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Hacker creates a real, functional PSP phone

Tired of waiting for Sony to make their own PSP phone, a hacker created his own functional prototype. By gutting out the UMD drive from the PSP, he made room for a fancy touch screen phone. It's impressive, although some may complain that this is nothing more than a fancy piecemeal job, as there's no real integration between the PSP gaming compartment and the phone itself.

[Thanks, NukeAssault! Via Engadget]

PSP Phone rumors resurface

These PSP Phone rumors just won't go away, will they? Another one has surfaced today via UK marketing magazine, Marketing Week. Their sources say that a phone incorporating elements from the PSP will be out in time for Christmas 2009. Interestingly, the article also intimates that "the relationship between Sony and Sony Ericsson has become 'frosty'" and that "Sony would "never give its PlayStation branding" to the Sony Ericsson joint venture." Interesting.

If this phone is in the works, despite a breakdown between Sony and Sony Ericsson, could Sony be working on it alone? state that Sony have previously confirmed that they are not working with Sony Ericsson on any such device. We'll be keeping our ear to the ground in case any new information becomes available.


It's not the PSP phone but ...

Sony Ericsson has unveiled its new gaming phone. It's not the elusive "PSP phone" that many have been searching for, but it'll suffice for now. The games available on the F305 are going to be incredibly simple, with 2D era graphics. There are PlayStation buttons, but only two: a O and X button. The camera phone will feature "EDGE speeds, a Memory Stick Micro slot, a 2-inch 176 x 220 display and some music playback features."

For us gamers, this phone does nothing to attract us. It's going to take something really big to tug us away from keeping our PSPs in our pants.

[Thanks, xzentrico! Via Engadget]

Yet another PSP phone patent surfaces

The PSP Phone is quite the legend in this neck of the woods. It's no secret that Sony Ericsson wants to create a hybrid phone/gaming device. The number of murmurs heard throughout the web attest to that fact. However, it looks like the company has created failed attempt after another, as patents slowly become unearthed. Unwired View happend to stumble upon another. This design reminds us of what the PSP would look like if it had kids with the Game Boy Micro.

Will the PSP Phone ever become reality? Chances are, yes. The real question is: when?

[Via Pocket Gamer]

The dream continues: supposed PSP Phone image [Update]

The internet is abuzz yet again about the PSP Phone. The rumor-that-won't-go-away makes a return in this supposed magazine scan, which displays the supposed device. The image illustrates how both gaming and phone calls would work in this effort by Sony Ericsson. We have to admit, it does look quite nice. But, does it look real? We're still a bit skeptical on this one. We certainly wouldn't mind if this were real -- but for now, we're only dreamers.

Update: Our skepticism was right: looks like this was just a mock-up created by the magazine. Thanks to everyone that noticed this!

[Thanks, Jerome D.! Via MAXCONSOLE]

Sony Magazine says 'PSP style phone in the works'

You'd think something named "Sony Magazine" would know a thing or two about what's going on with Sony. But they oh-so-casually appear to reference "a new PSP-style phone" in the latest issue. It doesn't go into too many details, but suggests that "it could be in the shops as early as February." That seems unlikely, considering we haven't heard a peep from Sony regarding the matter, and it wasn't showcased at the Consumer Electronics Show in January. Phones are electronics for consumers, right?

But this isn't the first time we've heard of the so-called PSP phone. So many rumors have rocked the web that we feel like it's not a question of it, but rather a question of when.

[Via Engadget]

Skype support will be limited to PSP-2000

The rumors of Skype support coming to the PSP have now been confirmed by Japan's Nikkei Net news organization. Unfortunately for most PSP users, however, the news service stated that Skype support will be limited to the PSP-2000, but that it may come as soon as this month.

Skype service will be free for PSP-to-PSP and PSP-to-PC calls and vice versa. Additionally, users can register for a dedicated number for around $20 every three months for what should provide support for landline and cellphone calls. The software will more than likely be part of a future firmware update, and users will use an external microphone for communication.

At this point, we're not entirely sure why service is limited to the PSP-2000. Could there be some other hardware addition to the updated handheld that we didn't previously know about, or could this be a diabolical scheme to get us to upgrade our PSPs? Whatever the case may be, we know we certainly want to use this new technology that more or less answers the question whether Sony is interested in a PSPhone.

[Via Gamespot, Thanks for the tip, Jay!]

Yet another fake PSP phone concept

People are seriously clamoring for a PSP phone. We've seen a number of fake designs in our time, however this is easily the sexiest so far. The sliding design of this concept drawing shows how a widescreen display can still be used in a compact form figure. Add an iPhone-esque sheen to it, and you have yourself one truly desirable gadget.

Too bad this isn't real -- but who knows? Maybe the kind folks at Ericsson are paying attention right now ...

[Thanks, Steve C.! Via Pocket-Lint]

Sony continues to talk PS Phone possibilities [Update]

It's probably safe to say Sony has had an on-again, off-again relationship with the PlayStation Phone. Top executives have gone on record to confirm work is being done on the hybrid gaming handheld and cell phone and have also even claimed they knew nothing about it. Well, mark down another Sony exec who's incredibly excited about its possibilities.

