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DRM-free music stores ideal for PSP use

With Connect disconnected, there hasn't been a music download service that has supported the PSP. Thankfully, a variety of DRM-free services are popping up everywhere lately. The best for use on PSP must be's new service. You can easily browse the site using your PSP, and although the site will insist that you download their MP3 downloader, you can bypass the warnings and download the songs directly to your PSP from any wi-fi connection. Sweet. Click here if you're browsing on your PSP.

To try it out for free, check out this week's free MP3, Ripe from Ben Lee. One of the great things about downloading music directly to your PSP is that it includes the album art for the song -- a nice touch that we can appreciate.

Another service you may want to consider is the Zune Marketplace, which recently added the largest collection of DRM-free music to its library. However, that requires downloading the Zune program, and connecting your PSP to your PC and transferring files manually.

[Thanks, Dan!]

Sample the God of War soundtrack

There's more to God of War: Chains of Olympus than good looks. In fact, it sounds amazing as well. Check out the background music of the Battle of Attica. To download directly to your PSP, why not visit our mobile site at using your PSP system?

Dead Head Fred soundtrack hits iTunes

John McGinley's work in Dead Head Fred seems to be getting even more attention than the game itself. When many reviewers talk about the game's presentation or sound, they're focusing solely on his voice acting or the game's sound effects. But if you didn't notice, the game has a soundtrack, and it's pretty damn good, too.

However, in case you can't hear it due to McGinley's amazing voice-acting, Rod Abernethy and Jason Graves have released their masterpiece soundtrack on iTunes. According to the release, everyone can now enjoy Dead head Fred's blending of "cinematic orchestrations with a dark panorama of jazz, southwestern guitar, ambient, rock fusion and other seemingly disparate music styles into a cohesive and alluring listening experience."

We have absolutely no idea what that meant, but it certainly sounds interesting.

The sounds of Dissidia and Crisis Core

Attendees of the Square Enix Party received a music sampler CD featuring some tracks from the upcoming Final Fantasy Dissidia and Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core. GameFAQs poster NeoStrikeDamon has been kind enough to rip these tracks for our sampling pleasure. Feel free to download a zip file of all the tracks, or download them individually below:

Overture to Dissidia

Crisis Core
Theme of Crisis Core
Last Order -Crisis Mix-

[Thanks, Jamal!]

ESRB reveals revolutionary "beats" project for PSP

One of our readers, Y.M., has unearthed an incredible discovery. The ESRB lists a mysterious new product for PSP, simply titled beats. According to our reader, Sony Computer Entertainment of Europe trademarked the title back in January, with a truly ambitious description. We're still looking for the original source, but we've seen this description on NeoGAF as well:

"Providing access to gaming, digital music and/or video web sites; providing wireless transmission of music, video and games, via the Internet and via communications networks; uploading and downloading of music, video and games, via the Internet and via communications networks; providing on-line bulletin boards for the transmission of messages among computer users concerning games, music and videos; distribution of computer software relating to music, video and games over local or global communications networks; communication services in the form of matching users for the transfer of music and video recordings via communication networks; information, advisory and consultancy services relating to all the aforesaid."

Y.M. has intelligently put two and two together: Sony said they were looking into expanding the capabilties of PSP to target the teen market. Certainly, a wireless music and video sharing service would out-do everything Zune tried to. The evidence is pointing to a truly revolutionary service for PSP--beats can become the PSP equivalent of PS3's Home.

EMI deal allows PSP users to use iTunes?

As reported on Engadget, Apple and EMI today announced their plans to offer music files without DRM protection on the iTunes Store. Although the new files will cost 30 cents more ($1.29), they will come at a much higher bitrate (256kbps) and will no longer have copyright protection. PSP-Vault intelligently points out that these unprotected files should work in PSP systems, as most firmware revisions allow the playback of AAC audio files.

For now, the option to purchase unprotected files will only apply to artists under the EMI label. Wikipedia lists many of the artists signed to the record giant. While it'll be great to have fully unrestricted access to music in the future, this is a great first step for PSP owners that want to purchase their music legally from a service other than Sony's failing Connect store.

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Wipeout inspires trippy music vid

I'm sure many readers may have seen this before, but I hadn't and therefore I share it with you. A band called Fluke put out the song "Atom Bomb" as part of a Wipeout soundtrack and it definitely shows. The song not only sounds like a Wipeout song, it has some incredible Wipeout style visuals and will likely have you saying "cool" after you see it. But don't take my brain damaged word for it, check it out for yourself and prey for a new Wipeout title on PSP.

Video after the jump ...

[ Via Game Set Watch ]

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Rockstar and Timbaland present: Beaterator

Two years ago, Rockstar Games had a version of Beaterator on its website. Today, Rockstar and famed R&B producer Timbaland have announced they would be teaming up to bring a full-fledged version of the music title exclusively to the PSP handheld system. Beaterator will feature a music mixer, and a collection of original music and rhythm games.

