instead of the metal one used on the older PSP.

The fact that these are GamePro's four main gripes about the system is a testament to how well designed the new system is. We've been looking in-depth at our PSP-2000, and again, and once more for good luck, and have not found anything too alarming. If you were lucky enough to find a PSP Slim Daxter bundle, feel free to share your pet peeves with the rest of the class.

Joystiq & PSPFB hands-on PSP-2000: Part 3

With the new PSP-2000 available in the wild, we decided to answer a few more questions in this final iteration of our ongoing series. Want to know what new background colors are in firmware 3.60? Want to see the TV out function in action? Check out this video overview we made, then check more questions after the cut.

Continue reading Joystiq & PSPFB hands-on PSP-2000: Part 3

Inside the PSP-2000 launch bundles

Click for high-resolution image.

The Daxter bundle is available in select retailers today (call them before you head out!). But what's inside the box? Here we have your first look at the new PSP bundles. Inside, you'll see that the bundled UMDs do not come inside actual game cases. Rather, they're enclosed in cardboard paper sleeves that proudly proclaim "Not for Resale." Guess you won't be able to trade them into GameStop, huh?

Also included in our gallery are some high-res shots of the other packs, such as the Star Wars Battlefront combo. Check out the gallery for more:

Gallery: PSP-2000 Launch Bundles

PSP Lite launch delayed for the UK

The bad news keeps on rolling in for UK residents interested in picking up a PSP Lite. The redesigned handheld seemingly has been delayed nine days: from its "before the rest of the world" September 5th date to a much more somber "after the rest of the world" date of September 14th. No official response has been provided from Sony, but with no advertising, no AV cables, and a single color at launch, it seems Sony is poised to disappoint their European fans with a lackluster attempt at launching a new system.

AV cables not available at UK PSP launch

Some may say the biggest selling point of the newly redesigned PSP is its ability to output video to the TV. So, why are the cables not available at launch? Questioningly, the PSP-2000 will not get this system-defining peripheral at its launch. In terms of color selection, only Piano Black will be at launch. Ceramic White and Ice Silver seem to be MIA at the moment.

We contacted Sony Computer Entertainment America to see whether or not the AV cables will be available at the US system launch later this year. However, they've yet to return our e-mails. Stay tuned for more.

Joystiq and PSPFB hands-on with PSP-2000: Part 2

Yesterday, we answered your questions about the newly redesigned PSP, codenamed PSP-2000. Today, we'll explore the load times of games on Sony's redesigned handheld. With added RAM, games are supposed to load faster than the older model. Did we see an improvement? Also, we tackle some more questions from PSP Fanboy readers.

Do games load noticeably faster?
Submitted by: Hashbrown_Hunter
This took a lot of effort to piece together. It seems that games do load faster, although not as significantly as we would hope. In the above side-by-side video of the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront, you can see that although the games were launched at the same time, the PSP-2000 (the silver one) loads slightly faster than the original. It loads the level slightly faster as well. However, going through our games collection resulted in varying results -- some games didn't change at all, while games like Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow actually took longer on PSP-2000! It appears that games with significantly long load times are the ones to benefit the most. Check out our test results here. Check out Gamespot's test results, which feature different games, here.

Continue reading Joystiq and PSPFB hands-on with PSP-2000: Part 2

Joystiq and PSPFB hands on with PSP-2000: Part 1

This September, Sony will be unleashing the first ever revision of the PlayStation Portable. Codenamed PSP-2000, the system sports a new slimmer design, and the ability to display content on a television. There are a lot of mysteries surrounding the new system -- but tonight, we're going to clear things up. We asked the readers of PSP Fanboy to submit their questions and received about a hundred responses. That's a lot of ground to cover, so we're going to spend the next few days answering as many as we can. Let's begin.

The PSP-1000's volume wasn't that loud. Did they increase the volume?
Submitted by: dapurplebyrd
As you can see, the speakers on the new PSP (right) are not louder than the old PSP (left). With headphones on, the volume output is identical as well.

Continue reading Joystiq and PSPFB hands on with PSP-2000: Part 1

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