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PSP Wi-Fi Store coming in Fall, new PS3-Infrastructure mode announced

Finally! Sony has announced that the long-awaited PSP Wi-Fi Store, which allows players to purchase and download content directly on the PSP (without the need for a PC or PS3), will be available this Fall in Japan. Most likely, this will be global simultaneous launch. To commemorate the opening of the new Store, a free downloadable game, Mainichi Issyo Portable, will be available to all.

In addition, Sony has announced that a new feature will allow players to connect their PSP to their PS3 systems and enable a new Infrastructure mode for certain games. For example, Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G will be online-enabled through the PS3. In addition, players will be able to add text and voice chatting capabilities through this service. Additional details will be revealed at a later date.

It looks like Sony isn't falling asleep with the PSP. Let's hope concrete release dates for these services will be available soon.

Don't Underestimate the Power of PlayStation: 10 best ads

Perhaps our previous feature on the ten worst PlayStation ads has left you with sleepless nights? We apologize for any bodily harm or psychological damage we may have caused you. You just need to remember that the history of PlayStation ads and campaigns is rich and rife with content. Sometimes these ads can be undeniable hits ... and sometimes they can be wayward misses. You just have to learn to take the good with the bad.

Like we promised, we're now presenting our top ten best PlayStation brand ads to balance out our previous feature. Are these good ones as memorable as the awful ones? Or are they not shocking enough to deserve your attention? You'll find out soon, won't you?

SCEA announces US releases for PS3/PSP games

Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) just announced some release dates and timeframes for their first-party 2008 titles. PS3 looks to be getting a lot of love. PSP? Not so much.

Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee 2 - June 3, 2008
Secret Agent Clank - June 17, 2008
NBA 09 - Fall 2008
BUZZ! Master Quiz - Fall 2008

wipEout HD - Summer 2008
Elefunk - Summer 2008
PixelJunk Eden - Summer 2008
SIREN: Blood Curse - Summer 2008
SOCOM: US Navy SEALs Confrontation - September 16, 2008

SOCOM: US Navy SEALs Confrontation - September 16, 2008
LittleBigPlanet - October 2008
NBA 09 - Fall 2008
BUZZ! Quiz TV - Fall 2008
MotorStorm Pacific Rift - Fall 2008
Resistance 2 - Fall 2008
Killzone 2 - February 2009

What ever happened to Tiki Games?

Remember Tiki Games? They're the guys that were working on an independent PSP title called Galaxy's End, a very solid RTS game we were able to test at last year's GDC. Our coverage on PSP Fanboy netted the development team a lot of prospects, but ultimately the team wasn't able to secure a publisher for Galaxy's End. Instead, the team moved on to their next project: a PS3 title that we hinted at many months ago (rather obscurely, in the comments section).

NovaStrike is hitting the PS3 as a downloadable title. Nodding its hat to retro gaming, this shooter looks like a very energetic addition to the PSN. We're hoping it does well, because we know the guys at Tiki are dying to make some PSP titles. If NovaStrike gets the attention we hope it does, Tiki might be able to get Galaxy's End into our hands afterall.

Gallery: NovaStrike

Blu-ray disc offers PSP owners portable movies

The upcoming BD Live standard (Blu-ray Profile 2.0) brings good things for PSP owners. Movies that follow the updated Blu-ray protocol can optionally offer handheld versions of the movie to be copied off the disc. You can, for example, have a Blu-ray version of Men in Black on your PS3 and copy a handheld version of the movie directly to PSP. "This way, you can have a portable copy you can take with you," explained David Bishop, president of Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, to PC World.

Sony's attempt to create a new format with UMD never worked out, but their efforts with Blu-ray have been more than commendable. With the HD format wars looking clearly in their favor, it's great to see that even PSP owners will be able to benefit from Sony's next-gen disc medium. We can't wait to take advantage of BD Live.

[Thanks, Russ M.!]

