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Brighten up your night with more than an LCD: a glowing face plate!

If your PSP is starting to appeal dull or boring, perhaps you should use it to play games instead of a decorative belt buckle. We're sure someone's doing that. But in all sincerity, Divineo products have released glowing face plates for the PSP -- giving the handheld a customized look during the day and night [easier to steal, so ladies (and a few gents), make sure you put it in a purse villains cannot see through!].

The thing works like any other glow-in-the-dark trinket: it absorbs light during the day and splashes your face in its warm glowing warming glow at night. If you think this is awesome, by all means, snatch one up! Use it as a night light, or a glowstick at a rave. It basically builds the uses for your PSP by expontential proportions.

[via DCEmu]

Another waterproof baggie keeps PSP safe in the shower

About a month ago, we posted about a ziplock-like baggie to shield your PSP while you game in the shower. Today, we've got another similar accessory that will keep your PSP waterproof. This one looks more stylish than the first -- with that nice little handle and complimentary suction cup clips which keep the item neatly hanging on the shower wall.

This new bag comes from Cyber Gadgets. It's made from thick vinyl material and is large enough to house both fat and slim PSPs, as well as a TV tuner. The bag also keeps afloat. It's priced at about ¥1280 (US$12.35). To see more pictures of the product, click right here (note: scroll down once at the link).

[Via Game Watch]

Carry four extra memory sticks with UMEMD

We all know that just one memory stick isn't enough for our PSP gaming and multimedia needs. That's exactly why a group called Team Xecuter came up with this UMEMD carrying case that can hold up to four memory stick pro duos.

The case is shaped like a UMD. The reason for this is that it will save pocket space by fitting right inside the PSP where the usual UMD game would go. Only drawback is that the case is only good for PSP-1000s. Also, it is obviously not as useful if you're planning to play a UMD-based game. It is, however, great for playing PSN downloaded games saved on the memory stick, storing that humongous music library of yours, and/or keeping your entire photo album with you on the go.

So far, no price has been set. Team Xecuter plans on selling these little babies in two weeks time.

[Via DCEmu Forums]

Rumor: New accessories coming in April

A supposedly leaked PowerPoint presentation revealed some potentially new accessories from Sony. If this information turns out to be true, PSP owners can anticipate a new traveler case and Media Manager software this coming April/May. Both will retail for $20. More exciting, however, is the potential for a Skype Headset Kit. Currently, PSP owners must purchase two separate accessories in order for Skype to work. Providing one easy to purchase solution is far more ideal.

The same PowerPoint presentation also mentions that SCEA is planning to release the GPS peripheral in America for under $150. Unfortunately, when asked for comment, a SCEA rep informed us that "any information is speculation and rumor."

How to recharge your PSP with flair, without plugs

External power supplies, especially those for recharging batteries, are generally cumbersome, heavy, and all-around not worth the effort of lugging around. Take an evolutionary step with us, as we take a look at the UUEPRB -- that's USB Universal External Portable Rechargeable Battery, if you want to sound more impressive. The thing is very small and incredibly lightweight, but best of all, it can recharge our PSP's on the go!

It works exactly as you'd imagine -- just plug it into your handheld and wham! Instant battery life. For the price of about $40, it doesn't seem like a very bad deal, especially if you're on a particularly lengthy airplane or car ride and don't have ready access to an outlet. Otherwise, we don't see much reason for this device as we generally aren't away from an outlet for more than a few hours each day. Still, worth a gander if you take a lot of trips!

[via N4G]

Deal of the Day: 20% off PSP accessories

PSP has more than enough accessories: from speakers, to cases, to wifi adaptors, and more. Well, now's your chance to go on a shopping spree. CompUSA is having a 20% sale on all PSP accessories. Sale ends tomorrow, so if you want to take advantage of these deals, you'll have to act pretty quickly.

[Via CAG]

Price and more revealed for PSP camera, GPS addon [Update 1]

A German video-game news site is reporting Sony has finally released some solid information about its two upcoming PSP peripherals - the camera and GPS add-on.

According to the site, the PSP camera will be released in Japan Nov. 2 for 5,000 Yen (roughly $43) and will have 480x272 resolution for videos and 640x480 resolution for photos. In addition, it will be able to record 15 seconds of video and will be bundled with Chotto Shot photo software.

The GPS add-on will be released in Japan Dec. 7 for 6000 Yen (about $51) and will include Navigation software. Also, it the following games will have GPS support: Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops, HomeStar Portable, and Everybody's Golf.

Still no word on a North American release date. Schucks.

[Thanks daniel-kun! Via Evil Avatar]

[Update 1, from Andrew, because he loves you. New, shinier pictures attached. Stolen from Joystiq]

Continue reading Price and more revealed for PSP camera, GPS addon [Update 1]

Griffin joins the PSP peripheral ranks

Despite their late entry into the PSP arena, Griffin is no minor league player in the long-standing peripherals ballgame. Serious followers and fashion victims of Apple’s iPod line have long had Griffin products to embellish their shiny white gizmos, but now a whole new army of consumers with shiny black, widescreened gizmos can get their share of the action.

Griffin announced three new PSP-geared products: the iFM PSP, the iTrip PSP, and the SmartShare PSP. The iFM and the iTrip (which both retail for $50) are radio receivers and transmitters, respectively. The iFM adds radio functionality to the PSP and adds a remote control function as well, while the iTrip acts like a standard FM transmitter that can beam audio signals from the PSP to any nearby radio. The SmartShare, despite the market-ey name, is simply a headphone port splitter with separate volume controls that will sell for $15.

Now that a major manufacturer like Griffin’s on board, there’s a good chance that other competitors will also see the market penetration that the PSP has and get on the bandwagon as well. It’s looking more and more like we’re finally entering the PSP’s golden age, folks; and it’s looking good. About friggin’ time, I say.

[Via Engadget]

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