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M33 custom firmware catches up to latest 3.90 release

It didn't take too long for the talented M33 team to release a custom version of Sony's latest Skype-enabled firmware. With the new Network Update feature of these custom releases, homebrew users can simply update directly from their systems. However, those that aren't fortunate enough to be near a wi-fi point can simply download the necessary files here. (But, considering Skype is the main benefit of 3.90, we think only those with reliable access to wireless internet will really download this update.)

Custom firmware 3.80 released by Dark_Alex

Homebrew users will rejoice at the release of the newest version of M33. The newest release promises to have most functionality of Sony's latest firmware release, but also gives users the ability to launch homebrew applications and mods. A big new feature in this release is the ability to use a Network Update-styled interface to automatically upgrade to later versions of this CFW. To download the update, and get instructions on how to use the program, visit Dark_Alex's website now.

You will need to download firmware 3.80 from Sony's official website in order to use this installer. Please note that use of any hacks to your system will void its warranty. Do not attempt installing custom firmware without carefully reading all instructions. This update will not work on PSPs with official firmware.

Dark_Alex and M33: one in the same?

Remember when Dark_Alex said he was going to quit the homebrew scene forever? And then immediately afterwards, Russian hacking group M33 appeared mysteriously out of the blue? Well, could it be that the two are actually one in the same? Could this post also have something other than a question as a sentence? Hmm ...

With the release of 3.71 M33, the team continues to provide homebrew users with all the features of Sony's recently released official firmwares. According to the Dark_Alex website, though, the main coder for the project is none other than the supposedly "retired" hacker.

Regardless of the drama surrounding the team, it appears that they've been consistently able to provide releases that match Sony's quite rapid schedule.

[Thanks to everyone that sent this in!]

Homebrew on PSP Slim via 3.60 M33 Custom Firmware

The M33 team has done it again. The PSP Slim can now run M33's 3.60 custom firmware. The new firmware has "all the features of 3.52 M33, except the 1.50 kernel support". This means that some homebrew that was developed specifically for 1.50 (e.g. homebrew games that would go into the GAME150 folder) will not work with the custom firmware.

The installation is complex, requiring a Pandora Battery and Pandora memory stick, a non-Slim PSP with firmware 1.50 or custom firmware that supports 1.50 kernel, and of course, a PSP-2000. As always, this is not for the faint of heart nor anyone who hates carefully reading and following instructions, as there is always a possibility of bricking your brand new PSP-2000. As such, use at your own risk. Full instructions for the installation can be found here.

Download M33's custom 3.60 firmware here (scroll down to the bottom of the first post).

[via DCEmu, thanks everyone who sent this in!]

M33 believes Sony will make the "ideal firmware"

Russian hacking team M33 quickly and easily grabbed the attention of the PSP homebrew community for continuing work on custom firmware after Dark_Alex suddenly quit the scene. The team of five have met their fair share of complaints and praise over the past weeks, many complimenting their quick work, but lamenting the numerous patches made to tackle a persistent list of bugs.

Interestingly, in the team's first public interview, they revealed that they believe Sony will ultimately make the "ideal firmware." They believe that consumers just want the ability to do more with their system, and Sony will learn from the homebrew community: "When Sony understands the useless of their attempts to fight against CFW, they WILL release the firmware that will allow to run homebrew."

The battle against homebrew shouldn't be equated with the battle against piracy, they note. "Sony should allow homebrew development, as on PS2 in RTE (Runtime Environment) on which you can program homebrew, but can't run ISO." Certainly, we applaud the hard work of many homebrew developers out there -- if they could be recognized without piracy running rampant, all PSP owners would benefit.
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M33 continues custom firmware project

After Dark_Alex suddenly left the homebrew scene, many were wondering if the custom firmware dream would continue. Only a few weeks after his departure, a Russian hacking team, M33, has been making waves.

In fact, they've successfully released a number of custom firmware options for homebrew enthusiasts in the weeks surrounding E3. Most recently, they've released a custom firmware based on 3.52, Sony's most current release. 3.52 M33 will, once again, support the features of Sony's official release, while also launching homebrew applications. Supposedly, the latest release will also let you purchase and download PS1 games off the official PlayStation Store and play them legally on your hacked machine.

Those that want M33 on their systems must have either PSP version 1.50, or a system with Dark_Alex's custom firmware already installed. To download the M33 installer, click here. (You'll also need to download firmware 1.50 and 3.52.)

[Thanks to everyone that sent this in!]

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