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Monster Hunter makes Capcom filthy rich in first quarter

It's no surprise that Monster Hunter is a hit in Japan, and it shouldn't come as a sucker punch to know that the title has made a pretty penny for Capcom. In fact, Capcom is gloating; the company has posted first quarter financial results (April 1 to June 30) which shows off a 60.1 percent profit increase of ¥4.02 billion ($37.2m). No doubt, this huge gain in cash is due to Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G which released March 27.

In this short time frame, the game has sold over 2.4 million copies in Japan -- the first PSP game to break the two million mark. Sales during the period went up 14.5 percent from the previous year raking in a total of ¥16.35 billion ($151m). Capcom notes that software sales other than Portable 2nd G were "mainly small-scale titles including spin-off software and repeated sales of existing products."

So Capcom, when can we expect the next Monster Hunter PSP game? It's obviously successful and needs some more money milking. Better yet, when is North America going to get in on the party with 2nd G?

Challenge yourself with this week's Monster Hunter DLC

This week's Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G DLC features two different quests in the same training ground: Hipknock Dairantou and Challenge Quest 09. Bird creatures known as Hipknocks that have the ability to put you to sleep will be your opponent in the first mission while a group of Ranposu and a single Diablos become your foes in the second.

[Via PSPHyper]

Monster Hunter celebrates Dengeki Festival

After last week's Famitsu-themed DLC, another gaming magazine will be this week's choice to be featured in Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G. Dengeki Festival G will be the title of the Event Quest this week. The player must venture into the cold climate to battle two electric monsters, Kirin and Furu Furu. For your efforts, you will be granted a special ticket. With 2.3 million units of this game sold in less than four months into this year, it is no wonder Capcom is offering such uncanny support for the game.

[Via PSPHyper]

Pink invades weekly Monster Hunter DLC

After last week's more serious affair, Capcom decided to give us a splash of color in the newest Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G DLC. Titled Famitsu Sakura Mai Season, players will take on a pink theme of three monsters: Baby Konga, Pink Rathian, and Yian Kut-ku. If victorious, the player will be granted a special ticket. A more difficult Challenge Quest 08 will involve dealing with "sub-species of Shogun Gizami, Furu Furu, and Diablos." We are thinking pink is the new black this week for Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G players.

Another week of Monster Hunter DLC

Ah, another Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G DLC. This week features a quest to face a trio of monsters: Narugakaruga, Tigarex, and Yian Garuga. The rewards will be items to create a rare sword and shield. Why can't Capcom, or any other company for that matter, ever support a game here in the States like they support Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G? We are just a tad bit jealous, aren't we?

[Via PSPHyper]

This week's Monster Hunter DLC ...

Besides Rock Band, we don't really know of any other game that updates its downloadable offerings as frequently and regularly as Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G. Every week, Capcom releases a new quest for the insanely popular action RPG. And every week, PSP is the top-selling system in Japan. We're not suggesting that those two trends are related in any way, but we have to say that Capcom is really treating its PSP fans quite well in Japan. We wonder what the Western equivalent of Monster Hunter will be ...

[Via PSPHyper]

PSP game tops Japanese charts, not Monster Hunter

Konami's Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyuu Portable 3, a baseball title, has topped Japan's weekly software charts this week. With a staggering 117,000 units sold, the game has sold double the amount of units over last week's top spot Pro Yakyuu Team o Tsukurou! (another baseball game) for the Nintendo DS.

Other PSP games are doing well. Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G is still in the charts since its release back in March. It has, however, dropped down from second place to fifth with 45,000 units sold this week. Valhalla Knights 2 pops up on the chart at number eight with 32,000 units sold. While all these third party titles are doing well in Japan, seeing such strength and support in Western markets is going to be harder to find.

