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Firmware 3.51 now available on Network Update

Days after a Lumines exploit allowed all PSPs to be downgraded, Sony has released a minor security patch in the form of firmware 3.51. This incremental update doesn't offer any new functionality. Rather, it corrects the flaw found in Lumines. Those that are interested in upgrading to the latest firmware should use Network Update from their PSPs. Officially, the update includes:
  • Revisions to strengthen security have been added.
And that's it.
[Thanks, Reuban!]

Firmware 3.40 now available on Network Update


As predicted, PSP firmware 3.40 is now available via Network Update. The latest update to Sony's handheld includes the following features:

  • Support for PLAYSTATION Network titles has been expanded.
  • The method of managing certificates under [Game] has been changed.
Certainly not one of the more exciting updates in recent memory. Coincidentally, the PLAYSTATION 3 has also been updated today. The PS3 can now supposedly play downloaded PS1 titles, and by using the two systems in tandem, one can play a game on PS3, save, and then continue playing that title on the go. Unfortunately, as of this writing, we've been unable to make this work.

To download the latest update, run Network Update on your PSP.

[Update: The update is now available to download via a computer. Visit the official US PlayStation site.]

Certificate Utility removed in firmware 3.40


The Korean PlayStation website has announced the arrival of yet another update to PSP's official firmware. However, unlike previous updates, this revision will actually remove some functionality from the system. We've translated the text--it appears "Certificate Utility" will no longer appear on the XMB. Rather, the information used to be available in this section will be embedded directly into the games downloaded from the PLAYSTATION Store. This is a rather minor, but puzzling change.

According to the Korean website, the firmware will be released tomorrow, 4/19.

[Via PSP Hacks]

Firmware 3.30 now available on Network Update

What big Microsoft news? Sony sneakily snuck out a new firmware upgrade for PSP: the first in almost two months. Here's the list of the improvements for this firmware revision:
  • Support for displaying thumbnails for items has been added under [RSS Channel].
  • Support for PLAYSTATION Network titles has been expanded.
  • The size of videos that can be played under [Video] has been increased.
  • Support for displaying thumbnails for content saved in the "VIDEO" folder of a Memory Stick has been added under [Video].
Update 2: For those without wi-fi access, the update can be downloaded here. Save it on your PSP under this directory: PSP/GAME/UPDATE. IGN is reporting that the video profiles have expanded to include 720x480 (DVD), 352x480, and 480x272 (native PSP) resolutions. However, it does not appear as though they've been successful in converting video files either. Stay tuned for more updates.

[Thanks, Reuben!]

Use Network Update to upgrade your homebrew

This is quite a novel idea. Dark_Alex has been following Sony every step of the way, releasing a new version of his Open Edition firmware almost immediately after Sony releases their official update. Now, homebrew users have a pretty ingenious way of finding out if there's a new version of Dark_Alex's homebrew-enabled firmware: use Network Update! Long considered vile by homebrew users, Xandu and Team 280 have created a plugin that allows you to use PSP's firmware checker to download Dark_Alex's latest. Ironic, no?

Check out installation details at DCEmu. Of course, be warned: tampering with the BIOS of your system can lead to a brick. Also, the general success rate of this app hasn't been too high: only about 2/3 of users seem to be able to successfully connect to the Updater.

Firmware 3.11 now available on Network Update

Another we told you so moment. Another firmware upgrade has been made available for your PSP, but don't expect to get much out of it. This will only fix bugs found in R-TYPES, a PSone game downloadable only in Japan. The official word from Sony goes as follows: "Support for PLAYSTATION Network titles has been expanded."

Yay? Download it via Network Update.

[Thanks, Rueben!]

Firmware 3.10 now available on Network Update [Update 1]

First Korea ... now the world! Firmware 3.10 is now available for PSP owners that can access a wi-fi point and hit "Network Update" on their systems. As previously mentioned, the update includes the following enhancements:
  • Support for PLAYSTATION Network titles has been expanded.
  • Support for the MPEG-4 AVC format has been added under [Location Free Player]
  • [Dynamic Normalizer] has been added as a feature under [Sound Settings] in [Settings].
Also included is a memory saving mode for the internet browser (In the internet browser, go to Tools -> Settings). Japanese PSP owners will also notice a PlayStation Spot icon above P-TV in Network.

