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Go!Cam heads to Europe May 16th

Months after the initial Japanese release, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe is finally announcing the release of Go!Cam, the PSP camera. The video and photo camera will release on May 16th and will retail for €49.99 (£34.99). Go!Cam has a built in microphone and the ability to change the direction of the camera lens vertically by 180 degrees. The European equivalent of Chotto Shot appears to be Go!Edit, an application which allows users to edit their photos and videos.

''Go!Cam is fantastic news for all those PSP owners looking for something new, fun and creative," said Stephane Hareau, PSP Marketing Manager, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. "With Summer around the corner and the ability to turn your PSP into a mini camcorder and capture all the best moments in your life, this is yet another reason to get a PSP and to take advantage of truly portable entertainment. It demonstrates yet again the potential, versatility and evolving nature of PSP.''

No American release has been announced yet.

A beautiful Remote Play video [Update 1]

Remote Play really is quite an amazing feature, for those of you with PLAYSTATION 3s. PSP GadgetZ took this lovely direct-feed video of the PSP accessing the PS3's XMB, and it's amazing how quick and seamless the transition is. The video shows you the PS3's impressive Photo slideshow playback, and music visualizations (which easily trump the PSP's new visualizations). It also shows you how videos play with absolutely no lag or loading at all. Wow! I'm very impressed. The PSP really has become a "virtual PS3." Now, how do I get a PLAYSTATION 3 without selling one of my body parts?

[Update 1: Gizmodo unfortunately tells us that the PS3 is non-functional while in Remote Play mode. What? I hope Sony fixes this in a future firmware upgrade. You would think with the massive power of Cell, it can send a signal to the PSP AND do other things.]

Video Sandwich: October 24, 2006

The PSP can be a lot of things. It can take pictures, for example. Sony Japan's newest ad shows off the upcoming PSP camera and all the fun things you can do to harass Japanese businessmen. Awesome~! I hope once the device comes to the States, all members of the press start carrying this peripheral around: photos like these will make the news so much more interesting, because everything's at least 30% funnier when a giant afro is transplanted on top of someone's head!

But once you've taken such classy photos, you'll want to show them off... with style. An enthusiastic fan has crafted an elaborate, elegant wooden frame for his PSP. Just drop the PSP in and let it display your photos. It'll look a whole lot cooler than a traditional photo frame, and it'll kill a lot less trees. And we love trees, don't we?

Play with the Chotto Shot official website

The PSP camera peripheral comes with software called Chotto Shot. It reminds me a lot of the Game Boy Camera from way back in the day (and Nintendo's Photo Channel on the Wii): you can manipulate the pictures and videos you capture and make them more colorful, lively, or simply disturbing (pictured above). The Japanese official website features tons of footage from the game, and to be honest, I sort of want one now. But, will the novelty of making sticker picture-quality images stay for long?

[Via PSP-Vault]

TGS 06: PS3 XMB gets very sexy

We all know the PlayStation 3 will have the same XMB as the PSP. However, there are some very pretty improvements. Phil Harrison demoed the console's photo ability and it is absolutely beautiful. Unlike the PSP, the PS3 can manipulate your photographs and make them appear as physical photos in a 3D environment. With upgradeable firmware, the PS3 will be able to have even more functionality as well.

The browser will also have multiple tabs, a la Firefox. The console will also support one universal login for online games (according to the 1UP Show). Hopefully, the improvements made to the XMB on the PlayStation 3 will find their way over to the PSP in a future firmware version.

Say hello to homebrew on 2.80 PSPs

Over the past few weeks, the homebrew community has been working hard on a new exploit in PSP firmware that would allow users of PSPs 2.0+ (including the recently released 2.80) run homebrew without Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. NOPx86, a team of coders, worked to take advantage of a flaw in libtiff. What that means is that the potential for homebrew is here: and it's easy as well. The team released a "Hello World" application as a proof of concept, and you can try it out yourself here. Just extract the image, place it in PSP's PHOTO directory, and then try to view the image. You'll see the homebrew message working, even on a 2.80 PSP!

This is absolutely fantastic, especially because of how incredibly easy this is. Try it out, and who knows what kind of exciting new developments we'll see?

[Thanks PSPFan]

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