Play all your PS1 games on your PSP ... through Remote Play

Users have been reporting that Remote Play has been secretly updated in the last firmware revision. With PS3 2.10, PS3 owners that have a Remote Play-ready system will be able to play any PS1 game on their handheld. Yes, that includes both games downloaded from the Store and PS1 game discs. We've personally tried Wild Arms (the downloadable version) and confirmed that it will play via Remote Play. Our tipster tried playing Metal Gear Solid (on disc) and also found that it works. Happy news!

We find ourselves using Remote Play more and more with the inclusion of DivX and WMV playback. Now, PS1 support will increase our time spent with this feature.

[Thanks, Nick C.!]

How to download Beats with a PS3 (not a PC)

Okay, so maybe you don't have a Windows PC that is capable of running the PlayStation Network downloader. That's okay. You may have a Mac, or you might be running Linux -- or you're just too darn afraid to install a new program on your computer. Whatever the reason, there is an alternative ... provided you have a PS3.
  1. Visit the PLAYSTATION Store on any computer. Complete purchase of Beats, but do not download it.
  2. Log in to your PS3 using the same PSN account as the one used to purchase Beats.
  3. Go to PLAYSTATION Network on the XMB. Click on Account Management.
  4. Click on Transaction History.
  5. Then, click on Download List. You will see Beats on this list.
  6. Download to your PS3. Connect your PSP via USB and install your new favorite PSP game.
Hope this helps the few of you that simply cannot access the Store on your computer. If you're without a PS3 and a Windows PC, you're in tough luck for now. Why not just buy the game at a friend's house?

Confirmed: Lair can be played on PSP

No, this is not a joke. Lair can be played on PSP through PS3's Remote Play functionality. As discovered by Dubbedinenglish on the PlayStation forums, this is quite possibly the first Blu-ray PS3 game to run successfully on the PSP. By reducing the visual quality and increasing the response time, the game is actually quite playable. In fact, because the game uses the PSP's analog stick instead of tilt controls, it actually controls better than the PS3 counterpart.

Stay tuned for a video.

[Thanks, Nightz!]

Continue reading Confirmed: Lair can be played on PSP

Survey reveals more PS3 connectivity options

PlayStation Underground members recently received a survey, grilling them on potential PSP-PS3 connectivity features. While surveys aren't necessarily indicators of services to be offered, they do show what the company is experimenting with. Some potential ideas thrown around in the survey include:
  • Use the device to complete side missions for console games (unlockables, etc.).
  • Transfer media (music/pictures/video) wirelessly from the console to the device (broadcast television, new levels for games).
  • Use the device WHILE PLAYING the console game as an additional weapon/utility to help the gameplay (2nd player option, radar for incoming enemies, etc.).
  • Record console gameplay video for ...
We're most excited by the last option. Unfortunately, it appears to be cut off. Regardless, it's clear from this latest survey that Sony is serious about pursuing PSP-PS3 connectivity.

[Via PS3 Fanboy]

SingStar adds PSP-PS3 connectivity

UK retailer GAME may have accidentally leaked a crucial tidibt about the upcoming PS3 version of SingStar. The karaoke game allows wannabe performers to record their performances with EyeToy and post them online to a personal SingStar page. In addition, players will also be able to save their recordings to PSP, to share with friends at any time. With both a PSP system and SingStar handy, you'll be able to show off your next embarassing karaoke performance forever.

Gallery: SingStar (PS3)

[Thanks, Ben!]

March NPD reveals improving PSP sales--is it enough?

Sony issued a statement today, reminding gamers that the PlayStation brand continues to get stronger. According to NPD data, "March 2007 showed a 24% increase in retail dollars generated year-over-year for the PlayStation brand in North America with total sales of $447 million." The three-pillar strategy seems to be quite successful for Sony: sales from PS3, PSP, PS2 (and God of War II), are all adding green to Sony's wallet. PSP hardware has gained some momentum in March: up 2% over February with sales of 179,796 units. More importantly, software sales have experienced a 13% jump.

