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MTV finds PSP most popular on subway commutes

MTV Multiplayer editor Stephen Totilo ran a small year-long experiment to see which handheld system was more popular with NYC subway commuters. He recently posted about his latest findings and it showed that the PSP was the popular choice. PSP beat out the Nintendo DS (the only one with a fighting chance) by about 30 percent. It also beat out the GBA with a ratio of ten to one.

Here's a funny quote from Totilo: "Sony, if the whole world was the C Train, your handheld would destroy. (But given the quality of the C Train, I might have to find a new planet.)" Agreed, the C Train is pretty bad. We don't know where you're heading Stephen, but we recommend the 4 or 5. It's slightly better. Slightly. There's a pretty good number of PSPs there, too.

Win the entire collection of UMD videos from MTV

MTV and Sony Computer Entertainment America are teaming up to bring new UMD videos to the PSP. Get classic MTV series on your PSP for a new, low price of $15. Read more.

UMD is back! With the new, slimmer PSP with video-out, not only can you watch your movies on the go, you can display these UMD movies on your TV at full DVD resolution. With a new low price point, these UMD movies are quite tempting. Win all ten new releases, courtesy of SCEA. To enter, simply tell us what your favorite MTV show of all time is. The comment must be left before February 2nd, 5PM EST. You may enter only once. One winner will be selected in a random drawing. One Grand Prize Winner will receive one copy of every new release MTV UMD release (valued at $150 total). Click here for complete Official Rules. Eligibility is restricted to the legal residents of the 50 United States (including DC). You must be 18 years or older to enter.

Gallery: MTV on UMD

MTV and SCEA team up to bring back UMD

It's not dead! Sort of. Sony Computer Entertainment of America and MTV have announced a collaboration to bring new UMD movies to store shelves. In fact, they should be available now. "Jackass," "Beavis & Butt-head," and "Aeon Flux" are all available for $14.99 (MSRP) beginning this week.

"This collaboration with MTV is a key first step in meeting the needs of our consumers, who are utilizing PSP as a video player more than ever and are thirsting for more content, particularly short-form videos," said Phil Rosenberg, senior vice president of sales and business development, SCEA in a press release. "MTV's programming is hugely popular, and SCEA can utilize our internal resources to appropriately manage the publishing and distribution of these hit shows on UMD. This demonstrates our commitment to supporting the UMD video format by delivering what consumers want to watch at the right price. SCEA will continue to license movie, TV, and other video content, leveraging our sales and marketing strengths, as a strategic focus moving forward.

The price is certainly nice, and this is planned to be the first of a growing library of UMD movies to release in the future. Does the $15 price make you want to bite? We'll see how consumers respond.

Gallery: MTV on UMD

PSP Store expands, will include beats, SOCOM and Twisted Metal

The launch of the PSP Store was quite muted, catching even the writers of PSP Fanboy off-guard. The PC-compatible Store allows PSP fans to download demos, themes and full games onto their system -- but why the stealthy launch? As of now, only the most hardcore PSP fans (that read sites like ours) know about the service. Eric Lempel, director of the PSN, explains: "we felt like if we made a big splash there might not be enough there to make everybody happy now. We're going to ramp up slowly... We really didn't want to position this as something that's going to replace all the other ways of getting content for your PSP at this time." Essentially, the Store simply doesn't have enough content on it right now to warrant a big promotion. Over time, we're bound to see a lot more hype surrounding the Store.

This week, PSP owners will be able to download beats, a Store-exclusive music program. In the coming weeks, SOCOM: Fireteam Bravo and Twisted Metal: Head On will also be added. Interestingly, Lempel also talks about fl0w and Everyday Shooter as examples of games that would be perfect for PSP. We'd agree. Finally, for those that have been voicing their concerns -- a Mac version of the Store is "something the team in Tokyo is looking at."

Make sure you check out MTV's full interview to get almost every question you could possibly have about the PSP Store answered.

Koller talks PSP to MTV: reveals US GPS plans, downloadable PSP games, and the fate of Dark_Alex

Sorry, Colin! The headline simply can't reveal how many small details were revealed in Stephen Totilo's incredibly extensive interview John Koller for MTV News. In the interview Koller revealed that all upcoming PSP games developed by Sony will take advantage of the system's full 333MHz speed, with no negative impact to battery life. Other accessories for the US include the upcoming GPS peripheral, which is currently being "tweaked" with an expected release in the next 10-12 months. The PSP camera "may get a spec change" before coming to America -- but the TV tuner will never make its way to the US.

Bringing downloadable games to PSP is one of the next things to tackle for Sony. echochrome was originally meant to be a downloadable PSN game for PSP, but it became much larger than anticipated. "It was initially going to be a download-service-only game," Koller said. "We changed it to a UMD because it's a very rich game. That's where their mind is. They're developing that kind of game." Thankfully, other downloadable PSP games are in the works. When can we expect them? In the next six to eight months.

In regard to the homebrew scene, Koller says that there were no talks between Sony and Dark_Alex, saying that "I think he's taking a hiatus." For even more, please visit MTV News for more.

PSP Fanboy hands-on: Jackass

This may come as a shock: Jackass: The Game is good.

What is Jackass? The game is based off of the popular MTV franchise, and it captures the spirit of the show's crazy antics through a series of minigames. Yes, it sounds like it belongs on the Wii, but for now it's set for release on PSP and PS2. In a rather unusual move, it appears that the PSP version is the "lead" version of the title, as it features a number of improvements over its console brethren.

Each game is relatively simple, with controls that rarely use more than the analog stick and a single button. In the first few episodes we played, you control a Jackass in a tumultuous drop down a San Francisco street, dance in your undies, catapult yourself across a suburban town, shoot paintballs, and race in a golf car. While some of the games have some irksome controls, each level is enhanced the solid graphics, detailed motion captured animations, voice acting, and irresistible irresponsible charm. There are various goals to achieve in each level, which certainly adds a lot more replay value.

Continue reading PSP Fanboy hands-on: Jackass

Sony's Phil Harrison congratulates Nintendo

There's no doubt that the PSP hasn't done as stellar as everyone has hoped. But that doesn't mean it's done poorly, either. MTV News spoke with Sony's Phil Harrison about the performance of the PSP so far. He notes that the PSP is doing a "very good job," distinct from the "great job" that Sony did on PS1 and PS2. He thinks that "most people use their PSP at home," an oddity that he'd like to change. Finally, he praised Nintendo and the DS, stating: "Nintendo should be congratulated... [DS owners] are our customers of tomorrow."

Certainly, as Nintendo DS owners get older, they'll most likely look towards products that satisfy a more mature taste. It happened with the transition from Super Nintendo and Nintendo 64 to Playstation and PlayStation 2, and it may happen again.

Loco Roco sequel confirmed

Sony Computer Entertainment President Phil Harrison recently spoke to MTV News, and made a startling revelation about the PSP exclusive LocoRoco. "It was a very successful game for us and we're continuing to evolve the franchise," he said. "We're going to bring 'LocoRoco' back in a couple of new ways with some new friends in the future."

LocoRoco and Friends. Sounds like a sequel to me. Considering how many new levels the development team has created for the holidays, it seems like there's still a lot more LocoRoco to come.

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