Hunt like an expert, watch Monster Hunter Festa finals

There's no doubt that Japan is big on the Monster Hunter games, so it comes as no surprise that Monster Hunter Festa 08 has been drawing in huge crowds all month. The Festa, however, is now over with the finals of the nation-wide tournament having just been wrapped up this past weekend. So what's the good news here? Well, you can see some footage from the show over at Famitsu, as well as witness the skills of this year's two top teams. Let the experts show you how to hunt some beasties.

Monster Hunter 2nd G gets even more downloadable content

It's quickly becoming one of those games whose life gets extended further and further thanks to downloadable content, but we're not complaining because Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G deserves it. Their latest downloadable quest is going up tomorrow. It's called "Challenge Quest 05" and allows hunters to get dressed up in chef outfits (muffin hats and all) and battle against some Dosfango for slabs of meat. Look for this content tomorrow and let us know if you found it most scrumptious!

[via PSPHyper]

More Monster Hunter DLC terrorizes Japan

Capcom, leave these people alone! We're pretty certain that Japan's economy must be coming to a screeching halt, as millions of Japanese are turned into mindless zombies who crave not flesh ... but more Monster Hunter Portable. The streets must be empty as everyone stays glued to their PSPs, hunting as many monsters as possible.

To make matters worse, Capcom is releasing even more DLC for the game, adding a new quest to ensure that the hypnotized denizens of Japan won't dare think about anything but the game. Who knows how many will skip work to hunt down the new Tigarex?

Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G sells two million

While American gamers are still busy playing Grand Theft Auto IV (we still are!), the Japanese have embraced a wholly different kind of game. Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G continues its ridiculous sales drive, and has reached the 2 million milestone, in less than 50 days since the release of the game. Are we the only ones that suspect that Capcom might be putting some happy candy in these UMDs?

[Via PSPHyper]

Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G reaches 2 million mark

This Monster cannot be contained. Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G has reached the magical 2 million shipped point -- this benchmark is a first for the Monster Hunter franchise, and also a first for any PSP game released in Japan.

The series' incredible popularity has never translated onto this side of the Pacific. However, with sales like this in the mainland, we're certain Capcom doesn't mind. Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G continues to sell well in the Japanese charts: it was only beaten by the newly released Mario Kart Wii on last week's charts.

New Monster Hunter quest gives you the opportunity to catch birds

Nope, this isn't a new quest in Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G about finding more cat slaves (your minds are getting dirty in the gutter!), also known as Ailu in the game, but a ... bird catching quest. Miniature versions of the fiery bird called Yian Kut-kut will be scattered about the map and you have the opportunity to catch them and presumably make them into your helpers, much like the Ailu. It at least sounds like a break from what is otherwise a fairly action-oriented game.

[via PSPHyper]

Monster Hunter 2nd G ships 1.5 million in less than two weeks

What's scarier than a tidal wave of Monsters? A tidal wave of Monster Hunters, surely. That's exactly what has swept over Japan in the last two weeks as Monster Hunter 2nd G sells a frankly indecent amount of units in the region. After outdoing its older brother Monster Hunter Portable 2 in first week sales Monster Hunter 2nd G is encroaching on Portable 2's overall sales figure of just over 2 million units since February 2007. Capcom Japan has revealed that 2nd G has shipped 1.5 million units in less than two weeks.

Something about the game doesn't translate well to the West and it's not clear whether we'll see 2nd G be released outside of Japan. With sales figures like that there's very little need to. We don't see it slowing down anytime soon, either. Could Monster Hunter 2nd G outsell the original in a single month?

[Via pspsps]

Every hunter has a cat slave in Monster Hunter 2nd G

This video is a little weird, actually. You get to see "the hunter" popping a tent (an actual tent), nodding towards his cat slave thing, mining a rock from a mountainside, and then get a makeover. While we love watching men have their measurements taken as much as the next gamer, we'd much prefer scenes of the hunter ripping apart his monster prey. Luckily, we get a little of that in the second video, which you can conveniently locate after the jump.

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