It should be noted that this upgrade will render homebrew useless on your system, and may prevent you from downgrading indefinitely. While we fully support Sony's endeavors on the system, we want you to make an educated choice before deciding to upgrade or not. Of course, this upgrade is but a taste of things to come: Sony will most likely include an even more robust feature set in the next major upgrade.

For those of you unable to access Network Update, feel free to download the upgrade from us. Connect your PSP via USB and save in PSP/GAME/UPDATE.

[Update 1: News from QJ suggests that people with custom firmware should not upgrade, as your systems may become bricked.]

Firmware 3.03 appears on Network Update [Update 1]

Get with the times, Andrew! I totally had 3.03 on my PSP for the past few hours! You sux0rz!!!1

It's true. Firmware 3.03 is now available via Network Update. According to the update: "The number of PLAYSTATION Network titles that can be played under [Game] has increased."

O RLY, Sony??? I just checked my PS3, and I have yet to see any new games. I'll keep you posted, though.

[Update 1: Added description of update. Thanks, everyone that sent this in!]

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Sony continues battle: 3.02 firmware now available [Update 2]

Two days after we revealed DevHook was emulating the 3.01 firmware, Sony has introduced 3.02. As we later discovered, it appears that this firmware doesn't add any security to the system at all. As with all incremental upgrades, this revision simply increases "system security," making it more difficult for homebrew programs to run on the system. Considering how DevHook's advancement was a crippling blow to Sony's anti-homebrew stance, we can expect 3.02 to be required in new games very soon. However, for most gamers, will the lack of any new features provide enough incentive for them to update right now?

To get the update, simply use "Network Update" from your PSP's XMB.

[Update 2: According to PSP-Vault, 3.02 seems to work on DevHook. There is no additional security added to this version. Instead, it appears a certain game is responsible for this update.]

Sony releases new 3.01 firmware, a day after 3.00

Firmware 3.00 isn't even available on the US website yet, and it looks like there might be a reason for it. 3.01. Gyuh? Yes, in just one day after 3.00's release, Sony has released yet another firmware upgrade: 3.01. It appears Sony somehow discovered a security hole in the firmware hours after the previous major release.

If for some crazy reason, you desperately need to have the latest firmware, and remove the possibility of homebrew on your system, set your PSP to run Network Update. Just know that there's no other benefits to running the update other than this security revision.

[Via PSP3D]

Firmware 3.00 now available via Network Update

It's finally here. The Megaton firmware. THREE POINT ZERO ZERO. All you have to do is access Network Update and download the file. (As of this writing, the upgrade is not available on the US or Japanese PSP websites.)

This update includes the following changes:
  • PLAYSTATION Network titles are now supported under [Game].
  • [Remote Play] has been added as a feature under [Network].
  • [Online Instruction Manuals] has been added as a feature under [Network].
  • Timed recording has been added as a feature under [RSS Channel].
  • A visual player has been added as a feature under [Music].
  • 3-speed fast forward and fast reverse has been added as a feature under [Music].
  • [Camera] has been added as a feature under [Photo].
  • [UMD Auto-Start] has been added as a feature in [System Settings] under [Settings].
For those of you that don't have wi-fi access, I have provided a downloadable update for you. Connect your PSP via USB, and then go to the PSP/GAME folder. Create the folder "UPDATE" and place the EBOOT file there. From your PSP, access your Memory Stick's games, and choose the update.

Continue reading Firmware 3.00 now available via Network Update

Extensive look into the PS3 XMB

Joystiq loves stories about the PS3's XMB... and so do we. IGN got their hands on direct-feed footage of the XMB in action, and it shows you how simple everything is on the PS3. You'll notice the return of the homebrew-hating "Network Update" icon, and a list of System Settings that's more than eerily similar. Almost everything is ripped from the PSP, right down to pressing the Right button to continue in menus, and the little clicking noises that are made when selecting an option. If anyone makes fun of your PSP as just a "Portable PlayStation," feel free to tell them that no... it's a portable PlayStation 3.

[Via IGN]

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