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R-Type Command pre-order bonus is awesome

If you were on the fence about picking up R-Type Command, you may want to think again. Pre-orders of the upcoming tactical game will receive a rather spectacular bonus: a replica R-Type ship! For fans of the franchise, this bonus alone should be worth the cost of admission. Pre-order bonuses are available at, GameStop and GameCrazy.

Pre order Crisis Core, get a UMD case free

You're going to get Crisis Core, right? Might as well get a free bonus with it. Pre-orders of the game will include a special "Shin-Ra Electric Power Company" UMD case. Currently, only is showing the pre-order bonus, but other retailers should carry the bonus as well. The game releases March 25th. Happy shopping.

[Via CAG]

Patapon demo gives players exclusive weapon

You may want to rush over to GameStop. Why? By pre-ordering Patapon (for only $20, remember!) you will get a free demo disc. What makes this disc so special is that it allows you to create a save file compatible with the final version of the game. Yes, you'll actually get access to a brand new weapon that'll be available in the demo exclusively. The Spear of Protection, we assume, will uh, protect you.

This is an incredible bonus for a game you were going to buy anyway. According to the, the demo discs should arrive to your local retailer in the next week or so. Happy hunting!

Japan gets Butcher figure for Silent Hill pre-order

This is one of the best pre-order bonuses we've seen in quite some time. Japanese PSP fans that pick up Silent Hill Zero (known as Origins elsewhere) will get a free Butcher figure. This grim bonus comes at no additional cost, so long as you pre-order the game. Hopefully, Konami of America will do something similar.

[Via PSP GadgetZ]

Scandalous Haruhi figure for Japanese pre-order

Suzumiya Haruhi is huge in Japan, and the upcoming PSP game will most likely sell billions of copies. Japanese pre-orders include this incredibly revealing Haruhi figure, one that would make any otaku blush. This "Santa swimsuit," as it's being called, would be much too skimpy for use in the North Pole. Maybe they should consider renaming it?

[Via PSPHyper]

Star Wars Battlefront pre-order includes Carbonite case

We love the look of Carbonite. Star Wars geeks will be pleased to see that GameStop's pre-order for the upcoming PSP-exclusive Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron is a Han Solo Carbonite PSP case. Yes, it looks cool, but it has us wondering one thing: will this work on both the old PSP-1000 and the new PSP-2000? It looks like upcoming accessories are going to be a little bit trickier to purchase.

Heavy demand restricts choice for Japanese PSP pre-orders

It's true that Japan has far more colors to choose from than the upcoming American launch of the redesigned PSP. However, did you know that Japanese customers are facing serious restrictions too?

Sofmap in Akihabara has been meeting such wild demand for the redesigned PSP that customers are limited to only one system pre-order ... and aren't given the choice to pick a color. Amazon Japan pre-orders are already closed due to overwhelming demand.

It's great to see PSP start picking up the spotlight in a territory that's typically been dominated by a different handheld.

[Via Kotaku]

Pre-order Monster Hunter Freedom 2 and get a plush

Asia got some pretty awesome loot for their pre-order bonuses. Posters, scarves, gold rings ... So what does America get? A Watermelon Pet Poogie plush.

Cute? Yes. Exciting? Not really. To get your pre-order bonus, stop by a GameStop.

[Via CAG]

Korea gets Monster Hunter swag

Doesn't that Monster Hunter bracelet (pictured, right) look hot? In celebration of the Korean release of the insanely popular RPG, one random purchaser of the game was treated to one of the sexiest pieces of swag we've seen. According to Ruliweb, ten others were treated to some impressive action figures.

However, no one walked away empty-handed. Like the Japanese, Koreans were treated to other swag items for pre-ordering. Early adopters received some premium posters.

Capcom hasn't announced any incentives for the impending US release. But, if we're lucky enough, we'll also be able to get our hands on some swag of this caliber.

[Thanks, Mike for the translation! Via PSP-Vault]

Up-close with the Metal Gear Solid pre-order case has some very revealing pictures of the upcoming Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops pre-order case. If you didn't know, you get this swag for free by pre-ordering the upcoming PSP-exclusive action game at Gamestop. It appears that it actually latches onto your PSP in a snap-on fashion. While it looks cool, it doesn't appear to protect the PSP's screen... defeating the purpose of a case? Regardless, it looks good, and Metal Gear fans won't want to miss this.

[Thanks, Joel!]

Gitaroo Man pre-order swag (and other less important games)

Gitaroo Man Lives! plans on burnin' down the PSP come November 14th, and if you pre-order the game online at Gamestop, you'll not only secure yourself a copy of the game, you'll also get a 5-pin set (which looks suspiciously like the ones given away in Europe a while back). Although the game is merely an updated port of the PS2 cult classic, there are tons of people out there that haven't had a chance to play this rad game from the creators of import-favorite Ouendan. It received some rave reviews, so don't be afraid to break out the dough.

It appears as if you'll be able to pre-order Pimp My Ride and NFL Street 3 and get some swag too, but I stopped reading 'round there. You can head over to Gamestop Gamespot (why are they named so similarly???!) to get all the details.

Free t-shirt with Vice City pre-order

You probably don't need any more motivation than awesome graphics and gameplay in order to pick up Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories. Or maybe you do. That's where free t-shirts come in. According to janamil of the forums, EBGames is offering a free t-shirt for pre-ordering the game. Not too shabby. So, if you've run out of things to wear, head over to GameSpot/EBGames and give them your money. (While you're there, don't forget to ask for a few free demo UMDs that they're sure to be hoarding!)

Gangs of London and SOCOM demo UMDs spotted

It appears that Sony's been making a lot of demo UMDs lately. The Killzone: Liberation UMD seems to be sent to random PlayStation Underground members and will also be available on newsstands in the next Official US PlayStation Magazine. But there are two more UMD demos to be clamoring for now: Gangs of London, which we assumed would no longer arrive after the game's website stopped taking orders for demos. SOCOM: Fireteam Bravo 2's demo UMD can be secured by pre-ordering the game at GameStop. That seems a little dumb (aren't demos supposed to help uninterested people in purchasing the game?) but maybe you can hassle your local GameStop employee to give you a disc for free, sans pre-order.

[Via IGN Boards]

Metal Gear Solid case free with pre-order

You're probably going to get Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops anyways, but if for some crazy reason you're still on the fence, Konami has offered one of the cooler pre-order bonuses I've seen in quite some time. Pre-order the game at Gamestop and you'll get a case for your system for free. Not just any case, though. A pretty spiffy-looking silver case with the image of Snake giving a salute. This is some classy stuff, and is sure to be as eye-catching as the $500 Signature Edition PSPs.

[Via Gamespot]

Best Buy steals your money with GT4 preorder

Over-enthusiastic fanboy-reader buzaw0nk saw pre-orders for Gran Turismo Mobile available at and rushed to secure his copy. I mean, it comes out November 1st! And at $40, it doesn't seem like too bad of a deal, right?

Wrong. It appears that Best Buy just wants your pre-order deposit. doesn't have the game in their database and neither does The last time Sony even spoke about Gran Turismo for PSP was in January, when they "delayed" the game. To make matters worse, the game doesn't even appear on the (admittedly incomplete) TGS showing they have planned.

buzaw0nk, just cancel your pre-order before Best Buy steals your money for good. I'm guessing this game (if it ever comes) won't come out for a very long time.

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