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Producer takes us through the PSP version of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

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LucasArts has always been a strong supporter of the PSP, and the effort they're placing into the upcoming PSP version really shows. Anyone who's played the PS3 demo will find this level awfully familiar: it looks like the PSP version makes no significant sacrifices. Physics, destructible environments, and large hordes of enemies are all present in the PSP version. In fact, there's exclusive content on the PSP version you won't even find on the consoles. How's that for love?

Star Wars: Delay Unleashed

The Death Star wasn't build in a day and apparently Star Wars: The Force Unleashed won't be either. The game did have an official release date of November 2007, but now its release date has switched to "TBD" and the rumor is that it won't be out until sometime in 2008. Much like the Star Wars universe, game delays are both good and bad because while the extra time usually helps make the game better, it tortures fans awaiting that particular title. Let's hope that like cookies in the oven, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed is worth the wait. Mmmmm cookies.

[ Via Games Radar ]

Clone Wars coming to PSP

There is an upcoming CG Star Wars Clone Wars TV series coming in 2008. LucasArts must have lots of confidence in the property because their making a game based on it and Clone Wars will be their first internally developed handheld title. LucasArts Shanghai is doing the honers and has Feargus Carroll as the project lead. He previously worked on such popular games as Freedom Fighters, Black & White 2 and Battlefield: Modern Combat.

If both the game and and the new TV show are as good as the previous Cartoon Network Clone Wars than I'll be a huge fan of both.

[Via DCEmu]

More Star Wars Unleashed on PSP

LucasArts has finally officially announced their next Star Wars game. It will be called Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. It's coming out to nearly every system around and luckily that means our PSP will be able to unzip ... errr unleash the force. While the last Star Wars PSP game was the gaming equivalent of a car accident, hopes are still high for this newest Star Wars outing. The game's storyline is being overseen by George Lucas himself and will take place between the events of the new and old trilogy. Interestingly you'll assume the role of Darth Vader's apprentice, who's goal is to hunt down the remaining Jedi Knights.

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed hunts down PSP Jedi this fall.

[Via Gamespot]

Confirmed: Traxion axed; Kuju leaves LucasArts

A few days ago, an IGN staff member wrote about how an upcoming music game, Traxion, might have been canned. reports that Kuju, the developers of the Traxion project have ended their relationship with the game's publisher, LucasArts. "Kuju can confirm that we have agreed to sever the development relationship with LucasArts in respect of the Traxion game shown at E3 last year," said Ed Daly, studio head of Kuju Brighton.

While this means that Traxion is canceled, we can only hope that a similar project will take its place. The game earned praise for its innovative technology that allowed you to play with music stored on the PSP's Memory Stick. "We can say that Kuju Brighton is committed to continue developing innovative lifestyle and music-based games, and we hope to be able to make a more specific announcement about the future of games based on our award-winning music analysis technology in the near future."

Sony hates music games: no Traxion or Frequency?

IGN's David Doel recently had a conversation with Harmonix, the development team behind games like Frequency and Guitar Hero. The team proposed a sequel to the fan-favorite Frequency and Amplitude for the PSP, however Sony declined their request. The music game would've been well suited for the PSP, as the excellent gameplay of other music games, like Gitaroo-Man, show.

However, to add insult to injury, it appears that the other music game heading to the PSP, Traxion, has also been canned. This music game from LucasArts was supposed to allow players to import their own songs into the game, a "Frequency-killer," as reported by IGN's nixice. He didn't give a reason, but it's sad to see that the music genre seems to be so neglected on our handheld.

LEGO Star Wars II sells more than 1 million units in a week

LEGO Star Wars II sells more than 1 million in a weekOkay, the above headline may be a bit misleading. Yes, LEGO Star Wars II did sell more than one million units worldwide in its first week of release, but those numbers include the eight current-gen consoles the game was published for. Still, that's no number to ignore.

The game, which was released Sept. 12, is now the best-selling family game of the year.

"There's definitely something for everyone in LEGO Star Wars II, and the sales and reviews so far are proving it," said Jim Ward, president of LucasArts. "This is the type of fun, accessible game everyone in the family can enjoy. It appeals to so much more than just the traditional gaming audience."

Thankfully, LEGO Star Wars II, isn't a crappy licensed game that has sold on its name alone, like a few recent games I will not name. The game has averaged about an 84-percent rating on Gamerankings, which I'm happy to say is much higher than the DS' 60-percent rating.

[Via FCS Publishing]

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