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Worldwide PSP releases for the week of October 26

It's another solid week and one where North America finally outshines Japan. There seems to be a little something for everyone: fighting, strategy, platformers and other action titles.

NA Games:
EU Games:
Asian Games:
On a closing note, Manhunt 2? Finally.

PS Store video content updated

Need something to watch tonight or over the weekend? Then don't forget the video service option on the PS Store. You see, the store is updated as it comes in and not every Thursday like the games side. So, to make things easier for all of you to keep up on what's new, PlayStation.Blog has listed all the new television shows and featured films added to the shop. You can view that list after the break.

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Worldwide PSP releases for the week of Feb. 17 [Update]

So it looks like us gamers in the United States will be stuck playing our Patapon demo for another week while those in Europe get to enjoy the full greatness of the game.

North America Games
Europe Games
Asia Games
In other regions, if you're a fan of either Dynasty Warriors or Samurai Warriors, you may want to check out Musou Orochi. It combines both games and characters into a singular action epic.

[Editor's Note: We incorrectly listed flOw as releasing this week. Although the official PlayStation website lists it as releasing this week, it is supposed to release March 6th. We'll try to get a clarification from SCEA soon.]

Worldwide PSP releases for the week of Feb. 10

We're gonna go ahead and state the obvious - this is a very good week to be a PSP owner in every major region throughout the world.

North America Games
Europe Games
Asia Games
The heavy hitters throughout are, of course, Wipeout Pulse, Castlevania: Dracula X Chronicles and Downstream Panic!, but Europe and Asia get a few more games to help round out the week. Despite assurances from the Sony's official PSP site that Dungeon Explorer: Warrior of the Ancient Arts will also be releasing in North America this week, both Gamestop and Amazon list the title to release on Feb. 26. Oh well, it's not like there's not enough for us to play this week, right?

Worldwide PSP releases for the week of Feb. 3

Despite the fact that there's not much PSP action in North America this week, the two other major regions are getting some games that should please just about all PSP owners.

North America Games
Europe Games
Asia Games
It seems weird that the Final Fantasy remakes are just now getting their European releases, since they were released Stateside in June and July last year. In Asia, gamers are getting yet another Gundam title, and they usually sell like hotcakes so it will be interesting to see how well it does.

[Edit: Oops, we were wrong, or should we say Sony's official PSP site failed to list Downstream Panic! as shipping this week.]

Worldwide PSP releases for the week of Jan. 20

After a few weeks without nary a release in any region, we're back to seeing the normal flow of games. While Rainbow Islands Evolution may not be the big-name release that some of you have hoped for, we're sure a few people out there have been anticipating its release.

North America Games
Europe Games
  • No new releases
Asia Games
If importing is in your nature, you might want to check out Yggdra Union, which is a remake of the GBA version released in 2006. It's a tactical RPG, so if you've already beaten Jeanne d'Arc and Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness, this could be right up your alley.

Worldwide PSP releases for the week of Jan. 13

It seems as if it's another slow week in the PSP world as there's only one game releasing this week across all major regions.

North America Games
Europe Games
  • No new releases
Asia Games
  • No new releases
If you like big crashes in your racers, then FlatOut: Head On will probably be of interest to you. It features several modes of play including a destruction derby, ragdoll stunt mode and WiFi multiplayer.

Worldwide PSP release for the week of Jan. 6

Last week was pretty bad since there wasn't any PSP release across all major regions. However, we told you that there'd definitely be something coming out this week, and here we are.

North America Games
Europe Games
Asia Games
Now see there? Hopefully, everyone will be pleased with what will be new to the PSP section this week. Of course, North American gamers are finally going to experience all the fun those DS guys had with Phoenix Wright when Harvey Birdman drops.

Worldwide PSP releases for the week of Dec. 30

We're not sure how often this has happened, but it seems that no games will be releasing on the PSP across all three major regions.

NA Games
  • No new releases
EU Games
  • No new releases
Asia Games
  • No new releases
Chances are, it's probably not that big a deal for most of you since you're all very busy with all the great games you received for Christmas. But if you're a bit disappointed, rest assured that next week the PSP is definitely getting new games.

Worldwide PSP releases for the week of December 2

Yay for licensed games! While some people would normally be upset with most of the games being released this week of the licensed variety, we're just happy that we're getting any releases at all, which hasn't happened in North America the past couple weeks. Across the pond, however, the Europeans are rewarded with a massive release of games. Good luck playing them all!

Importers will be most interested in Yuusha, the new anti-hero RPG that's been gaining a fair bit of attention amongst the PSP hardcore.

NA Games
EU Games
Asia Games
Noticeably absent from this week's releases is Atari Classics Evolved, which is apparently delayed until early 2008. Despite that, however, we're sure gamers from all regions can find something worthwhile to play this week.

Worldwide PSP releases for the week of November 25

Another week goes by and there's nothing for us poor North American gamers. Like last week, the Europeans get several great games, though.

NA Games
  • No new releases
EU Games
Asia Games
It seems like we'll be spending another week playing our backlog of games like Silent Hill Origins. Speaking of which, has there ever been a game with more locked and barricaded doors?

Worldwide PSP release for the week of November 18

The next few weeks are going to be pretty boring for U.S. PSP owners as it's looking like we'll have to wait until early December before we get any meaningful releases. However, the outlook isn't quite as bleak for our friends across the pond as they're getting a few games this week.

US Games
  • No new releases
EU Games
Asia Games
While it's certainly a bummer not to have any new games, we can always fall back on recent releases like Silent Hill Origins and Warhammer 40K: Squad Command to get us through these dark times.

Worldwide PSP releases for the week of November 4

We're sure this is going to be a great week for PSP owners due to the release of several highly anticipated titles, including Silent Hill Origins and SOCOM: Tactical Strike, which Andrew gave a 9.5 and said was an easy candidate for the PSP's game of the year.

US Games
EU Games
Asia Games
While there isn't a lot being released this week in Europe, Smackdown vs. Raw 2008 should be entertaining, and now Japan finally gets Castlevania: Dracula X Chronicles, so they should be happy. Overall, this is a much better week than last week.

Worldwide PSP releases for the week of October 28

This week's big releases are the uber violent and highly criticized Manhunt 2 and finally Nippon Ichi's Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness. Unfortunately for our European and Asian brothers, there's not much in the way of new software this week.

US Games

EU Games
Asia Games
  • No new releases
While there isn't a lot to go around in any region, don't be sad because Silent Hill Origins and Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops + will hit in a few weeks.

Worldwide PSP releases for the week of October 21

Gamers rejoice, for we are finally blessed with Rondo of Blood when Castlevania: Dracula X Chronicles releases this week. Not only do you get a graphically updated port of the legendary TurboGrafx-16 sidescroller, but the original title and Symphony of Night can be unlocked. Too sweet.

US Games

EU Games
Asian Games

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