Music has always been a hugely important part of everything we do here," said Sam Houser, Founder and Executive Producer of Rockstar Games in today's press release. "I've always been a huge fan of Rockstar and love playing their games," said Timbaland. "I'm thrilled to be partnering with them and making music for Beaterator. I cannot wait to get this in the hands of our fans!"

Beaterator will be available on PSP this summer. Play the original Beaterator by visiting Rockstar.

GDC 07: Traxxpad lets you produce music on the go

Eidos has announced a new piece of software from Definitive Software called Traxxpad, which will allow you to mix and use virtual sequencers, drum machines, and keyboards, and export your creations into WAV and MP3 formats. "It's one thing to make a powerful music device, but it is truly impressive to make an application that allows someone unfamiliar with music to make something that sounds professional," said Eidos' marketing manager Kevin Gill to MCV. "That is where Traxxpad excels. This is a piece of software that appeals equally to both aspiring musicians as well as professional music producers."

Certainly, the program will have a fairly limited appeal. However, for musicians that must always be composing on the go, Traxxpad may fit the bill.

[Via DCEmu]

DJ Max Portable 2 songs for download

While you're waiting for today's edition of PSP Fanboy Theatre to arrive, get your PSP's wi-fi revved up and check out these awesome tunes from the upcoming import music game, DJ Max Portable 2. To download from your PSP, head over to and download the tracks from Ruriweb.

For the rest of you, don't forget to check out videos from the first game (now available in English!). DJ Max Portable 2 will hit Korea in either February or March.

[Via PSP-Vault]

Comprehensive guides for making your PSP a better MP3 player

There are many reasons why the iPod is so successful and popular. One of those reasons is simplicity: iTunes allows music listeners to sync the music on their computers and the music on their portables quite easily. The latest release, iTunes 7, allows album art and relevant track information to be downloaded automatically. Kingbee116 from the PlayStation forums has come up with a solution for PSP owners, using software called MediaMonkey. This iTunes-like program will allow your PSP to become a better MP3 player, and will ensure that your songs feature album art when they play back on your PSP. Get detailed, step by step instructions at the PlayStation forums.

Of course, the PSP has one feature that the iPod currently doesn't have: built-in wi-fi. Kingbee116 has yet another incredibly detailed guide which shows you how to make the most out of your PSP's RSS feature. With his tutorial, you'll be able to stream internet radio wherever you have a wi-fi connection. Certainly, his tutorial will go quite handily with our newly launched feature, RSS this!

[Thanks, Kingbee116!]

Confirmed: Traxion axed; Kuju leaves LucasArts

A few days ago, an IGN staff member wrote about how an upcoming music game, Traxion, might have been canned. reports that Kuju, the developers of the Traxion project have ended their relationship with the game's publisher, LucasArts. "Kuju can confirm that we have agreed to sever the development relationship with LucasArts in respect of the Traxion game shown at E3 last year," said Ed Daly, studio head of Kuju Brighton.

While this means that Traxion is canceled, we can only hope that a similar project will take its place. The game earned praise for its innovative technology that allowed you to play with music stored on the PSP's Memory Stick. "We can say that Kuju Brighton is committed to continue developing innovative lifestyle and music-based games, and we hope to be able to make a more specific announcement about the future of games based on our award-winning music analysis technology in the near future."

PSP December Content Pack now available

Every month (except last month, for some strange reason), Sony offers an EXE file they call the "Content Pack" which contains a variety of files, like videos, music and wallpapers for your PSP. In typical Sony style, this pack comes late into the month, but at least they have the courtesy to get rid of that silly "calendar" feature that pointed quite fruitless. This month's content pack features tons of promotional material from ATV Offroad Fury Pro, SOCOM: Fireteam Bravo 2, and more.

The real highlight is the Loco Roco demo that was released a few days ago. The holiday-inspired music is also included in this content pack, along with other samples from other PSP soundtracks. Feel free to visit Sony's official US website to download.

Japanese Lumines II to feature expanded soundtrack

I praised Lumines II's soundtrack for its breadth and diversity. However, it looks like the upcoming Japanese release of this puzzle favorite will improve the already impressive song lineup by adding more Japanese music into the game. 1UP reports that artists like DJ Ken Ishii and the Genki Rockets will have additional songs, making this version of the game something importers and Mizuguchi collectors will certainly want to keep an eye on.

The game's still far off: February 15th for 4980 yen ($43). The game won't be published by Bandai Namco, as previously expected. Rather, it will be self-published by Q? Entertainment, making their very first foray into publishing.

EMI Music UK offers paid video downloads on small site

The record label, EMI Music UK, has recently announced their efforts to bring their music videos to PSP owners through a fairly small site, "PSP owners are substantial in number and content hungry," said Graeme Rogan, commercial manager of digital media for EMI Music UK, speaking to

The videos cost £1.89, and don't appear to use any DRM encryption of any kind. Considering how amateur the site looks, I highly doubt that this will really take off.

[Via DCemu]

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