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You wish for iWish, latest PSP mock-up

When we look at Mat Brady's convergence PSP mock-up, we can't help but laugh and get confused at the same time. This Frankensteinien combination of an iPhone, Windows Mobile device and PSP should be able to play games, browse the internet, play music, and cook you food. This certainly would save a lot of space in our already-bursting pockets. Check out a high-res image here.

[Thanks, Joe! Via Joystiq]

Uh, not another bad PSP2 mock-up

When making a mock-up of a fake product, you should at least try to make it look better than its predecessor. This dual-screened PSP looks worse than either the DS Lite or PSP. It reeks of further unprofessionalism when you look closely at the logo: PS2P. Good job! (/end sarcasm)

Sony has denied the existence of a redesigned PSP, most recently at GDC. However, that won't stop some people from trying to hoax others into thinking its true.

[Via digg]

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