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NSFW - The ladies still love Kratos

If you ever bothered playing the first two God of War titles, you'd know Kratos' skills with the ladies. And despite Kratos getting anatomically miniaturized in God of War: Chains of Olympus, this video proves he still has certain needs no matter how small he is.

There's not much more to say other than: "Rock on, Kratos. Rock on."

GoW: Chains of Olympus delayed until Q1 2008 [Update]

Fresh from Leipzig, Sony has announced a delay for their highly anticipated title, God of War: Chains of Olympus. Originally expected to ship before Christmas as part of the holiday rush, the title has been pushed back until early 2008. Annoyingly, this comes less than three weeks after Ready at Dawn confirmed that God of War was on track for a holiday release.

No reason was given for the delay, but if they need more time to polish up Kratos' newest adventure -- it's worth waiting a couple more months. Plus we get a demo in September to keep us happy anyway, so it won't be an entirely Spartan-free Christmas.

[Update: Ready at Dawn responds: "I'm not really sure where this is coming from since we have not announced a date for God of War: Chains of Olympus for the North American marketplace yet. So I would say this falls into the rumor and speculation category."]

PSP Fan Art Fridays: God of War

Do you want to share your PSP-related fan art? Send us an . A new piece of fan art will be shared every Friday.

This week the fan art is a quite different than what we've featured previously. This unique God of War fan art was done by someone who actually does art for a living. Peet Cooper drew this excellent and stylized image above and he also works for n-Space (creators of Geist). I really like the constrained proportions of Peet's version of Kratos, it gives him a unique look. Oddly, despite his small stature, he actually looks more menacing than the regular rendition of Kratos. If this fan art scares or excites you, visit Peet Cooper's deviantART page or personal website. It's certainly an interesting visit since Peet is a professional artist. Either that, or let Peet know what you think of the art in our comments section.

Gallery: Fan Art Fridays

Impressive God of War: Chains of Olympus gameplay videos

We've already showed off screenshots of the upcoming PSP God of War, but what about it in motion? Does it live up to the PS2 series in looks and gameplay? You can judge for yourself, by watching the video above. Personally, watching it has made me somehow more excited for the game. It makes me think that God of War: Chains of Olympus, may cement Ready At Dawn as the PSP's premier developer. If the cliffhanger ending of the above video depresses you, than keep reading to see how the boss battle plays out. Now if you'll excuse me, I have a certain game I have to go pre-order.

Boss video after the jump ...

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Island of Rhodes leads to another countdown

Imagine our horror when we browsed the Island of Rhodes website and saw ... well, nothing. It appeared to be nothing more than a cryptic, and rather useless, Flash website about developing God of War II. Thankfully, we were wrong. darksidez from the GameFAQs forums has discovered a secret area of the website, which reveals a hidden HD mode for God of War II on PS2, and yet another countdown. Is this madness? No ... THIS IS KRATOS!!!

It appears that spelling Kratos using the Greek letters on the site leads to a countdown page, with a partially revealed title. We see God of War: Ch ... Could this be the official reveal of the continuously elusive PSP God of War? Let's not get our hopes up too high--we'll unravel this additional mystery in less than two weeks time.

[Via Kotaku]

The Island of Rhodes hides a God of War secret [Update 1]

What's hidden at the Island of Rhodes? A mysterious countdown shows Kratos staring ominously at the viewer through two walls of fire. The time seems to point to the pending European release of God of War II, but the site is registered to Sony Computer Entertainment of America. There are PS2 logos at the bottom, but we know the next two games are coming on PSP and PS3.

So what's going on? Looks like we're going to have to wait and see.

[Via IGN]

[Update 1: According to IGN, this website isn't related to the upcoming PSP version of God of War. Rather, "The website is for true God of War fans ... Think of the original God of War." A cryptic clue, no?]

What do you want to see in God of War PSP?

I loved the original God of War and from what I've played of God of War II, it seems even better than the first, but what can Ready at Dawn (creators of the excellent Daxter) do with God of War on the PSP? Well first of all, I'm just happy that I am getting more God of War this year, so it fulfills my wishes on that level, but I suppose I should have more expectations than that. Here's what I'd like to see in God of War PSP:

  • New weapons (and if possible some that are as fun as the chain blades)
  • More powers (how 'bout one that turns enemies into curly fries)
  • More level spanning boss battles (like the colossus battle)
  • Keep the epic levels and feel
  • Orchestrated music (with opera singers if possible, they always sound dramatic)
  • More puzzles around killing enemies or using their corpses
  • Co-op (it's all the rage now)
  • Visuals on par with the PS2 titles
  • Intuitive controls

But enough about what I want from God of War PSP, what do you want to see Kratos do in his first portable adventure?

Magazine scan makes Tales of the World even more exciting

The great thing about Japanese gaming magazines is that they feature bold text everywhere, making everything seem even more exciting than it should be. Tales of the World will be striking Japan soon, and I can't contain my excitement. Check out the magazine scan above, and some of the screenshots after the cut to see the game's awesome graphics and potentially kick-butt combat. While other Japanese RPGs like Gurumin and Valhalla Knights are coming to the US, this impressive looking game doesn't have a planned US release yet. Why?!

See also:
Tales of the World bundle hitting Japan
Tales of the World is hottest games video

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