"The PlayStation is a proven success and so is Sony Ericsson," said Jim Ryan, Sony Computer Entertainment's co-chief operating officer, in an interview with the Economic Times. "Convergence with the two arms working together is definitely plausible. It is hugely intellectually seductive to have a console oriented phone."

[Insert random N-Gage joke here.] "While the Cybershot and Walkman are better selling brands from the Sony fold, Playstation almost enjoys cult status ... [and the two] would make a strong success story for Sony," he added. At this point we'd appreciate less talk and more action out of the Sony camp. If you're going to do it, then do it.

[Update: Sony has denied this rumor. "Jim Ryan was misquoted in his interview and we do not have any plans at the moment for a PlayStation phone."]

PlayStation Phone development continues

Late last month, Sony Ericsson's Peter Ahnegard said the company is definitely looking into the possibility of a PlayStation Phone but that he wouldn't comment further until Christmas. Well, the President of Sony Ericsson Miles Flint couldn't wait that long.

Flint told the Financial Times the "technology behind such a device was still some way from being perfected." He also said, "We need to make sure that it is a credible phone and be sure we are justified in putting that identity on it."

That's actually a pretty good point. It's obvious the PS Phone would be Sony's third tier gaming platform, so how many people would really be interested in toting around yet another handheld gaming device? Wouldn't a VOIP service like the one in the works for Europe not only make more sense but also be cheaper on the wallet?

PlayStation Phone "obviously" being looked into

In an interview with Pocket Gamer, Peter Ahnegard, "gaming guru" at Sony Ericsson, had a few choice words about the long-rumored PlayStation Phone. "Up until today we haven't felt we could launch a PlayStation phone because it wouldn't be recognised as a true continuation of that brand of products."

Of course, his wording caught the attention of the interviewer, who wanted to know more about what "until today" meant. The answer confirms a PS phone, but does so in a vague and a generally un-helpful way: "It's obviously something that we're looking at but right now I can't really comment. Before Christmas, certainly ... but exactly which Christmas I can't confirm!"

Well, it looks like we'll get our PS Phone Christmas 2007 2008 2009?

[Via Joystiq]

SCEE CEO knows nothing about a PSP phone

The PSP phone isn't happening ... or David Reeves, CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, has been left in the dark. After some very detailed patent filings were unveiled, the Sony CEO has responded, flatly denying the possibility of such a product. "I know the head of Sony Ericsson very well," he told MCV. "He has a Walkman phone and a Cybershot phone available, but I know nothing about a PSP phone."

He adds, "I haven't heard anything about it at all – and I would know. They wouldn't develop it without our knowledge."

Of course, in the games industry, it's not uncommon for an executive to be kept out of the loop.

[Via Next Gen]

Sony Ericsson files PSP-esque gaming phone patent

Sony Ericsson has recently filed a patent for a gaming phone that looks more than a little inspired by the PSP. The ability to play games is a central focus of the device, as indicated by the need to suspend games for phone calls (pictured, above). Sony has hinted time and time again at the possibility of a PlayStation phone ... it looks like this is taking the idea one step closer to reality.

[Via Pocket Gamer]

PSP gains phone functionality in UK

Sony Computer Entertainment of Europe has partnered up with BT to provide "high-quality video calls, voice calls and text messaging" for PSP users. The four-year deal will first provide Softphone, a service which will allow PSP owners to communicate with other internet-connected Softphone users (similar to other VoIP services). The program will eventually expand so that PSP owners can make calls to standard land and mobile phones.

David Reeves, president of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, said: "It is very exciting for us to be partnering with BT on such a unique project. The opportunity to combine our market leading expertise with BT's knowledge in communications opens up many possibilities and we look forward to bringing many exciting communication functions to PSP fans."

An American version has yet to be announced. However, a look into the PSP firmware reveals future plans for a Skype extension. We hope that VoIP will be made available soon for PSP users all over the world.

[Thanks, KanataThunder!]

What would the PlayStation Phone have?

It's the rumor that won't go away, and for good reason. Pocket Gamer explores the legend of the PlayStation Phone, and why it's so believable. The primary reason is history: Synergy with other Sony properties is a common practice for the phone maker. For example, the Walkman music phone, the Cybershot camera phone, and the Bravia TV phone. Certainly, a PlayStation phone would fit perfectly in this family.

Pocket Gamer suggests that the PS Phone should resemble the sliding Sony w850i (pictured). When open, the phone will have the necessary keys for making phone calls. However, when closed, the device would resemble a PSP, and feature Sony's distinctive button layout.

The phone would also need impressive 3D capabilities. Nvidia, the graphics provider of PS3, has proven it can provide top-of-the-line graphics on phones, and we'd expect no less on the PS Phone. Connectivity with PSP and PS3 would be vital, and as such Bluetooth and wi-fi support would be necessary. Add music and video capabilities, and a camera, and this dream phone will have it all--and the pricetag to boot. (It would be in the astronomical range of Apple's iPhone.)

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