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Your PSP can be a remote control

What do you get when you add Sony's LocationFree with BeyondTV, a PSP and a dash of inginuity? The ability to watch TV on your PSP! Since Sony unveiled the LocationFree application, PSP hacks like these have been fairly commonplace. From the annals of LocationFree FAQs, we wanted to resurface this particular video that we missed the first time around. The research this fella completed in order to get his remote working on the PSP certainly piqued our interest and warrants another look. The Tonight Show video looks pretty darn sharp, with nary a hint of lag. I do believe, this calls for watching TV poolside.

[Via digg]

Kid makes PSP play Wii games

Using a LocationFree Player and a homemade sensor bar, obiwan222222 has crafted an ingenious way to play Wii on the go. However, with a six second lag, most games would be nigh impossible to play. Hey, at least he can participate in some of Wii's non-gaming functionality, like the Everybody Votes channel.

Is there any use for having this kind of setup? Not really. But it demonstrates the strange things that people are doing everyday with their PSPs.

[Via QJ]

Advanced Remote Play functionality coming in March

Remote Play is one of the more exciting things about the PS3-PSP connectivity. It's a nifty feature that allows you to access your PS3's media via PSP. While cool in theory, in practice, there's too many restrictions. Firstly, the PS3 can't do anything else when in Remote Play mode. Secondly, you have to be in range of the PS3's wi-fi. Finally, you can only access media stored on hard drive (no games, or disc media!).

It appears that a future firmware upgrade in March will address some of these issues. The future PLAYSTATION 3 upgrade promises multi-tasking, which should help address the first concern. Secondly, you'll be able to access your PS3's media from any internet connection, a la LocationFree Player. Certainly, this is a strong step forward. With the PS3 gaining Tivo-like functionality later next year, the PSP may be the perfect media device for people on the go. Imagine: you could record Battlestar Galactica when you're away, only to watch it from your PSP whenever you're near a wi-fi spot. The future of PS3-PSP connectivity is certainly exciting.

[Via IGN Boards]

New survey reveals exciting TV possibilities

Sony has been sending out some really interesting surveys lately. First, they asked which features could be removed from the PSP (hopefully, users said none). Now, they're asking users if they're interested in mobile television for the PSP. They give users two options: streaming using LocationFree player, or by subscribing to a mobile TV service for $10 a month. Personally, the latter seems much more enticing.

Considering how Japan has an official PSP media download service called PTV, it makes sense for Sony to expand that to other markets as well. What do you think: should Sony offer portable TV for you? And would you subscribe at that price?

Using LocationFree to stream video to your PSP

LocationFree support has been available for PSPs ever since firmware 2.50. However, because of how expensive the LocationFree devices are (retails for $200 at, few have had a chance to actually try it and see how the PSP interfaces with it. Thankfully, this incredible video from theorycast's Kevin Lim goes through in meticulous detail how the hardware and software work. It's a bit long, and the PSP functionality is towards the end, but if you've ever wanted to see a truly in-depth presentation of LocationFree in action, this is where to go. This is the first time I've ever seen the LocationFree interface on the PSP, and I have to say that it's incredibly slick and desirable. Do any of you fanboys want to uh... donate $200 bucks to me? I kid, I kid.

Sony says: PSP will become a virtual PS3

Sony Computer Entertainment corporate executive Izumi Kawanishi shared some insights today in a report titled "PSP will become a virtual PS3." The article goes over emulating PS1 games on the handheld, and the obvious difficulties in translating some games that involve using more than one analog stick and use more shoulder buttons. According to Sony, emulation was always technically possible, but only now is the broadband penetration high enough to warrant 600MB downloads for players. "We felt that there was now an environment where true e-Distribution could be realized."

It appears that e-distribution of games is a high-priority for Sony. Services like Steam (PC) are becoming more and more popular with users and publishers, and Sony understands the appeal for many of us. Downloadable demos will be a continued trend for all kinds of games: PS3, PSP and PS1. Also, it was confirmed that you will not need a PS3 to download content to your PSP (for those that were worried).

But the future of digital distribution doesn't stop there:

Continue reading Sony says: PSP will become a virtual PS3

How the PSP can overcome the PSP-inspired mylo

David Carony, executive editor at CNET, has a lot to say about Sony, the PSP, and their newly announced mylo. Sony's attempting to market the device at a whopping $350, which is ridiculous when many, if not all of its features can be implemented in the PSP, or a PSP redesign. With the right accessories and firmware upgrades, the PSP can do every thing the mylo can... plus it can play games. And at $199, it would be a bargain for the consumer. Here's a list of what Carony believes will make the PSP better:
  1. Skype support to make Internet (VoIP) calls (using the SOCOM headset).
  2. Support for Slingbox (a competitor of Location-Free TV). Sony could make some bling by not selling hardware, but selling a Slingbox application.
  3. Built-in IM applications, similar to mylo's support for Yahoo! and Google.
  4. Better e-mail integration.
  5. Keyboard accessory.
  6. Video output for TV.
  7. Stop making Connect so crappy. Where's the revamp?
These are all great, plausible and reasonable upgrades that Sony can provide. If Sony actually took these suggestions to heart, I know a ton more college students and business people would pick up a PSP. Let's hope Sony has the brains to follow through on some of this.

[Via PSP World]

Rumors: Jaffe's episodic crying adventure & streaming PS3 media

The Kotaku Rumor Mill has churned out some pretty nifty PSP rumors. Here they are, bullet-pointed for your reading pleasure:
  • We knew that David "God of War" Jaffe is developing a PSP game that would make you cry (something that porn can't do). However, the Rumor Mill suggests that his new adventure will go all Half-Life on us, becoming an episodic adventure. Each "episode" supposedly comes in at a whopping 700MB!
  • Well, if each episodic download is 700MB, that would be much too large for most Memory Sticks. It seems like Sony might be making a hard drive for the PSP. Kotaku and myself don't seem to think that'll happen.
  • The PSP will be able to stream music and video from the PS3 via any wi-fi connection, a la Location Free Player. Sounds a great bonus for PSP owners, especially if they're paying $600 for the system, a price which might be too cheap.
Remember kids, these are just rumors, so that means that they might not come true. But if they did come true, which one fancies you the most?

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