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PSP2 definitely coming?

Kotaku seems to think so. In a news post today they stated that various third party highly placed sources definitively confirm that the PSP2 is on the way (though it won't look like this). Apparently, third party publishers want to have games ready for the PSP2's launch, but Sony hasn't yet given them the kind of info they need to start creating games. This isn't a strange practice as with any system, the first party companies get the dev kits and system specs first, but hopefully they don't wait too long to send out that info. The rumor is that clear info on the PSP2 will hit at this year's E3 with a possibility of the system launching as early as the end of this year.

The system is said to have a beautiful screen (no change there), faster load times, better buttons, 8 gig internal flash, UMD support, and the possibility of a touch-screen and built-in camera. Kotaku didn't list their source specifically (why would they, no one wants to lose a job), but they were right about Sony's Home, so there's always a possibility this rumor will hold true as well. I personally think it's too early for a PSP2, but if it supports my old games I'd definitely upgrade.

Uh, not another bad PSP2 mock-up

When making a mock-up of a fake product, you should at least try to make it look better than its predecessor. This dual-screened PSP looks worse than either the DS Lite or PSP. It reeks of further unprofessionalism when you look closely at the logo: PS2P. Good job! (/end sarcasm)

Sony has denied the existence of a redesigned PSP, most recently at GDC. However, that won't stop some people from trying to hoax others into thinking its true.

[Via digg]

Not even a rumor: really bad PSP2 fake

Come one, come all ... let's look at the freakshow that is this PSP2 fake. If this were real, then we'd have to assume that Sony's fired all of their graphics designers because this is one of the worst Photoshop jobs I've seen. Heck, our own fan-created 'shop jobs were infinitely better than this. This horrifyingly uncomfortable-looking device is nicknamed the "Cobalt" and comes with these supposed specs:

• All Metal & Ruggedized Rubber Build
• 200% Brighter Screen
• Dual Analog Controllers
• Visual Battery Display
• 8GB Flash Drive
• Wifi (a,b,g)
• Bluetooth V.2 (A2DP, AVRCP)
• Firmware 4.07

Whoever made this design has either: a) never used a PSP (firmware 4.07???) or b) plays his PSP upside-down. I'd make fun of it more ... but I'll leave that up to you guys.

[Thanks, dondy! Via 1percent]

Speculation: Nvidia looking for eDRAM engineers; PSP2 on the horizon?

Sony and Nvidia have been friends for quite some time. While AMD provides the graphics technology behind the Xbox 360 and the Wii, the PLAYSTATION 3 is powered by Nvidia. Considering their partnership, Sony fanboys pay close attention to new moves that Nvidia makes. It appears that a recent job listing calls for a senior eDRAM design engineer, which is used extensively in video game consoles (including the PSP). The chances of a new eDRAM product to be used in a PC is slim, increasing the likelihood that a new video game product from Nvidia is nigh.

Considering Nvidia's exclusive relationship with Sony, any new video game product coming from the studio will most likely be an extension of the PlayStation brand. Considering how the PLAYSTATION 3 just came out, it seems unlikely that they're actively designing the PS4. Is a redesigned PSP, or a successor to the PSP, in the works? ps3gamer14 from the 1UP boards makes a good argument for it, but until we get more concrete evidence, this is simply speculation, at best.

What if the next PSP doesn't support UMD?

Lately there have been rumblings that Sony will release another version of the PSP. Some say it may include a hard drive, an i-Tunes like downloadable games solution or even two analog sticks. These all sound like great additions to Sony's console if they're included, but if they do go all download with their next gen PSP what happens to UMD?

I would personally prefer a downloadable solution as opposed to UMD (assuming the PSP gets a hard drive). Being able to download new PSP games from a PS3, computer or in store kiosk would not just add convenience, but would also reduce load times on the system. This would be important since one of the main gripes about the PSP is in fact the load times. Also, a gamer wouldn't have to swap a physical disc should they choose during their train ride to play a different game.

The only issue with no UMD on the next PSP would only occur if there wasn't any kind of UMD slot on the system. For even if the PSP2 didn't manufacture new games on a UMD, Sony has a heritage in gaming when it comes to backwards compatibility. This would be even worse if Nintendo's next system played both DS and Gameboy games. It would have the potential to alienate the millions of current PSP owners and that's something Sony can not afford to have happen.

Of course what should occur and what will occur can be very different things. Do you want the PSP2 to just use UMD again or would you like it to try either a cartridge or downloadable solution? Would you buy the next PSP if it didn't have a UMD slot at all?

Sony rep dismisses PSP redesign plans

Sony rep dismisses PSP redesign plans
There has been quite a bit of PSP redesign rumors flying around the last few weeks, but according to a Sony spokesperson, it's all for naught because there is no PSP redesign in the works.

"We currently have no plans to release another version of the PSP," the spokesperson said.

Hoping to make us all feel better, the spokesperson did say to expect a big showing at the Tokyo Games Show. "The camera and GPS peripherals will be the main attraction, and a total of 16 titles will be showcased to demonstrate the strong line-up of software that will be released towards the year."

Honestly, I really don't think the PSP needs a redesign all that much. I don't think the problem is with the hardware. If Sony put more effort into delivering useful firmware upgrades, original and captivating games and cheaper software, I think that would go further in generating more sales than a redesigned PSP.


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