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Pick locks with interesting new TIFF homebrew

This is certainly one of the weirder homebrew projects I've heard of. Using the libtiff exploit we've come to be so familiar with, SG57 has created a tool that allows anyone to open a Master Lock. It takes advantage of a logarithm that was cracked back in July 2005, and Master Lock may have changed their formula since then. However, there's a ton of locks out there, and chances are, they're not new. If you really need to go through Little Timmy's gym locker, this might be for you.

[Via DCEmu]

Ultimate list of TIFF homebrew games

Remember when TIFF games were all the rage? They were simple games that just needed to be placed in the PSP's PHOTO folder in order to work. One of the great things about TIFF homebrew was that almost anyone could use it, without any complicated ELOADERs and what-not. Another plus? It worked on homebrew with firmware as high as 2.80.

Milad, from the Playstation forums, has created a huge list of TIFF programs that may catch your fancy. Here's a small sampling of what's available:
  • Magic 8-Ball
  • Calculator
  • TNT Dude (homebrew game)
  • Unstuck (stuck pixel remover)
  • FileAssistant (awesome PSP file management utility)

Brick-bustin' homebrew TIFF game

Remember how all the cool kids were making simple games for 2.80 firmware that took advantage of the libtiff exploit? Lovingly called TIFF games, these applications were placed into PSP's PHOTO directory, and were (for many people) really easy to use. They were coming out on a near-daily basis until they just disappeared...

...until now. For PSP3D's coding competition, SG57 has created a TIFF brick-bustin' game that plays like Breakout (and all of its clones). It's not the most revolutionary thing in the world, but it's an entertaining way to waste time. Check it out at PSP3D.

Save penguins, fight aliens & change fonts in new 2.80 homebrew

We've been reporting on new homebrew on a nearly daily basis ever since the libtiff exploit was discovered. There are two more games to report about today. First is Penguin Scramble, which has you saving penguins Al Gore style. As with all of these TIFF games, it should be fairly simple to play.

Another addition to the ever-growing collection of TIFF games is Space Invaders. This classic arcade game has you fighting off an incoming alien invasion, and as an episode of Futurama has shown us: the skills you learn from this game can be life-saving.

Finally, we have an application to present to you: Font Hack Installer, which lets you change the fonts used on the XMB screen [screenshot]. While not revolutionary, it's nice to see more inventive ideas coming for users with 2.80 firmware. As always, save the appropriate files to your PSP's PHOTO folder to launch these applications.

See also:

[Thanks steve!]

New 2.80 homebrew: Tron [Update 1]

The retro games just keep on coming. Mere moments after Tetris and Pong successfully appeared on the platform, homebrewers have crafted Tron for your enjoyment. Once again, it's fairly easy to install and launch: download the file and then place it in your PSP's PHOTO folder. Some users have expressed some problems with launching homebrew on their 2.80 firmware PSPs. Do you by any chance have TA-82 PSPs? I don't think it should interfere, but it's strange to notice the problems people seem to be having.

[Via PSP 3D]

[Update 1: Corrected clear malfunction of the brain caused by sleep deprivation.]

New 2.80 homebrew: Pong

It only feels like yesterday when we were taking advantage of the libtiff exploit on firmware 2.80 to play Tetris. (It was just three days ago.) Well, it appears that the amazingly talented homebrew community has come up with yet another relatively simple game to run on our systems: Pong. Although these games aren't complex, the utter simplicity of installing and launching these programs has made homebrew so much more attractive to me as of late. Simply download the program [WinRAR required], extract it into your PSP's PHOTO directory, and then launch the program by going to the PHOTOS area of your XMB.

If you encounter any problems, try pressing START instead of X when trying to launch the game.

[Via PSP3D]

Tetris: the first homebrew for 2.80 PSPs

Wow, it's finally happened. The libtiff exploit that allowed users to downgrade their PSPs has now been used to launch a game application. Although a bit primitive, this piece of homebrew from noobz can be installed and launched very easily. Simply download this zip file and extract it into your PSP/PHOTO folder. In the PSP, browse to PHOTO and you'll be able to execute the game. Easy as pie, huh? With the release of an SDK, we're undoubtedly going to see much more soon.

Hope you didn't upgrade to 2.81.

[Thanks Justin B!]

2.81 firmware coming soon

Looks like Sony's ready to counterattack against that libtiff exploit that's been so helpful to homebrewers over the past few days. The European PSP site has revealed text suggesting the impending release of firmware version 2.81. Most likely, it won't include any new functionality. However, I hope Sony will prepare a downloadable demo to coax us into upgrading, just because free game demos are always yummy.

[Thanks, steve!]

2.71 downgrader now available [Update 3]

Downgraders allow people who regret having upgraded their PSP firmware to take a step back in time. Previous downgraders only worked up to 2.5 firmware, but today's downgrader will work with PSPs, firmware 2.71. This program takes advantage of the libtiff exploit uncovered a few days ago and is provided by Dark_Alex, with the help of Mathieulh. As long as you follow the directions, your system shouldn't be bricked, but as is the case with any program that alters crucial system software, you should run the program AT YOUR OWN RISK. It's not going to be easy, but if you're determined, this is the key.

See the development website to get the file. Before you begin, make sure you do not have a TA-082 PSP. Check the picture to the right to see how to identify your system. If you see that text in your UMD reader, you're out of luck... for now (the homebrew community is hard at work for you too!).

[Update 1: Links to the original source of the downgrader. You gotta give credit where it's due! Thanks, DCEmu!]
[Update 2: QJ reader Mr. Dank has provided a video of the process. Watch after the cut.]
[Update 3: Just visit this page to see a really easy way of using this software.]

Continue reading 2.71 downgrader now available [Update 3]

Cosplaying pirate reviews latest exploit in video podcast

Homebrew can be a little confusing and intimidating. So, I guess it's a little understandable when tons of confused people write comments in the blog, having absolutely no idea what the latest libtiff exploit does. Sure, they could've read the article, or even the helpful comments, but remember: I'm at your service. While I could explain again that the Hello World demo is just a demonstration of the potential of homebrew running on 2.0+ PSPs, I'll let this cosplaying pirate from PSP Hacking 101 explain it all. Arg, everybody likes pirates, matey!

In other news, according to PSP Fanboy reader craig, a downgrader for 2.71 should be coming some time soon today or tomorrow. Check PSP Fanboy regularly to see the latest news!

[Via QJ]

Say hello to homebrew on 2.80 PSPs

Over the past few weeks, the homebrew community has been working hard on a new exploit in PSP firmware that would allow users of PSPs 2.0+ (including the recently released 2.80) run homebrew without Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. NOPx86, a team of coders, worked to take advantage of a flaw in libtiff. What that means is that the potential for homebrew is here: and it's easy as well. The team released a "Hello World" application as a proof of concept, and you can try it out yourself here. Just extract the image, place it in PSP's PHOTO directory, and then try to view the image. You'll see the homebrew message working, even on a 2.80 PSP!

This is absolutely fantastic, especially because of how incredibly easy this is. Try it out, and who knows what kind of exciting new developments we'll see?

[Thanks PSPFan]

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