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A PSP with L2 and R2 buttons, and how to do it yourself

Aside from a second analog stick, the PSP is missing the second set of trigger buttons found on all PlayStation controllers. If you're utilizing remote play with a PS3, you can map PlayStation One titles' L2 and R2 functions to the analog nub. However, someone thought that was rubbish and created their own L2/R2 modification to the PSP. You can do it just like the modder "Electro", assuming you've got access and are fairly talented with a soldering iron. It doesn't look that great, but if it works, you'll have the last laugh.

[via Engadget]

Mod makes PSP DualShock compatible

This mod done by Blizzrad of AcidMods lets you use your aging wired DualShock controller and hook it up to your PSP. The controller had its connector replaced for a much smaller one to elegantly fit in with the PSPs slim build. The mod also takes full use of the controller's second analog stick and extra shoulder buttons. The only commands not controlled by the DualShock are backlight and volume control.

If you were one of those looking for dual analog control, then you may remember this older mod which added a second analog nub. This new one would probably be more comfortable to play with than that. Anyway, the only problem with this mod is that it's probably too difficult to do on your own. So don't try it. Instead, just see the thing in action in the clip after the break. Also check out AcidMods for more pics of Blizzrad's hard work.

[Via Engadget]

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Mod for slim PSP adds second analog stick

It is sort of baffling why anyone would need to mod a PSP in order to have two analog nubs. Why isn't one enough? Is playing Me & My Katamari just that difficult? Or maybe there is some sort of massage therapy simulation game out there that requires the most accurate symmetrical touch scheme? Perhaps a Karate Kid game -- wax on with the left nub and wax off with the right nub. Well, whether it's useful or not, someone still made it.

LordNico of AcidMods made this slim dual analog stick PSP. The second analog nub replicates the functions of the regular four-buttoned pad. While it's a neat trick to pull off, it's something completely unnecessary. We suggest just to check out the dual nubs in action in the clip after the break and not try it yourself.

[Via Engadget]

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Divineo 'evolves' PSP face plates

Divineo evolves PSP face plates
If Divineo's chrome PSP faceplate wasn't your bag, the Talismoon Evolve series might be.

According to Divineo, everything needed to create a new-look PSP is included in a single package, consisting of the faceplate color of your choice, an illustrated diagram, hardened steel jeweler's screwdriver, a dazzling set of diamond series buttons as well as a finely made polishing cloth to preserve the appearance of your PSP for years to come.

If you want a custom look for your PSP but can't afford one of Sony's Signature PSPs, this may be an excellent way to go. And for only $15, you won't be out too much if you don't end up liking it. However, keep in mind that removing your face plate will void your PSP's warranty.

[Via DCEmu]

Strangest PSP mods

TechEBlog is running a story about the top 5 strangest PSP & DS mods. Because this ain't no DS fanboy site, we'll focus on the PSP mods that the article covers:

5. CollecTic
We've featured this pretty nifty "game" on our site before. Regardless, for those of you that missed it the first time around, it couldn't possibly hurt to see it again, right? The point of the game is to walk to the horrifying world outside, risk sun exposure, and collect wifi hotspots. I'm hoping that one day, Hideo Kojima creates a Boktai-spinoff for the PSP that uses the very same concept.

3. PSP Robot Remote v.0.3
This modification allows you to control a robot! A ROBOT!!! Sure, it's not a crazy mech... or even a Roomba...

The "winning" PSP mod is featured after the cut.

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Modded black and red PSP for the inconsolably angsty

Okay, you don't have to be tragic to derive pleasure from this mod, although you will need about $52. The brains at [H] Console have put together a veritable "For Dummies" guide to changing your PSPs faceplate, which may or may not come in handy depending on how greasy a gamer you are. The faceplate and replacement buttons are your choice however, so feel free to skip over their unabashed plugging of the specific brand used in the guide (it is, nonetheless, a very nice faceplate). Keep in mind--as you should in all matters concerning altering your PSP--that this will void your warranty, which means that if your PSP goes bye-bye there's no way the folks over at Garry's Gaming Gondola will heed your tears and cries of penance.

[Thanks, Steve]

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