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SingStar adds PSP-PS3 connectivity

UK retailer GAME may have accidentally leaked a crucial tidibt about the upcoming PS3 version of SingStar. The karaoke game allows wannabe performers to record their performances with EyeToy and post them online to a personal SingStar page. In addition, players will also be able to save their recordings to PSP, to share with friends at any time. With both a PSP system and SingStar handy, you'll be able to show off your next embarassing karaoke performance forever.

Gallery: SingStar (PS3)

[Thanks, Ben!]

XMB-ify your PC screensaver

Pictured above: my Desktop, with Agent Orange's XMB screensaver. It's a pretty nifty concept, inspired by the PSP and PS3's patented Cross Media Bar. This is a must-have for any Sony fanboy and can be found via DCEmu (registration required). For those of you that are hesitant on registration, feel free to download it directly here.

Sony's brand is still going strong

While browsing gaming sites and blogs, its hard to remember that we're part of a very small audience: the hardcore gaming crowd. Most people will stay far away from us, and won't be susceptible to internet memes about Sony's "failures" with the PS3 and PSP. While many will troll forums telling us of Sony's doom, it appears that the mass market hasn't noticed at all.

A recent survey of more than 2,000 individuals places Sony's brand in 9th place for "winners of 2006," in between two huge American icons: the NFL and Oprah. Even with exploding batteries and real-time weapons changing, people expect Sony to have an even better 2007. Naysayers can put their styluses away for now: Sony isn't going to disappear any time soon.

[Via DCemu]

Tekken appears on PS3 with more features, for less money

I reported earlier that Tekken: Dark Resurrection would appear on PlayStation 3 as a downloadable title via the PlayStation Store. It looks like the game's finally out... in Japan. The monstrous 830MB download features all the functionality of the PSP version of the game, such as ghost battling, but now comes in glorious 1080P full-HD. To add insult to injury, there's multiplayer included (no need for multiple machines and discs!), and the cost: a measly 2000 yen ($17).

Some of you disagreed with my prediction that the PS3 version would be cheaper. Looks like Sony's trend is to release PSP games... and then make them better and cheaper on the PS3. Does that sound fair to you?

[Via Joystiq]

GripShift remixed on PS3; PSP owners to get sequel

IGN blogger chubigans had the chance to talk to GripShift executive producer, Mario Wynands. Gripshift joins a number of games, such as Tekken: Dark Resurrection that are making the leap from PSP to PLAYSTATION 3. The "racing platformer" will feature some obvious improvements, such as HD visuals and real-time lighting, on the next-gen console.

However, PSP owners need not fret that they're being ignored. Mr. Wynands states, "It is definitely our intention to produce a full sequel of GripShift for PSP." While a sequel is exciting, what gets me truly revved up is the potential for a new original IP, something the PSP is certainly not unfamiliar with: " For PSP in particular, it's been interesting. We've certainly seen some great new IPs hit the handheld, made possible by the PSP being powerful but relatively cheap to develop for in comparison to console and also with a solid user base in place... We intend bringing more original IP to the PSP platform."

For the rest of this lengthy and revealing interview, head over to Club IGN.

Advanced Remote Play functionality coming in March

Remote Play is one of the more exciting things about the PS3-PSP connectivity. It's a nifty feature that allows you to access your PS3's media via PSP. While cool in theory, in practice, there's too many restrictions. Firstly, the PS3 can't do anything else when in Remote Play mode. Secondly, you have to be in range of the PS3's wi-fi. Finally, you can only access media stored on hard drive (no games, or disc media!).

It appears that a future firmware upgrade in March will address some of these issues. The future PLAYSTATION 3 upgrade promises multi-tasking, which should help address the first concern. Secondly, you'll be able to access your PS3's media from any internet connection, a la LocationFree Player. Certainly, this is a strong step forward. With the PS3 gaining Tivo-like functionality later next year, the PSP may be the perfect media device for people on the go. Imagine: you could record Battlestar Galactica when you're away, only to watch it from your PSP whenever you're near a wi-fi spot. The future of PS3-PSP connectivity is certainly exciting.

[Via IGN Boards]

Is that a PSP in your PlayStation 3?

Sony's been hyping up PlayStation 3's connectivity with the PSP. Game Watch took this picture of the PS3's XMB, revealing a happy PSP icon in the Network menu called "Remote Play". As previously stated, you'll be able to stream data onto your PSP from your PS3, such as video and game content. For example, if you want to throw one of the most expensive console multiplayer games ever, you could wirelessly connect four PSPs to your PSP and start playing (that's $1400 of hardware, baby! Of course, this is just speculation, and will most likely never happen). PSP-Vault also goes into some speculation, hoping for the ability to stream Blu-Ray movies to the PSP, and UMD movies to the PS3. The possibilties are endless, and we hope that Sony takes advantage of that huge potential.

PSP fans better start saving up: and they better save up a lot. The $500 PS3 does not feature wi-fi capabilties, so for PSP-PS3 connectivity to be fully realized, you'll have to go all the way.

Devil May Cry resurfaces

Capcom announced intentions of bringing Dante to the PSP a long, long time ago. Since then, we haven't even heard a murmur of a PSP version of Devil May Cry. Well, according to Jeux France, our fears can be rested: Devil May Cry for PSP will be coming. No new details were revealed, but the website has detailed scans from Famitsu of the upcoming PS3 sequel, Devil May Cry 4: The Awesomeness.

(Disclaimer: That subtitle's not real. It's what I like to call a "joke.")

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