With a price drop at the beginning of April, next month's figures should prove even better for Sony. However, one has to question if the price drop will be enough. Nintendo DS sold through over half a million units in the same period--easily more than twice that of PSP. Sony may not be number one, but as long as it maintains steady growth and profitability, does it really matter? And most importantly, does it matter to gamers?

FolksSoul links PS3 and PSP together

A Japanese store listing for the upcoming PLAYSTATION 3 RPG, FolksSoul, showcases some of the game's myriad of features: 720p visuals, 7.1 Dolby Digital Sound and PSP connectivity. Wait, what was that last bit again? Connectivity between PSP and PS3 has always been hinted at before, but we haven't seen an actual game utilize it in a meaningful way. (The PSP also had connectivity features with certain PlayStation 2 games, but the feature was used quite sparingly.)

How will the upcoming PS3 game, FolksSoul, connect with PSP? It's unclear right now. However, if one looks back at the history of this intriguing RPG, one can see that it was originally titled Monster Kingdom: Unknown Realms. Does that name ring a bell? It should. The first Monster Kingdom was a PSP-exclusive RPG. As revealed in our interview with Atlus, Monster Kingdom was always meant to become a larger franchise. Could this cult RPG be part of the connection we're looking for?

See also:

New Folks Souls images for your enjoymulation

[Via PSP-Vault]

UK gamers left waiting for PSone game downloads

I've complained from time to time about the selection of downloadable PSone games for PSP in the US, but right now the UK has it much worse. At launch of the PS3, there are zero PSone games on the PlayStation Store for download to PSP. Sony hasn't made any statement as to when they'll show up, but the US had to wait a little while for this feature. Still, since the UK launch was much later than in Japan and the US, one would think Sony would have titles lined up for day one. In any case, let's hope for the sake of UK PS3 owners that the wait isn't too long.

[Via Games Radar]

Remote Play not enhanced in latest firmware? [Update 1]

We were told to expect Advanced Remote Play functionality in today's big PS3 update (version 1.6). Looks like we were played the fool: you will not be able to access your PS3's content from any wi-fi point: once again, you must be in wireless range of your PS3. Until they correct this, the Remote Play functionality loses a lot of its purpose: what's the point of being tethered so close to the system? Update 1: It looks like Sony has delivered, but in a very unreliable fashion. Personal tests show that a "PS3 is not detected" error message is given more often than not. A variety of factors may be causing this glitch: firstly, your PS3 may lose its internet connection, especially if it's not wired. Secondly, Folding@home seemingly activates even when your PS3 is in Remote Play mode, which can cause some glitches. Personally, I've been able to successfully connect to my PS3 from an external wi-fi source less than 1 in 10 times. We shall investigate further.

There are some additional improvements made in this firmware revision, but they are very subtle. You'll be able to easily register a PSP for Remote Play use by accessing Remote Play from System Settings on PS3. Also, you'll be able to connect a wi-fi bridge to 20GB PS3s, allowing them to interface with PSP like the 60GB versions do.

[Thanks, Ryan!]

PlayStation Store hits the web ... sort of

We've been clamoring for a version of the PLAYSTATION Store that doesn't involve owning a PS3. For whatever reason, Sony seems to think that making PSP downloads available on a system that isn't called a "PSP" is a smart decision. Well, hopefully Sony's web version of the PLAYSTATION Store is leading us in the right direction. It features all the recent updates made to the PLAYSTATION Store, including the latest downloadable PSP title, Wipeout. The only problem? You can't actually buy anything from this Store yet: it's just for perusal purposes only.

But certainly Sony will eventually be able to translate this interface for PSP? The system features a capable online browser that can handle transactions. Why not allow PSP users to simply browse and purchase items directly from their PSP internet browsers? We hope Sony's working on something--and soon.

[Via PS3 Fanboy]

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